Thursday, August 01, 2013


My new work space is right by a window which is always good when you're painting..
Versailles pastry box watercolor on Etsy
Moving all your worldly goods two times in one year is not a bowl of cherries...
Bowl of French cherries watercolor on Etsy
Some of you have asked, "what's Bear up to?"
He's taken up residence in the new place already and loving it.
Bear is thrilled to have some bookcases at last!
Lots of them...
We're both thrilled to bits the subletor (or is it subletee?) kindly left us all these French grammar books to immerse ourselves in.
We can hang things on the walls with Blue Tack at the new place.
For some strange reason we've yet to figure out, we're now collecting berry boxes? go figure...
Yesterday while out buying new shipping envelopes (the La Poste envelopes do not offer tracking sadly) I spotted this collection of snow globes sitting on a travel agents desk. Moving does make you feel like everything is turned upside down, but things will settle nicely into place very soon hopefully.


  1. This too shall pass..Easier said than done.. Great admiration for you~

    All the very best in the new place..I love it already..
    Bon Courage..

  2. Moving is always difficult, but the adventure of moving in Paris must be exciting. I can't wait to see more pictures of your new home.

  3. Courage, mon amie.

    Switching cultures, I quote from the Marigold Hotel film..."In the end, all will be well. And, if everything is not well, it is not the end, yet." I continue to find that quite comforting.

    Wonderful to have natural near your work table. That's a very fine beginning to settling into a new place.


  4. Moving is definitely not fun, but the new place looks wonderful - so full of light. And bookcases! Glad to see that Bear has settled in. Maybe he'll do some painting while he waits for you to finish moving!

  5. Carol,your new place looks wonderful and bright.Am certain you will do even more wonderful paintings there.(these are beautiful!) If Bear loves it,it has to be formidable!
    PS Loved your post about the animals! Also loved what Frances quoted from Marigold Hotel.
    Such a great movie!

  6. Anonymous1:07 AM

    so nice so colorfull your post j adore all!!!

  7. I just moved, so I do relate. Love the metaphor of the snow globes at the end. VERY relevant!

    1. Serendipity seems to be my middle name
      Or else everything is relative
      Or both

  8. New digs are always exciting!
    Glad Bear has settled in well.
    Berry baskets a delight.

  9. Exciting to be moving, too, though! Eric was born in a snowstorm on Superbowl Sunday the night we moved, so I hear you--moving can be stressful! Put me into labor, many years ago. Love the watercolors, Carol! Good luck--enjoy your new digs!

  10. Congratulations on the move, Carol -- I hate the whole pack/unpack and all that, but it's nice to settle into a new spot. Your light looks great! So do the watercolors and bookshelves, too!

    Funny you mention the berry baskets. I just put two in the garage this morning because I couldn't bear to throw them out. I'm sure they'll resurface in some altered state sooner or later -- but meanwhile, Rick gets a little antsy in my garage!

  11. cyndi in SD12:14 PM

    Good luck in your new place.
    I'm so happy that you found a place to continue your wonderful adventure in Paris. I've said this before... sigh
    bonne chance

  12. Anonymous12:23 PM

    just be happy happy in the new place and give it Your style

  13. I just moved, too. I feel your topsy turviness. (Auto correct changed that to tipsy turbines :) But a sunny place to work? Formidable!

  14. Congratulations on your new home. It looks
    ideal for you, and perhaps, it will be the last
    move for a long time. My motto is: " Don't un-
    pack everything at once". Put out some of your
    favorite things,(which it appears that you have
    done), then take your time with the rest.

  15. Moving is a major pain, but you look like you are doing fine!
    Great to see Bear, too.
    Hang in there, I hope the dust settles soon!

  16. Hello! I just found your blog and very much enjoyed my journey through it. I also paint with watercolors and hope to keep getting better. I will return often to see what is being painted in you new home now.

  17. Sounds like you are getting a better and bigger place so should be a good move. Glad Bear took the move well. Hes a good roll model. :)

    1. Oh no it's much, much smaller. Maybe 1/3 the size but very cosy and quiet

  18. You are becoming quite the specialist, I can see another book in your future, "A Painter's Moving Diary", something along that line. A quiet place, a window to work by, Bear settling in nicely, sounds very comforting.

    Wishing you all the best in your new home and neighborhood,

    P.S.: In my worst "moving" year, I moved four times, three countries, two continents.

  19. Quelle nightmare!
    I hope that is not me in Paris but it could be
    Changing arrondissements is like changing continents almost...

  20. Moving does suck, but it must be lovely to have natural light at your work desk. I like your fruit basket collection, that's exactly the sort of thing that you can't keep when you're a tourist.

  21. simply beautiful...lovely!

  22. You know what they say: what doesn't kill you makes you steonger. You are one strong woman:-))

    Light, peace and a place of our own is all we need!!!

    Glad to see Sara Midda's books..
    Love the snow globes metaphor... brilliant!


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