Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gateau Fromage Blanc

One advantage or maybe disadvantage of recording step-by-steps of a watercolor is you realize you should have stopped painting much sooner, like at this point.
See. I should have stopped sooner shouldn't I?
But you can always try again even if it isn't much of an improvement...
I had my first piece of French cheese cake today - Gateau fromage blanc.
Just a small piece to try out and to paint
From Fromagerie Leautey 81/83 Avenue de Saint Ouen 75017
300 different cheeses on offer.
In one very small shop
These pictures made me want to try anything

A street further on these terrific old ads on the walls
Across the street an awfully nice duck goose guarding an epicerie.
At La Sardine A Lire around the corner I found a new poule/hen and her chicks to add to the PB bird collection. This is what happens when you decide to eat French cheese cake.


  1. Cheese..bread..I love them so:-)
    As your aquarelles..And all are great:-)
    I see one more opportunity to try another.
    I tried a Bonne Maman jar...
    Not so much:-)
    La maman et ses at a garderie:-)
    Too cute.
    And the cheese presentations on bleu et blanc..?

  2. I vowed never to eat cheesecake anywhere but NYC. It makes it easier to avoid temptation. So do tell, is French cheesecake better? Should I succumb to Paris cheesecake?

    1. It's nothing like NY cheesecake which is so very creamy from using Philadelphia cream cheese.
      I never thought how funny that is..
      It's more solid, like cheese, with only a hint of sweetness - therefore the splash of strawberry jam.
      I think I need to taste others to get a better picture.

  3. Interesting the way the sides of the cake look folded, as though the batter was so thick that it left air pockets when they poured it into the pan...what is your verdict on the taste?
    A new but locally reknowned baker opened a tiny shop just a mile from me, so I dutifullly checked it out and brought home a beautiful cake with passionfruit ganache. I admit, it was decorated with the most wonder fruits rouges....but the fruit slid off during the ride home and I scarfed it down without painting its portrait. For shame.
    At least I now understand your transportation issues firsthand.

    1. Oh I had 'transportation issues' yesterday.
      These people should plan better IMHO
      Or let you shoot and eat it in the shop

  4. But what did the cheesecake taste like? Was it wonderful? Are there any rooms for rent in the cheese shop? I love cheese!

  5. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Wonderful to see how you create a post for your blog! Happy I got to experience that with you--and that mini-ipad takes great photos! and another lovely watercolor. I am awake of course too at this hour!

  6. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Loving your "pairing lessons".
    You are doing soooooo great. The cheeses were just gorgeous and made me want to eat them asap even though LW and I had just returned from our garden where we ate had a delicious blue from Rogue River and an aged gouda with a fabulous PN from Russian River.

    1. Tanks!
      It's an eye-opener for me too.
      Except last nite I 'tasted' too many cerise desserts and today I feel logy...
      Too much sucre ;(

  7. Boy, I know that "I should have stopped sooner" feeling. I have a box of mixed media projects that need to just be gutted and started over. Sigh. Soon. Meanwhile, I do like the first best, and I love it when you show painting! And really, with a subject like that, who can go wrong? I confess, I'm not sure the subject would have stayed around long enough for a re-do!

    1. Hahaha
      Of course I ate it a tout a suite.
      I worked from the photo

  8. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I like the jam on the the colors....all that cheese

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Just a note to say, "Thank you". I like when you begin your Paris Breakfast newsletter with your watercolor sketch/paintings and include hints, like colors used, etc.... It's fun to see how colors tie in to your daily Paris Breakfast.

  10. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I adore gateau fromage blanc. yummm :)
    Now I'll be able to paint it, following your pictures.
    Barbara L.

  11. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Sooooo cute! Love mama and babies. Whoops was that mama and little duckies....or little chicks? Must go back and look. Too much of a city girl I guess.
    I would love to see a video of you painting! How long did it take you to redo the last painting?

  12. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Are you sure that isn't a goose?
    I like your advise on watercolors. Same thing applies to writing, I've learned. It's hard to know when to stop.

    1. Ooopla you are very correct.
      Geese are considerably larger than ducks.
      Geese are only white in color and they make a honking sound, while ducks only quack.
      Will fix
      Thank you!

  13. My mother's painting teacher always used to say that every painter should be able to split themselves in two, one to paint, and one to stand at their elbow and holler "Stop" at the right moment!

  14. I like your "corrected" cheesecake. Nice job.
    The old photos are great and so are the duck & the chicks :)

  15. Fromage Blanc is one of my all time favorites.
    Afraid I'd opt for the whole thing instead of one slice.
    WONDERFUL post,Carol!
    THANK YOU!!!!

  16. One piece is equal to a steak dinner for me...if I ate steak ;)

  17. I had something similar looking from Jean Paul Hevin, not sure if the patisseries and fromageries would sell a similar thing or not, or if JPHs was more cakey. It was nice regardless. So much temptation.

  18. I got weird swollen lips from a fruit diet. I got it by going back on the diet after taking a break from it, but was told that fruit esters can do very strange things. Other people got this symptom from tomaotes, I heard when asking about it. Anyhow, who knows what set off your rash, but too much fruit can do some odd things.


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