Tuesday, July 23, 2013

L'orange d'abricot

Tarte Abricots Frais by Gerard Mulot by me.
It's the season (July - August). Gorgeous orangey-red apricots everywhere in the marche. It's my favorite childhood fruit . The color orange. These really taste intense. Ripe and ready to eat au moment. You better eat them fast. Mostly from Provence and the Rhone valée.
Coming from the pool I spotted a tarte d'abricot. It called my name.
When they packed my pastries at Frederic Cassel, the server popped in an apricot-colored hatbox full of Macarons planting a seed in my mind - I've been eating apricots nonstop since.
Even though it was 4pm and no one with any sense should be out in this blasted heat, I went looking for Patisserie Rollet-Pradier to get some apricot desserts to paint. I ended up at apricot-colored Metro station Duroc to change trains.
On board I was staring inappropriately at this business man’s deep apricot-colored man-purse. He clamped his hand on it protectively. I wonder if it was by Hermes? I must look like your average Metro thief, especially wearing my macaron T-shirt.
Rollet-Pradier was CLOSED even though the website said they were open on a Monday. OK so everyone is closed on Mondays. God only knows what I'll do in August :(
I passed this apricot sign in the Metro. This Anthelios XL (get the lotion) is a terrific sun screen if you're into protecting your skin.
You can always depend on Gerard Mulot, to be open on Mondays Pierre Hermé is also open but not big on apricots.
Mulot is at 76, rue de Seine, 75006 close to Odeon where you can stop in an air-conditioned movie house. I did yesterday.
Here's a perfect example of a mini version of the summer tarte base piled high with your 5-fruits-a-day portion. Just don't take this anywhere offsite or your 5 fruits will separate like crazy - happened to me so I know from experience.
I picked the fresh apricot tarte to eat at the counter in the back.
Voila. Excellent though I left the crust. That's nothing new being a non-crust eater. I need an assistant who loves crust! I got an excellent apricot macaron for company.
Here's your weekly DIY watercolor demo PBers. I am surrounded by apricots here. Warm shadows are dropped in first - Bt Sienna.
Then a touch of cool French blue on top while still wet.

My setup. I'm loving my new mini paintbox on the left. You can run your brush across the top and get a nice mix of yellow + red + Sienna on your brush at one go. Note the basket of apricots on the right. I'll probably turn a pleasant shade of orange sans soleil. Well I hope so. Who needs sunbeds?
I guess you could say I've got on my orange-colored glasses.


  1. Lucinda6:13 AM

    I Lurve apricot anything especially if it's either Hermes or Herme...


  2. Love all the orange-y hues!I haven't eaten an apricot in years, but maybe I'll try one soon, just because of you. Jeannie

  3. Anonymous7:45 AM

    I like the mini watercolour box.
    I used to paint with Schmincke Horodam, but wanted to try something new.
    Last week I bought the "Kremer Watercolor Set Small" for 33,32 Euro directly from their online shop. I love the colours.

    1. It's the same one. It has some odd colors but others are wonderful and you can buy replacement pans.

    2. Oh I misread and didn't realize you'd bought it.
      The trouble is the Black, white and gold are pretty silly
      You might want to get the full box next or order pans from the website.
      And why do they call Gubbio red, 'Brown' etc.?
      Makes no sense
      Go by the numbers# for accurate color information on their site.
      These are single pigment colors...pretty hard to find out there at this quality and price.
      Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Almost looks like there's apaintbox in the glasses..
    Love the aquarelle and I know what i will do this aft.
    Summer warmth colors..suntans.. bronzy glows..Roussillon colors.
    The small box of Kremer has weird colors? It's in my wish cart.
    The bag is great.

  5. Patricia9:21 AM

    I'm enjoying your mini tutorials. I love seeing the process of the creation of art. Please keep posting these! Along with all your usual wonderful whimsies

  6. Anonymous9:45 AM


    Id like to know if You agree or not ...thanks Your posts are beautiful as usual and so ironic !!!

    1. Actually I don't
      with 1,500 patisseries and boulangeries how can you choose just 10?
      And why should you?
      I'm against best this and that lists altogether.
      Everyone has their own tastebuds and memories.
      Why do we need to go to the best places? So much better to discover on your own what you like best.
      Quite simple places can have wonderful artisanal products.
      I'm all for freedom of choice.

  7. I love your tutorials, and I could be your sidekick because I love the crust (good crust only). You would need to leave a little fruit though. :)

    What do people do when everyone leaves town? Will you be leaving also?

    1. No, no ill be here going to the cinema a lot and whatever else is open..
      First time in Paris is August!

  8. I really appreciate your painting lessons! I'm not terribly good with the "real" watercolors yet. I do OK with the pencils to start the drawing but I never really like how they look altogether. I need some time to experiment, fail and try again. I have to say, I like your finished bit better than the tart itself!

    Apricots remind me of my time in Paris -- when Jerry would pack a picnic for us, we always took dried apricots and because meal times were very European, I'd find myself taking some along just in case I needed a sugar-fruit hit while I was out exploring! Sigh. I must get some apricots!

  9. Carol, it's grand to see the lovely apricot make its way to center stage. The fruits themselves are little beauties, and they taste so very good freshly ripe, or cooked in any manner.

    The painting tutorial is a delight, too! xo

  10. Thank you for the watercolor tutorial. I have learned a lot!

  11. Miss Lemon has beaten me to the Crust-eating Sidekick position and perhaps that's just as well...I never eat the crust from gooey pies like pumpkin and am quite fussy about crust all around, but I AM willing to make the sacrifice if only to follow in your footsteps as you trudge through the heat to acquire the goods.

  12. Carol how lovely! I beeline for the the tarte d'abricot at the patisserie on rue Saint Antoine on the corner of rue Saint Paul!

  13. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Great tutorial!
    You know orange is the new black, n'est-ce-pas?

  14. Always love your colour stories... magic.
    Those glasses are perfect and the mini paintbox ... don't get me started!!

  15. Totally beautiful,Carol!
    All these glorious apricots make me feel wrapped in the beauty of Summer!
    Thank you!

  16. I have never been that fond of Apricots. our Neighbor has one with branches hanging over into our yard so my hubby has been eating as they come ripe and the sheep had a field day with them before they were taken away. Unfortunately the tree isn't doing well so they will be taking it out. Love seeing your work on a watercolor. It came out great. Love the printing.

  17. Anonymous9:46 PM

    I should never read your blog when hungry -- torture!

  18. The apricots are beautiful--love them! I would love to eat those crusts for you but alas, I can't. You got the colors perfectly, Carol. Charming.

  19. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I wish I could eat your crust! I don't know how one could keep your weight under control with all that temptation. I mean, you have to buy them to paint them, yes! All in the line of your profession. At least you don't like the crust. That is a good thing.

  20. Anonymous10:56 PM

    I love the fruity desserts. Presented a cake to my dear friend on her 40th. Decorated nicely, frosting was ghastly to the palate. Next bday cake....A fruity sculpture on a thin, thin crust of something! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Hugs, K

  21. Beautiful photos, Carol ( & I'm not crazy about apricots!).

  22. Hehe love your apricot colours and especially the eye for apricot Hermès handbags (although guess you would have preferred a Hermé bag?!)
    Just looking at your watercolours are making me crave apricots! Och!

  23. I EAT CRUST! Love apricot and gray together. And adore your color (hunt) posts! Such fun. Oh yes, little art lesson too. Have to go . . . I'm starving:) Hugs

    1. Judi, where have you been all my life?
      Are you single?

  24. More lost opportunities. I haunted Gerard Mulot on several days- fabulous macarons, but I think only had the tarte framboise, and not an apricot tart. Next time. Your painted apricots look so pretty. And I love that you had Duroc there- we were only two stops away from there, and walked back to the flat several times from there when catching different lines.


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