Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paris Pets

Today just Paris pets
It's true there are a lot of cats and dogs in this city but you'd be remiss if you didn't consider all the farm animals running around all over the place.
And many of them are unleashed! Shouldn't there be a law?
I guess it's OK if they hang out in shop windows eating their dinner...
You'll find quite a few at the musee des Arts Decoratifs. Something you won't ever find at the NY Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design.
It's awfully kind of fromagiers to alert you to the goat cheeses with a miniature goat/chevre don't you think? You can count on finding goats, chickens and cows present at almost every marche.
Here's a good way to remember that a goose is NOT a duck, something I have a lot of trouble with...
I do know these are ducks, seen at the musee again...
How many swank soirees have you been to of late where you get to play with bath ducks? Not many I bet. But go to Fauchon and be ready play.
We're back to the goose again announcing a gourmet festival in Paris. Is it just me that's seeing animals everywhere?
At a French friend's house for lunch, bunnies are pouring champagne! What is one to think..?
Bergdorf''s windows may be full of monkeys and ostriches but you'll never catch them on the inside like at fancy-shmancy Printemps.
Paris pets have a place at the table, in cafes and restaurants, but they do have nice manners. That much can be said for them.
They're trained to know when their Metro stop is coming up as well. I think I came to Paris for the animals...


  1. Oh stop it! You know you came for the pastries.

    1. Not necessarily true
      I'm very fond of the cow across the street wearing the knee socks

  2. I adore the miniature chevre, so sweet!

    Thought you while sitting in the shade, under tall trees, having lunch, and watching dogs go by. You'd have loved them! ;-)

  3. I adore the miniature chevre, so sweet!

    All I had to do... Was copy and paste.. she stole my ♥
    Along with your aquarelle:)

  4. PS In my haste I forgot to ask how your rash is?

    Hope much better!

  5. We have an annual Duck Derby charity where you "buy" a duck for a chance to win the race downriver:
    Our ducks wear sunglasses, as is appropriate for our weather.
    I believe I should go check the wine cellar to see if the rabbits at Longears have been making free with the champagne.

    1. Knowing they are your rabbits they've probably gone through a ton of smoked salmon and foie gras too.

  6. Such a sweet post. I'm amazed at the dogs on the metro, I've never seen them wee randomly down there like they do on the street- I don't know how they train them to do (or not do) that. The sue-ouest festival looks great, I wish I'd been there for something like that. I need to come back soon- although I know it will be years. :-(

  7. What a fun post! I love all the animals, and love your watercolour.

  8. Anonymous3:26 AM

    I the painting of pets on the table a Bonnard ? Did you know there is a lovely new museum to Bonnard in Le cannet near to Cannes. regards from carol

  9. Cows on the loose. Bunnies with champagne. Cats on the table. I think I could live there!

  10. Yeah, I have to agree--you came for the pastries for sure! hahahaaaaa Cute little duckies--looks like you've got yours all in a row...

  11. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Absolutely love this post, Carol! However, I must ask -- where, oh where, is dear Bear???
    Perhaps he will have his own post soon :)?
    We hope that your rash has healed and you are doing well in our favorite city and country!
    oxox, Patricia and Eric, Minneapolis

  12. Beautiful collection of illustrations. I love that oil color of the cat lying on the table while the folks eat.

  13. I would feel right at home there. :)Love this post. I want that sheep in the window. Oh and I think we need to paint our white van with black spots. What do you think?? :) And that painting with the cats on the table and dogs begging.. I so need to get a copy as that is our house. shhh don't tell anyone. lol.


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