Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dessert Watercolor Demo

Loulou et Princesse by Frederic Cassel watercolor on Etsy

So people ask me all the time,
"How come you just paint desserts?"
In David Dewey's watercolor class once a year at Christmas we would have a dessert party. Everyone brought in something or other. Then we painted them. Then we ate them. Naturally they were all good geometric shapes like Cezanne preferred - cubes, sphere, pyramids etc.

Here's a couple of my early efforts from 2000.

Naturally I'd have liked the dessert party to occur more often. Like maybe every class.

Though I'm not a big fan of cake.

It's probably another reason I came to France besides all the pets, is the beautifully geometric shapes of the pastries. And for all the endless versions of tarte citron.

Moving along to today's demo which is not a tarte citron...hmm

That will come maybe later in the week...

I'm really loving doing these thumbnails.

The picture wouldn't work without them.

Some of the watercolor demos on Etsy like this one have paintings on the back by the way.

I'm happy to have found a new envelope that's supposed to be faster and cheaper than sending out the last batch, NO TRACKING with this so I can not use it. Dommage :(
at least for this smaller size (5.5 x 8.5").
Do take a look on Etsy if you'd like to own a demo of your own. Cheers Carolg


  1. I love the thumbnails too..I think I am repeating myself..went to look at the previous post..I never even knew what blogging was in 2006..
    I am looking forward to my DD book..should be here by October..I keep if Amazon would forget to notify me that it had shipped:)You must have loved that party..ies..
    I wonder if in every art class that lasts longer than a a few hours if every class build such a camaraderie..the one class I took..of art..once a week for a few months.. what a camarderie we had.
    I LOVED it.Such nice people.
    Thank you for the demos..
    They are a sweet sweet treat for us.

  2. Love those thumbnails! Great talent, Carol, building on the shapes and coloring them in.

  3. Wonderful post as always Carol, I'm astonished by your ability to paint these luscious desserts, and somehow make them look even more delectable.

  4. Anonymous9:51 AM

    thank you for all the wonderful pics! I'm always drooling over these...miss the true taste of wonderfull French pastries...nothing like it!

    1. Laura, I would like to miss it for day or two
      So much temptation !

  5. Oh, what a delicious idea to paint desserts and then partake. I'm here from La Table De Nana. I'm a long time fan of Monique, and now she has introduced me to you. Happy Day!

  6. I don't think I would have time to paint those..I would probably scarf them down upon sight. :) Love the looks of that cake half eaten. Let them eat cake. You can have the rest.:)Love your demo work.

  7. Yumm . . . looks delicious!

  8. Love, love, love the demos. Your style is so happy and fun! But then, so is your subject! Honestly, I'm looking at the clock -- almost lunch time. Why do I do this to myself! My store-bought Greek salad and banana just don't stack up!

    1. Send the Greek salad this way!
      We'll do an exchange


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