Monday, July 01, 2013

Anne Maisonneuve Boutique

It's been maybe 6 months since I visited the Anne Maisonneuve boutique, but almost everything I wear comes from here. This is necklace is my newest. Don't they look a little like macarons?
I fell hard for this new T-shirt design with varied splashes of green. It would have been perfect if I haven't been eating too many perfect Paris desserts...
Peony season is in full swing in Paris.
It's always peony season at Anne Maisonneuve's.
You can buy silk flower peonies
Or wear them on this one-of-a-kind bag.
A rose petal...sweet
A perfect peony T for summer..
I'm crazy for Anne's jewelry - she makes many of them herself. They add that much needed splash of color
I can't figure out why I left this back in NYC :(
Very tempting new Summer Ts. You won't find these in any other shop in Paris. Just at Anne's.
I did get this red dotty scarf. One has only so much resistance...
Head-to-toe outfits all figured out for you on the walls.
What to eat with Anne Maisonneuve's fun clothes? Why framboise of course, just coming into season in Paris marches fresh from the Limousin. Just don't eat them whilst wearing a WHITE T-shirt svp!


  1. Such cute shopping...and a plethora of gorgeous blooms..sure wish I could grow ranunculus here..
    I can't even find bouquets:-)
    One of my first years gardening I ordered ranunculus bulbs from California..never knew about zones..Boohoo they never showed..same with wisteria..I pictured it cascading everywhere.
    Love everything..are you surprised?
    Love my Nexus..hate it's photo taking skills...I have watercolor paper all ready..think I'll just send myself some pics:-)

    1. The photos you take are outstandingly gorgeous!
      Are you fishing?

    2. Rununulas?
      I can never get them straight

  2. Sweet dreams are made of stuff from this fantastic shop!
    Love the peony T!
    Lucky you,Carol, to have the opportunity to wear them!
    PS Peonies look like tight little puffs and then open up to a huge,sweet scented ball!
    They are glorious!

  3. The peonies look great, but my favorite shot is the "watercolor wash"

  4. You have many things there..peonies ..poppies.. ranunculus..
    Much better to just say Peonies:)
    They all have a bit of a similarity:)♥All od fashioned looking..not like turquoise orchids..(oy)
    No Nexus.. takes photos..w/ the sceen away from you..and at a different angle..I was all prepped with my perfectly cut out little watercolor papers..and the last 5 garden shots I took..had my finger..s in in them..

    I was able to get a few shots a while ago from a balcony..
    My daughter has Ipads..Ipods..Imac..and takes great pics w/ them..comme toi..

  5. I hope you found at least one shirt. That shop was made for you.

    There are fields of ranunculus located between Los Angles and San Diego that are a big tourist attraction - you can google if you are so inclined. We do not have luck with peonies. The weather does not get cold enough, the same with lilacs - we can grow lilacs, but they have no scent, which defeats the purpose.

    1. So they are NOT peonies!
      Not a one of them even?
      Today I will give you PEONIES!
      I think I bought a bunch in the Bastille marché on Sunday
      I could swear they are peonies
      Ah heck ;((

    2. Not to worry I love them both. It is all a treat. I hope my comment translated - I did not mean to sound like the hall monitor, Ms. Pedantic. If I were there I would buy one of each if they would fit.

  6. Glad someone set you straight on your could make those shirts yourself! A little fabric paint and your watercolor habits and - as you say - voila! I am totally smitten with Anne's jewelry!!!

    1. AHEM, there is absolutely NO WAY I could make these T-shirts myself!!!!
      I paint on paper. That's it.

  7. Gorgeous, summery colors, a midsummer day 's harvest!
    The necklace is beautiful, and yes, those wafer-thin rounds of colors look like macarons, of the slim-fast kind. ;-)

    Thank you for giving me such a great reason to smile,

  8. Beautiful post, but: I bet my breakfast that all those flowers are poppies, no peonies amongst them!

    1. HUMPH!
      Just you wait!
      I'm absolutely certain the T-shirt is a PEONY/PIVOINE!
      I will check with the owner
      humph humph humph
      Course it's true I know zip about botany or flowers but nevermind that :(

  9. The T-shirt is a peony. Yep. It is made clear by the bud. Why would you say you could't make the t-shirts? Paint on fabric isn't all that different from paint on paper. Has the gauntlet been thrown?

  10. Ok, I just have to chime in here, being a florist....The first two photos are of rannunculas, the silks are poppies and sweet peas, the bag shows poppies and the shirt with butterflies has a peonies except for your post of the peony wall.
    But they are all gorgeous!


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