Tuesday, November 08, 2022

Fine Arts Paris Biennale, Carrousel de Louvre 2022


A pet monkey and dog are arguing amidst delicious chaos. Still lives are trending this Fall since the Louvre’s major exhibit, Les Choses opened. Painted by Flemish painter Jan van Kessel, a painter active in Antwerp in the mid 17th century, born 1629. It did not indicate whether it was the younger or the elder? He did paint a lot of bugs also.

Yesterday I went to a preview of the preview for Fine Arts Paris held in the
Carrousel de Louvre and on view through Sunday, the 13th.

They were last-minute finishing up the individual art galleries, and preparing for a celebratory soirée that evening.
I wouldn’t mind coming back to dine in all that splendor.

This past week I’ve been recovering in chocolate Rehab

This sumptuous art and antiques show is the perfect antidote for whatever ailes you. I went to Fine Arts a few years ago and had a similar immersive experience.

Such a lovely distraction like Chinoiserie to immerse yourself in. 

Art Déco
 in general and furnishings in particular is another big trend this Fall in Paris. 

Everything is covered at Fine Arts Paris: silver objects,

And fine antique jewelry,

Golden antique clocks,

Small master works by Landscape artist Jongking, a Fantin-Latour flower stilllife, a Lautrec doodle and a Degas early relief drawing all clustered together on one wall. 

Another intimate gallery corner of drawings and sculpture to escape into. 

Escape is the operative word these days isn’t it. 

A woman of cats singing in a rare drawing by writer Prosper Mérimée

Two Breton women chatting.

Two stylish gallerists chatting pre-show
 If you’re here Fine Arts Paris is an enticing week-long event and easy to access at the Louvre Carrousel. 

Recently Bonnie told me of a new boulangerie opening just 7 minutes away with viennoisserie artworks I must report on. 
Out my window 7:30 ❤️🤞Bon Mardi PBers ❤️🙏🤞❤️


  1. This is a fabulous show! I especially love the paintings. AND I especially even more love your rooftop view!

  2. Bonnie L8:45 AM

    What an exhibit, Carol! And everything is for sale? Such temptation! Unable to afford any of it, I would certainly console myself at the new bakery! 😉

  3. Oh, that little guinea pig in the last painting is adorable!

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      Isn’t just. Glad you noticed

    2. Anonymous4:41 PM

      By the way it’s a detail from the first painting, lower left corner…though it does stand on its own.

  4. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Beautiful post..........merci!

  5. I like still life. The woman of cats singing is interesting.🗼❤️

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      I know…an eclectic choice Ga

  6. I just received a notice from one of the galleries, and wondered if you were going. Ah, to live in Paris, where so much goes on at the same time!

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM

      There are too many things to see in this town. You always miss out on some things from inertia or laziness…are they the same? Or you think you wont care for it and then realize too late you were wrong and its too late. I let the Metro posters be my guide

  7. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Such a feast for the eyes! Merci for sharing. Who is the artist of the first painting with the dog, guinea pig and monkey? I love still lifes, Manet's are among my favorites.

    1. Anonymous4:27 PM

      Flemish painter Jan van Kessel (I) was a Flemish painter active in Antwerp in the mid 17th century, born 1629. It did not indicate whether it was the younger or the elder? He did a lot of bugs also. https://youtu.be/VhWPx3KpV6w

    2. Anonymous10:29 PM

      Thank you for the information on the artist!

  8. I would love that show - I never tire of fine arts and am so glad we have you to take us around, Now, to the new boulangerie - waiting with baited breath - as if I need another added to my list.

  9. Anonymous4:16 PM

    I loved this. The table setting is lovely I must have lived in the Art Deco era. I wish we could live in a deco world. Lynne

  10. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Ooohh…what fun, getting to ogle all of these treasures. Novel idea; dining amongst the beautiful objects. Or, do they do that every year? Cinder R.

  11. Anonymous8:49 PM

    if I could afford it game, the one thing I covet is that still life of fruit, nuts, and pumpkins. It’s absolutely delicious

  12. What an interesting exhibition! Very distracting if you're in chocolate rehab. Though that dinner setting looks pretty impressive....maybe ready for some chocolate.


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