Wednesday, January 07, 2009

For the birds...

Baroque bluebird, watercolo, 5" x 7"
Since I've started blogging almost 3 years ago all sorts of new obsessions have developed.

One of them is since they're so much fun to draw...
Rococo bird, watercolor on Etsy,sold 5" x 7"

Plus they make the perfect companion to macarons...
birds everywhere
And you do see , like on these plates at ANTHROPOLOGIE...
This Chrismas ostrich decorating Bendels is not a good example really.... But this diamond-adorned Peacock at Harry Winstons certainly is. I went to the Met research library to look at Rococo drawings and found this bird caricature of a printseller by Jean-Charles Delafosse...
My doodle...
I keep finding myself buying bird-related items like these Victorian die cuts

on Etsy from The Seasonal Cottage.

This bird-adorned Marie-Antoinette desk calendar from Digital Paperie occasionally lets out a chirp...

I found this vintage birdguide on Etsy too...

And promptly lost it amidst the apartment painting.
I'm hoping it will let out some chirps so I can find it again....
Last year's bird aquisitions are still in residence, very busily chirping away...

As for real birds, I bought myself a present =
A big bag of birdseed to feed the sparrows on my way to the pool.
So far they are not yet greeting me with open wings.
Hopefully by springtime...


  1. Awwww--well,Carol--you knew I'd be smiling here. These birds are all wonderful. Joe and I were sitting enjoying our breakfast and the little Carolina wren was singing up a storm in front of us--we were laughing at his huge sound from such a tiny little guy. Love your paintings--in fact, I love 'em so much I had to have one, so I can replace the Christmas bird with ornaments, when I tuck that away for next Christmas. Since I put a hole in the wall for that painting, now I have to put something else there that I can enjoy--your bluebird is perfect. Merci, Mlle. ;))

  2. I love the birds! And that vintage field guide! Cool find.. like a map. Lots of goodies here. What color are you painting the apartment BTW?

  3. I too am a fan of the birds...watched the cardinals & finches eating in my yard just before enjoying yours. They look so beautiful against the snow.

    Have a glorious day.


  4. The apartment is just plain white Janice...nothing exciting, but in the process so many things were lost!!! :(
    Where are they? ? ?

  5. Oh I am in love with this post and those paintings. I love to draw the birds too. Such fun little critters. Give it time you will be having birds coming out of your ears before long feeding them. LOL Now draw that. :)

  6. Carol,

    your lost bird guide might be at 'Twitter' send a tweet to them,


  7. Melanie1:35 PM

    Feeling a bit under the weather today--your birds cheered me up. I had a bird pal a cockatiel for many years and I love birds. They are sweet and smart and a bit rowdy.

  8. But fresh white ;-) they'll show up again....just when you least expect them.

    I love that "Birds" B and W picture in the field guide. Very Hitchcockian I think. And the sketches are so wonderful.

  9. Ah,ah,ah, the Bendel ostrich made me laugh! It's so funny!

  10. I love your birds, too. I first started following your blog when you were doing the Piu Piu series. I do love--and miss--cheerful little Piu Piu.

  11. I would fight a bird for a macaron. I love birds as much as the next gal but I would never let them have my macaron.

  12. foodwalker8:29 PM

    Larry keeps a list of all the different birds he's identified for the past 43 years!
    We have a resident Sharpshin hawk who alights on the building behind us and swoops down into the vacant lot. Haven't seen what he's hunting. Larry's enticing the Juncos with seed. Greedy little guys. Oh, I see they have eaten everything he put out earlier!

  13. I have a rubber ducky who would love to come look at your paints.

  14. Very beautiful inspiration and great post!!I like birds, too, I have to paint them too!
    Your pictures and inspiation are excellent!

  15. oh I can see your oisellerie (house-museum for birds) how much piu piu have you ?
    Very strange et elegant this bird eating macaron on a grey stone , all in a very light and pleasant frame, kitchissime !!!
    PS : bons oiseaux or bon oiseau
    XOXO M.

  16. Dorothy6:27 AM

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible website. A good friend sent it to me and I enjoy it so much-every morning with my tea before the kids are up. Merci beaucoup! The day always starts out wonderfully!


  17. MARNIE6:28 AM

    i saw this you tube video on another blog - love reading and looking at your wonderful painting - since birds are on of your obsessions you have got to watch the youtube tui video's


  18. Quels beaux oiseaux (Ok, maybe not the ostrich...) Thanks for all these gorgeous posts.
    And I gave you an award:

  19. Lovely lovely birds!
    I would .... hm ... well, climb mountains for that bird guide!

  20. I love your bird paintings. I prefer them in paint rather than in the flesh. I have a stable door in my kitchen and when I poke my head out for my morning coffee and ciggy (sorry) I swear they almost scrape my nose when they fly past.

  21. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Your birds are charming!

  22. Chirp! Thank you for posting a picture of my Marie Antoinette calendar and her little bird friend. :) Each month she has a new birdie to share with you.

    I been a follower of your blog for almost the whole 3 years you've been blogging. Love your paintings. And, thank you for your reporting on the happenings of the sweet shops in Paris. Yum!


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