Saturday, December 10, 2022

Astier de Villatte


Last night I needed a mood-elevator. Time to visit Astier de Villatte

For the annual viewing of their Christmas ornaments.

It’s always better to go in
 early November 
And I’d meant to this year
But time flew by as it does during the holiday season
There was a line upstairs.
Only 4 people allowed at a time 
But the wait was short. 
It was only 4:00 pm.
The seafood section was tempting..
As were the coffee cups with lipstick stains..
I picked out 3 possibilities. One was a bear 🐻 of course.
I went downstairs to pay with a quick look at Astier de Villatte’s stunning china. C. buys one piece every visit. Très cher…
A beautiful Christmas dinner plate from John Derian. The line to pay was so long…I put my one bear 🐻 down and ran out
Outside in the front windows are all the adorable ornaments already sold out like an essential bathtub.
Or this pineapple slice. You’ll have to wait until they take down the tree post-Christmas to get it 🙁 C’est la vie.
Outside these polar bears etc. were frolicking in windows in the snow. 
Outside Eric Kayser has snowy Stollen, which my friend Louise in NYC says she loves. I thought about sending one to her but decided not. Last Christmas Louise sent me an Italian chocolate Panetone. The French poste 
wanted 30€ duty from me. I said, “No way” They returned it to her and she ate it! What would you have done?
Outside at Palais-
Royal I found this snow white wedding(?) bouquet probably left from a fashion shoot. There are many shoots at Palais-Royal. I took it home. The scent is wonderful. Last night the lights from Pont Marie were stunning.
            ☕️🥂🍾🐻Bon Samedi PBers🐻🍾🥂☕️


  1. Leslie in Oregon3:16 AM

    I hope that the visit to Astier de Villatte, the aromatic bouquet left for you at Palais Royale, and the lights from the Pont Marie lifted up your mood. Your story, with the lovely photographs, lifted up mine...and I needed that! Thank you and Merry Christmas, dear Carol 😍

    1. Anonymous5:52 AM

      Thank you dear Leslie. It did indeed raise my spirits. Its been bleak and cold here. Paris is very beautiful now. It just takes getting out and partaking of the beauty.

    2. I am wild about Christmas ornaments! I saw quite a few in the large bowl that I would have pulled out. Sorry you did not get your plate, I do hope you got the bear. It may be cold and grey in Paris but it is always beautiful! On the mornings that I receive a new post from you my spirit is elevated. Joyeux Noel Carol🗼❤️🎄

    3. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Thanks very much 😊 So nice to know 👏
      I resisted the little bear 🐻 but maybe…

  2. Go back for bear when less of a crowd:)

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Such creative and lovely ornaments! What’s the location of the store in Paris?

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      173 rue Saint-Honoré 75001

  4. Bonnie L9:53 AM

    Those ornaments are so beautifully unique! I would have been like a kid in a candy store. But, I might have been just as happy pressing my nose to Mulot’s windows. I crave their brioche. ❤️

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM

    This was a definite spirit lifter, dear Carol. Hope your beautiful surroundings lifted your spirits as well.


  6. Anonymous10:21 AM

    The beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations certainly lifted my spirits. Also the lovely bouquet of flowers and delicious stollen. Hope you do go back and get the bear ornament. Something special for you. Thank you always for sharing your Paris adventures with us Carol. Merry Christmas to you. -Suzanne P.

    1. Anonymous1:09 AM

      Thank you This shopis an instant spirit-lifter from the moment you enter the door…an Aladin’s cave of treasures…you don’t really have to buy a thing. It’s contagious.

  7. Anonymous10:44 AM

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS CAROL. We all love you. NB

  8. Anonymous11:07 AM

    This is a beautiful way to "bring" Paris to all of us. I am curled up with my coffee and envision myself sharing this lovely time of the year, walking with you on your journeys of discovery! I enjoy our "walks," so much, Carol.
    Thank you,

    1. Anonymous1:03 AM

      Delighted to have you join me Kathleen ❤️

  9. Oh my goodness, this will have to go on my bucket list! I want every single ornament they have. This post lifted my Christmas spirit :-) I hope it did yours too,

    1. Anonymous1:02 AM

      😊 hahahaha ues a place where your resistance is tested as much as the best Paris patisserieor chocolate shop…

  10. As a collector of glass ornaments, I would have a field day at Astier de Vilatte & probably spend way too much. I have one tree that is all food and drink and saw a few there I would love to have. I def think you need that bear ornament.

  11. Anonymous1:12 AM

    The store is so beautiful but the lines aren’t something I woukd stand in. I would have to be there as soon as they open up. Go have a good breakfast somewhere. Lynne

    1. Anonymous1:13 AM

      I think they open at 11 Lynne…so go have brunch first. By the time I left around 5, there was line outside!

  12. Anonymous1:15 AM

    I love their dishes. I love my Paris letter. I am giving the other one to a friend unopened. My grand daughter loves her ballerina letter. Thank you again. C.

  13. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Thanks, Carol, for sharing your stunning life in PARIS!! Love your visit to the ornaments station! Those cups with lips so sweet, and your little heart ornament, and your bridal bouquet, tres belle. CV

  14. Anonymous1:29 AM

    I read this post this morning while having coffee
    in a Michigan cafe. Their shop is on Rive Droite.
    Even scrolling down through the post is fun. Anna

    1. Anonymous1:30 AM

      Thanks, I added in the address
      173 rue saint-Honore
      There are links within to past Christmas ornaments visits (3?)

  15. In Paris now and visited this little attic. What a wonderland! Carol, you are a superb Paris advisor!

  16. Paris at Christmas. It's so beautiful. I love the ornaments -- and I mean every single photo of every single ornament. I would be in such trouble if I happened in with a VISA card. Thank you for taking us there!

  17. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Merci pour votre ecrivez et photographies…
    So fun!
    Joyeux Noel Anna

  18. Anonymous5:13 PM

    WE, here in SF are getting a lot of the same ornaments @ Gumps,which has been in SF since 1861 ! Most are coming from Poland...and are gorgeous....but with lots of glitter and bling. I am told that is mainly and American thing..and that Europe has a less bling thing historically.
    Looks to me from your pics that you, in Paris, are getting some bling too.
    Happy....What ever you celebrate!
    Most sincerley,
    Jacquelyn G in Bay Area.
    PS: Dr. Bev and Giverna are suppose to be coming by Gumps to see what's up on Friday, next.A bit of Paris coming to SF! Bon !

    1. Anonymous5:12 AM

      Its def not just the US. Plenty of Bling here everywhere. Bon Marché has a floor of bling ornaments. I’m in love with the Warowski glass birds from Poland, but so trés cher 🙁 I’m ready to go to Warsaw

    2. Anonymous5:46 PM

      That is what I have been telling folks that come to Gumps! Plenty of bling in Paris too! What Poland has sent to us...., we are told, is not the ordinary, that they do for Old Europe ! C'est la vie ! We all get something !
      Merci, JG, in SF.

  19. Thanks for this lovely Christmas window shopping trip in Paris! Some days are not lining up days. These ornaments and plates look very nice though.
    I know the tax/free charged when you post things to Europe now is big and too much! I post things to my sister in Germany from Australia and I have strict instructions to write $2 as the cost on the customs label, as even when I write it as being worth $20 she had to pay a fee. So I write the low price but tick the box ‘return if lost’ so I get it back if something goes wrong (it’s happened several times before, months after a small parcel went missing). International post just as much an adventure as ever!

    1. Anonymous6:15 AM

      So annoying. I had to pay 10€ Duty on a 10£ item yesterday from the UK bc of Brexit. The seller didn’t mention it. And then the ladybug 🐞 earrings were smaller than the real thing! Meant for a 6-year old no doubt 🙁


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