Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Ballet Core Map


Ballet 🩰 fashion has always been IN

But now anyone can deck themselves out in bits of balletomania 🩰 Pinterest says.

Because of the current trend ’Balletcore’ 🩰
I get
 Repetto’s newsletter. Anyone can and dream 💭 a little…
Haute couture houses like Mui Mui have heartily ❤️embraced Balletcore if you have 663€ to throw around. The Gucci pink signature fishnet tights are a nice added touch (250€). Ooops there goes my rent almost…
Repetto’s Cinderellas are somewhat more affordable. 
I once had a red suede pair
 bought on sale a long time ago. It always seemed to rain ☔️ whenever I wore them😳
If your finances are rock bottom 👋 you can always settle for a pink ballerina key chaine at musee d’Orsay (8€)
Louise actually took ballet classes 
But anyone can carry her stunning Bordeaux (or Burgundy…your preference)-colored velvet carryall from Repetto (for a mere 80€).
There are other ballet places to visit like the Opera Garnier, but if you’ve never been inside Repetto it is a Paris must-do, perfect for browsing and pretending.
I love the boutique at Opera Garnier for more ballet browsing. And take the tour while you’re there. Another Paris must-do.
For a divine petit-dej’ nearby try getting into Cedric Golet’s patisserie on boulevarde de l’Opera if you don’t mind waiting online for an hour or two. Go at 9:30 am and pray🙏
Back to the Balletcore letter for more inspo 

I looked up Marie Taglioni, the icon of ballet fans(1804-1884). Her choreographer father, Fillipo Taglioni created La Sylphide ballet for her. She was the first to dance ‘en pointe’ and tutu dresses were first designed for her. You can visit her in the cimetaire Montmartre.

More Paris map inspo from Top Star ballerina, Agnes-Marie Gillot (sadly not a relative) I did find out where she gets her ballerina bouquets 💐
I almost forgot about Nerides adorable ballerina jewelry I covet every Christmas… 
Are you a ballet fan? Do you have a petite-niece granddaughter or daughter who would love ❤️ a personalized letter from Paris?
Pirouette to my Etsy shop for the latest map 
in time for holiday delivery 📬 🩰💐🍾🥂Bonne Tuesday dear PBers❤️


  1. First of all I really like your red suede ballet flats. My daughter took ballet lessons for many years. It would be wonderful attend a ballet at the Opera Garnier. What a magnificent building. I am a Chagall fan so I love the ceiling. 🗼❤️🩰

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Oh wouldn’t it be devine! A dream come true ❤️

    2. Anonymous3:22 AM

      I think ballet training is a terrific thing for a kid. Wish I’d had it instead of ‘Interpretive Dancing’ (free form). Maybe I’d be better organized and more disciplined….wishful thinking.

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I am saving your post to read with my tea ☕️ …to savor like a good chocolate 🍫 Chelmsford

    1. Dorrance8:20 AM

      I am doing the same! Reading the latest Paris Breakfast while sipping my cup of Marriage Frère’s Paris Breakfast tea. Great minds…

  3. Bonnie L8:16 AM

    Balletcore is SO trendy…and Paris is a great place to indulge. In the 1970s as a lithe twenty something I lived in Danskin leotards with their wrap-around tie waist skirts. Such an easy way to dress. Now,as a seventy something my only balletcore is ballerines from Repetto…in many colors.

    Loving this watercolor. ❤️

  4. DiddyMom8:24 AM

    Those red ballet flats are so you, Carol! Your Ballet Core letter will make a great gift for all of our budding ballerinas. And, those of us who like to dress like them.

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Aww…thanks DiddyMum. Those once-red Repettos were later colored in black with a marker after too many encounters in the rain ☔️ Maddness

  5. Whenever I see anything ballet, I think of Audrey Hepburn as she epitomizes ballerinas to me for some reason, maybe her long neck and complete gracefulness.

    1. Anonymous4:13 PM

      She studied for the ballet like mad and desperately wanted it but she was too tall. Now because of Balanchine, many dancers resemble her…

  6. I always covet that necklace too $Lol.No a hard no for me.My daughter bought an adorable one yrs ago at Tj..Lovely post Carol.I did ballet for yrs.

    1. Anonymous3:19 AM

      Ohhhh…I should have know. You have that ballet frame of mind. Disciplined.

  7. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Lovely to see Bear.

  8. Ann Scarff2:47 PM

    Hi Carol,
    When I was in Paris this last October, we were on our way thé the Musée du Quai Branly to see the Black Indians of New Orleans (excellent) exhibit, when it started to rain heavily and we ducked into the new Russian Orthodox Church.
    It’s fascinatingly beautiful icons were one thing, but the ballet videos and photographs honoring the Russian Ballerina & Choreographer, Galina Ulanova (1910 – 1998) was the biggest treat.
    If you haven’t seen her training young ballerinos and being lifted into the air at 80, while wearing heels! It’s worth a visit!


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