Thursday, October 22, 2009


Paris Breakfast is not "just a bunch of cakes" as one family member let it be known...ahem
We try to inform you on what is HOT! HOT! HOT! in Paris...err when we can...
And right now, this minute Japanese retailer UNIQLO has a new flagship Opera store and it is the place to be. And not just because they're selling jeans for 9.90 euros on 15 rue Scribe 75009 Or cashmere sweaters for 49.90 euros!
Well, admittedly it is a BIG drawing card in these tough times...
Parisiens are lining up out the door big time for these bargains and all ages are present and counted...
Les hommes Parisien are out in force grabbing up the goodies...
If you want to buy something the line inside is daunting.
There is floor upon floor of clothes on offer...
This store is gigantic compared to most Parisen boutiques...
Is that why everyone is traipsing up...
And down so they don't miss a trick..?
Another drawing card has to be the new launch of the +J collection, created by designer Jil Sander.
Feeding time at the zoo..?
Quilted jackets are back and everywhere in Paris FYI...
I loved this French girl's bag though it might mean something else altogether...
I was not the least bit tempted to put away my camera and join the fray - it's so much better to be an observer.
I will definitely checkout the Soho UNIQLO for all these thrilling bargains though...
A very happy customer with her UNIQLO bag.
Well back to chocolates and pretty buildings tomorrow I promise, but you do want to have just an occasional taste of Parisiens in the throws of mad shopping don't you?
A slice of life and all that sort of thing...
Do tell!


  1. i'm so snob
    I'm waiting for a shop in my area !
    the real reason is : too much people et a doubt about the quality, how did you juge that frankly ?

  2. It looked pretty good to me, but I was looking mostly at the people..
    Jil Sander!!
    & not that cheap

  3. Twinkle5:57 AM

    Is the "very happy customer" in the white tennies really a Parisian?

  4. love your blog got my son to purchase a box of macarons from laduree on a recent visit after reading about them on your blog they did not disappoint!
    anything about paris be it cakes or shopping or shop fronts is fine by me!

  5. Bonjour! Great post and you are so much more than a 'bunch of cakes'. You have a good eye for all things French and your art is truly delicious. I'm going to check out the store today and do some people watching while I'm at it.

  6. I love your blog. You make my humid life in Florida brighter.

  7. Elizabeth9:51 AM

    Love it when you tell us what's new & hot in Paris. One can always grab a fab Parisian nosh afterwards!


  8. Jannice9:53 AM

    Love it when you play the spy...secretly shooting for us the quotienne life of Parisiens
    Who knew they were such bargain hunters? I guess everyone is in the end..
    The truth is out!
    merci beaucoup


  9. I go to the one in NYC in Soho often prices are really good always packed and sometimes they have very unique accessories also. I think I like NY's better..only this store though! lol You definately have to go and tell us if that much different and the clothes if they are similar. Grace

  10. Marsha in Michigan11:58 AM

    What fun!
    Thanks for sharing all this with us!

  11. I wish I could blog on chocolate, watercolors, fashion AND Paris... Looks like fun which ever way you turn.

  12. Barbie12:27 PM

    I love everything you post, Carol. You do a nice variety.
    Thank you very much.
    I hope you had a great visit there.

  13. Cindy has it right, boy would we ALL like your life! I'm adding yours to my blogroll. And thanks for blogging on fashion for a change. I get fat just looking at your food pics! And thanks for stopping by my site and saying nice things. Thought I might be going out on a limb and a little "downmarket" blogging about Shopsin's so cool that you knew what I was talking about!

  14. Lol- your blog is not just a bunch of cakes... it is so much more! This store looks like it has some great deals. I might try to go there next time I am in Paris but then again I don't like to fight crowds... and it looks very crowded.

  15. Great photo essay. I don't think that I would enjoy waiting in line there, but I love looking at the pics and the fashions. Nice job!

  16. Who said that?! It's more than cakes! (You would think they'd accuse you of only being macarons). I love the on-the-street shots of people out and about. Enjoy very much - thanks!

  17. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I wasn't too crazy about quilted jackets the first go-round, so I'm a bit surprised they're back! I guess they're probably warm, though. Fun to see 'em in the stores there...

  18. Thanks Nik...
    I would never/could wait on these insane lines...but I love shooting those who do. Ha!

  19. I like UNIQLO and MUJI, if you see a MUJI in Paris, you should check them out too :)

  20. I didn't know Parisiens were ever "in the throws of mad shopping." Not so different after all.

  21. "Just a bunch of cakes"???? And, pray tell, WHAT is wrong with THAT?
    From one who takes her cakes seriously!

  22. Carol,
    I enjoy your views of Paris. I was in France in Sept. and became obsessed with the French women and the different sizes and colors of Longchamps Pilage bags they carry. I requested one for my birthday gift and now carry it around my Calif. neighborhood where no one knows what it is. So, have you ever written about these bags and the way and how of them. I am curious and think you are the one who would have some thoughts on this topic. thanks. P.S. I am making a special trip to Boston to see your paintings in Nov.

  23. heureusement il n'y avait pas tout ce monde mardi.....
    et ensuite j'ai filé chez Ladurée....


  24. Cindy5:42 AM

    Hi Girlfriend - what do we want from your posts?
    We eat what you feed us!
    It's all good.
    Another Cindy

  25. Ah, to shop in Paris, whether at a Japanese store or not . . .

  26. I for one love pastries, but am also very glad you don't just limit this blog to that....all aspects of life in Paris are fun!

  27. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Yes, really.


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