Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Eve at Angelina, Sebastien Gaudard, Ritz Chalet de Noël


As requested more Paris Christmas🌲 I was headed to the Toy Museum in Poissy yesterday, after a dip 🏊🏽‍♀️in the pool. Going to a toy museum around Christmas is always a good idea, but there were perturbations on ligne RER A😧

Change of plans and back to Paris on ligne 1, getting off at Tuilleries.

Impossible not to look in at Angelina nearby. The usual mayhem. For Christmas Eve there was TWO lines waiting. 
I didn't go in, but squeezed up close to the windows. Beautiful Büche de Noel this year and a meringue tower.
Walking up rue de Rivoli, the Tuileries Christmas fair was in full swing.
Turning onto rue des Pyramides, Sebastien Gaudard’s salon de thé on the corner
Inside some of the best, classic Büche de Noëls I’ve seen yet. I was tempted. They are open today. It’s not too late to get a chocolate log.
There were other window browsers out looking on Christmas Eve. Balenciaga had Christmas trees 🎄 made of expensive rags…
Enfin beautiful Place Vendôme 
Not much of a line this year since they were mostly selling gift items, plus tea and vin chaud/hot mulled wine.
But no hot chocolate☕️😯 I only got a chocolate-filled madeleine. 
I decided to take a look inside the Ritz 😊
The Ritz Christmas tree is known to be one of the best in Paris. Still I was admonished by the guard, 
“Are you taking a picture of the tree? Only the tree?” 
“Yes”, I said standing in front of the tree with my iPad open. 
“And what else?” he asked. 
“I’m going to the gift shopAlways a great excuse to waltz through the Ritz since it’s deep inside near the back entrance.

 Ipassed on the Ritz’s special Christmas 🎄 coffrets/gift boxes🎁 in their boutique.
Outside I considered getting a hot chocolate at The Ritz Comptoir…but the line was long.
More lines of last minute shoppers outside Dior on rue Cambon. Why am I surprised? I went 
into Pierre Hermé’s shop but it was just macarons. No mini Büches de Noël for me 😯

An attractive fuzzy, sparkly sweater set in Burberry’s window. Could be very warm. Could also break the bank (5.5k €) That’s a lot of logs 🪵 or Büches.
A quick pop into bookstore W.H.Smith on rue Cambon
For some British Christmas cheer. Did you know they have a kitchen section 👏 Not just books 📚 They closed early at 6 for Christmas Eve. Outside at Concorde Metro it was drizzling. This was my 1st Christmas Eve outside in Paris. Thank you PBers. 
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  1. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Joyeux Noel Carol. Thank you for all the fun, all the beauty and all the deliciousness you find and share with us from that city of magic, Paris!

  2. Another fun post! I didn’t think one could just waltz into the Ritz. Now I know you just say you are going to the boutique! Merry Christmas!

    1. Anonymous5:06 AM

      They will be bombarded 👏😊

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Merry Christmas from California Kirk

  4. Michael6:28 AM

    1. Anonymous6:32 AM

      A wonderful Christmas Eve post !
      Thank you Carol. I can taste the Angelina’s Chocolat Chaud as I read. Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année 🌲❤️🌲

  5. What a beautiful post to wake up to this Christmas morning! I have been admonished by the Ritz guards many a time!🗼❤️🎄

    1. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Join the Very Select Club Ga 👍🎉🏆

    2. Anonymous9:46 AM

      Yes! Merci! ❤️ And Merry Christmas!

  6. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Merry Christmas and thank you so much for letting us experience Paris, love the beauty. Patricia

  7. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Merry Christmas, Carol. From Lancaster, PA

  8. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Merry Christmas, Carol! Your posts are a gift to us all year long!
    Coincidentally, I walked a nearly identical route on the 23rd while doing some last minute shopping. As you say, the Angelina lines were insane. There are other coffee shops and tearooms in Paris!

  9. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Lovely Christmas Eve post! Thank you for this and all other interesting things you share from Paris. Happy Christmas Day! 💝 Tiina Sällinen

  10. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Merry Christmas dear Carol. So many fabulous peeks into Paris life and of course your art. Best in the New Year!
    Tim E. Denver, CO

  11. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Thank you for such a beautiful post! You were in my old neighborhood! Place Vendôme is always so magical at Christmas. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a brilliant New Year!

  12. Bonnie L9:40 AM

    Beautiful, Carol! I’m sorry that you did not get your cup of hot chocolate but grateful that you took us on this Christmas Eve tour. I hope you bought those mince pies at WH Smith. ❤️

    Thank you for providing the link to the Ritz gift shop…I’m coveting that peach terry cloth robe! 😉

  13. Terry S.10:39 AM

    Merry Christmas, Carol! Thanks again for the yummy chocolate tour you have us in October....definitely a highlight of our trip.

  14. Anonymous11:57 AM

    Thank you for all the delights you provide throughout the year, touring Paris with you is wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  15. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Just another Merci for your continuous sharing of beautiful Paris. I devour every post from you!

  16. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Happy Holidays to you, Carol.

  17. Anonymous12:45 PM

    So enjoy your blog.
    Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to you and Bear for another
    wonderful year in Paris !!!! Abbey in Texas

  18. Merry Christmas, Carol, and thanks for a glorious post. That tree at the Ritz is definitely ritzy. I got plane tix to Paris in my stocking so see you in Sept.

  19. Ann Scarff1:13 PM

    Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah, Carol!

  20. You have sent us another wonderful Christmas cadeau (gift!), Carol! Loved that giftbox with the tiny bear in chef's attire! Was Bear envious, too? Gift shop directions are now etched in my brain for future trip to Paris and The Ritz! Merry Christmas Carol! I admire your courage to swim and not eat a Bûche! Although it must have been a difficult decision.

  21. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Oooh, I love this post! It’s fun to imagine wandering around Paris with you on Christmas Eve. Such a good time to view the store windows and queue up for a hot chocolate. SO glad you went out and about, Carol.

  22. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Greetings from California & Merry Christmas 🎄. Loved your post this AM. I finally found a mini Buche de Noël cute..3” long. I hope you’re having a Merry Christmas Day MR

  23. I just wanted to say Joyeux Noel dear Carol & thank you for all your wonderful reports from Paris all year long. You words warm my heart & you delightful images & watercolors heal my soul that longs for Paris...xxxooo

  24. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Merry Christmas from San Diego. Are there many tourists in Paris this time of year?

  25. Joyeux Noël/Merry Christmas Carol! Hope you got some dessert if not the log or mince pies!

    1. Anonymous2:50 AM

      Thank you Kirra, I had a Very nice chocolate mendient tree 🌲 from Maison la Roux

  26. Anonymous3:31 AM

    The Ritz tree was fabulous. There just is no place like Paris. On PBS they had the Christmas makers across Europe and Paris beat them all. Lynne

  27. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Merry Christmas, dear Carol! Thank you for bringing Paris to us! Love, Jamie

    1. Anonymous3:49 AM

      Hi Jamie ! Hope all is well on the farm from the snow ❄️

  28. Wow! Gorgeous, again! I hope your Christmas was divinely happy and as beautiful as your photos and your art! Happy New Year, Carol! (I must try to make a meringue tower!)


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