Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rotisserie Cuisse de Poulet

I may have bitten off more than I can chew trying to paint a cuisse de Poulet today. You tell me how I did..

I know I said yesterday I'm a semi-vegetarian.
Make that semi-flexi-vegetarian who occasionally has a bite of saucisson. When in Rome you've simply got be open to experience. Though so far I've resisted red meat not including the saucisson.
Chicken is BIG in France and Paris is no exception.
True it is the symbol of France.
It's hard to go two steps without bumping into a chicken in one form or another...
I've become fascinated by the varieties of rotisseries here. Most of these are made by Rotisol.
This one is at the very fine boucherie (NEVER at a charcutier de tradition, Gilles Verot). I often pass by on the way to the pool.
The deal is the chickens as they turn release their juices and fat etc. onto the potatoes in the bin at the bottom. Garlic and parsley was added to these and they were out of this world. No question about it.
The very prestigious sign of Gilles Verot, winner of many, many prizes and awards and well worth a visit but not for rotisserie chicken. Moi, je me trompe :(
Today on 82, rue du Bac 75007 at Boucherie du Bac, another prize-winning butcher. See what I mean about the invasion of chickens?
In the marche...
Well-behaved chickens guard the free-range the marche.
At Easter you cannot avoid chickens even if they are chocolate. Honestly if you have a problem with chickens, allergies etc. do not come to Paris. C'est comme ca.
They do come in other materials as well. Let's face it chickens are a nice decorative shape made of any old thing.
This shopkeeper was obviously mad for chickens though he was selling hats! Go figure? The love for the French chicken goes deep.
Café Pouchkine had amazing onion-domed checkered chocolate chickens for Paque/Easter.
Really they don't look so different from the real thing when you get down to it. Seen at the fabulous Agriculture Salon in March.
Everyone knows chickens are hard workers. In Paris they get to play as well which is a good thing. So now you know I've been downing a chicken leg or two per week. Please forgive Monsieur chicken! 


  1. You would swear I had just prepared my post after seeing yours..
    But didn't..
    One thing I do know for sure is that even if I had not just had chicken on the brain..I would surely recognize your cuisse de poulet.
    Moi,j'aime beaucoup le poulet.
    Et ta cuisse est parfaite.
    Love the chalkboard ..and the real deals..
    I have an art book w/ chickens..and I quite like trying to paint them ..the way they are in the book.
    Fun post..Now j'ai l'eau à la bouche for chicken.

  2. You painted a wonderful chicken. I was surprised how much ham was served in Paris. I swore when I got home I was never going to eat it again. But, I am certain pork is raised more humanely in France than they are stateside.

  3. I have not yet eaten pork...except for saussicon
    But soon I must tackle jam on de Paris for research purposes!

  4. Alors, Carol, I do love chickens their eggs and also how flexibly they can contribute later on at the table, as part of a meal.

    I wish that I might eventually live in a place that will allow me to raise chickens (and find ways to keep the foxes away.)

    Hens and roosters are beautiful animals with so many varieties of breeds. Do French artists draw and paint hens?

    Getting back to a theme of your post...I am not a vegetarian, but definitely find that fruit and veg play a grander role in my meals than do any departed animals.

    Just confessing.


  5. This post really made me hungry :)
    I haven't eaten yet today, and "bam", you hit me with this!

  6. Love your watercolour as always! The cuisse is très réussi!
    That Café Pouchkine treat is also v cute!


  7. I bet the fleur-de-lis is not inspired by iris at all...but by those lovely chicken tails!

  8. Delightful post as always Carol. I've been wanting to try one of those rotisserie chickens but now it seems too hot. Also spotted Gilles Verot nearby and meant to forage dinner from there, but haven't got around to it yet. Maybe we should do it tonight? It looks sensational. Cafe Pouchkine on the to do list- but time is running out....

  9. Bonjour Carol, adoro o seu blog e queria que vc soubesse que aqui no Brasil existem as coxinhas de frango, que fazem o maior sucesso por aqui. A receita está no site
    Abraço. Ricardo

    1. Io adoro Franco Paulista...saudade por that one!!!

  10. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Semi vegatarian
    Moi aussi, since the late 90's!
    Yet, lately I wonder if I've missed some nutrients I need from meat.
    Hope alls well. It looks like you have a beautiful life.

  11. Looks like the poulet I've seen -- I admire your restraint in not devouring the subject before you finished your painting!

    Love all these chickens -- some are VERY creative!

    1. But I did Jeanie.
      I had t o work from the photo and it was breakfast too ;(

  12. I think you did a terrific job on the chicken leg. Love the rotisserie chicken sold throughout France - it's always delicious but you definately need to try a jambon sandwich in Paris, they don't taste like anything we have here, but I think a lot has to do with the buerre.

  13. Too funny--great job, Carol! I am also primarily vegetarian--mostly veggies are what I eat--I just prefer them, too-- but I will eat some chicken and fish at times, and once in a very, very blue moon, a tiny piece of meat.

  14. You cant take many steps in our house or yard either without running into a fake or live chicken. :) I haven't eaten beef in ages but love Chicken.. but shhh don't let my girls know. :) My girls are for their eggs and as pets, not for eating. I would fit very well in Paris I think. :)

    1. What's their life span out of could get very attached to yr girls...

    2. Anonymous12:27 AM

      Those potatoes looked so good, I am now regretting not getting some! I was worried about those chicken juice drippings on the potatoes....afraid that it might not be the healthy thing to do. You know raw chicken and all. What a sissy :) Carolyn

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the French Rotisseries. IN fact I'm so jealous, you have no idea!
    Whenever in the South of France the first thing I do is stop off for a Rotisseries WITH some potatoes. Ladies, you all consume sugar like there's no tomorrow and you worry about some fat??

    It's the Best, a MUST and I love/hate you for posting... now I badly want one:-(

    OK, off to do my other love, BBQ'd mackerel:-)

    1. Give me yr address and ill send you a cuisse!


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