Monday, August 13, 2012

De Trop?

 Which would you rather have? Fraise tagada from Haribo? Strawberry candies...

 Or real fraises/strawberries in a Dalloyau mini charlotte? OK, that's an easy choice.

 Did you know the French have several cookbooks devoted to their beloved penny candy de mon enfance? Oui, c'est vrai. De trop non?/It's too much

 Too many Pizza Hut motorcycles lined up on bd de Richard Lenoir?
De trop?

 Just the right amount of red/rouge in the Metro - parfait!

 Big red bow on wedge baskets/sneakers?
De trop!

 Kasia Dietz red toenails?
C'est parfait

 Plenty of red shoes on sale at Repetto during the soldes...
But just -20%?
Pas trop :(

 Red shoes in the Metro...let me look again at Repetto

 Mini red expresso take-away cup with silhouettes...
 Can you hever have too much French red fruit jams/confitures?
 Have you tasted the red old-fashioned hard candies, coquelicot made from poppy flowers of Nemours? You'll find them in many fine Paris patisseries like Sebastien Gaudard et La Mere de Famille etc.
Red bag + red shoes
De trop?
Do you think Parisbreakfast should post just 3 days a week?
Is 5 days de trop?
Do tell all PBers svp


  1. Carol! I for one would miss my daily dose of "breakfast" if you went to 3 days a week...

  2. Never tried this strawberry charlotte ... For sure, this cake will make a come back in Paris...

    I would love to keep on reading your coloured stories 5 times a week but I fully know the huge amount of work behind this, so ... up to you Carol !

  3. 3 days a week? How would I know it's the weekend? I might end up going out for Sunday Brunch on Tuesday...I might clean house on Thursday (though that could be an advantage, giving me the entire weekend free of chores)...I might forget to watch my Tuesday night TV shows...and my Thursday night shows...I might send out for pizza Tuesday AND Thursday in addition to Saturday and Sunday and, as a consequence, gain a million pounds, have to get a new wardrobe and take cholesterol and diabetes medication, get discouraged and stop exercising, and DIE AN EARLY DEATH! And be unable to comment! Quelle horreurs!

    1. Jeanette, you definitely made a point here, and I agree: it would be murder without PB five days a week (although I fully understand HOW MUCH WORK is behind every single post of yours, Carol!).

      They are selling candies in fine patisseries in Paris? Interesting!

    2. Yes, they ARE selling candies in some of Paris' best petisseries and they are 'regionally-made' candies. Not even made in the shops.
      That's how in love with the candies of their childhood French people are.
      Quite interesting really...

  4. 3 is good for me and better for you - a break is always good so you can prepare to move to Paris.....

  5. Mais non! How else can I continue my Paris dreams on a daily basis? Repetto, macarons, Laduree! Visions of these dance in my head like sugarplums. Your blog may be the closest I get to Paris for a very long time. Whenever my husband bakes macarons I always think of you. Merci and please keep posting!

    1. What?!
      Your husband is baking macarons and not sharing?
      NOT FAIR!!

    2. Susan H9:23 AM

      His favorite recipe is David Leibowitz's. Anytime you come to Maryland please come for le gouter. I think the spelling is correct.) Love your blog. Ne jamias de trop pas!! (Must go to Paris to to improve my French.)

  6. May I confess that sometimes I dream of waking up on Saturday morning and you put up a surprise #6 post up? Sweet dreams with just enough little red dots to make my heart sing. O rosso mio ....

    1. One has to set some limits
      I don't know how YOU do weekends but then you don't do 14-picture posts...
      it really isn't a lot of work and it's mostly fun when Blogger isn't acting glitchy on me
      In Paris I do Saturdays sometimes...

  7. Please Carol, I know I'm being selfish. But keep the 5 days schedule. Your's & Habitually Chic are my everyday windows to beauty. Living in Argentina and with fewer chances to travel day after day, you are a much expected joy. I still hope someday I'll be able to visit Paris again. So, I keep every post. Perhaps I'll have the chance to meet you. Thank you!!!! And bonne chance!!!!!

  8. I have just one thing to say: One can never have too many Fraises Tagada - or Carambars caramel bars and ours en guimauve (marshmallow bears) - for that matter. My French childhood would not have been the same without them! :-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  9. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I really enjoy reading your blog 5 days a week and dreaming of returning to Paris. But if you need to cut back to 3 then do so. Or just take a break and post reruns (reblogs?)? Anyway, please keep blogging, either 3 or 5 days a week.

  10. Well, I really prefer the 5 days a week way, but I can understand if you need to blog only 3 days...I just hope that it´s not for too long. I really love your posts. It´s up to you. We' ll never stop coming here, over and over again. Kisses from Brazil, darling ;)

  11. bg ~[:- )12:54 PM

    I would REALLY miss 5 days. I'm selfish: I would like 7 days.

  12. Always love your posts and would miss them if they went shorter. It is a lot of work to keep these up but you would be missed. I keep looking at that last photo of the red shoes and bag with the blue and green outfit. To much or striking?? My eye keeps going to it. Interesting.

  13. Oh, 5 posts, please, please, pretty please with sucre on top! But if it's de trop for you, well, 3 is good, too. (Hmm, maybe Bear could post once a week - that would give you a nice break! lol)

  14. 5 Day Posts PLEASE!What would we do with posts only on 3 days! Please keep 5 days, unless you need to do only 3 for August only!

    I love your posts!

    Your paintings I have of yours are very well loved as well!
    Thank you for your hard work , please keep it coming.

    1. Thank you Sally,
      I'm glad I asked.
      I reading Michael Hyatt's post today, Why I Will Be Posting Less and started wondering...
      I think I'm as addicted to posting every morning as PBers are to reading PB : )
      I do like my free weekends and National holidays though, ahem

  15. Bev in NC2:35 PM

    Please don't even think about reducing your posts to 3 days/week.
    Five days is definitely not de trop, and as a matter of fact, 7 days/
    week would be parfait (although it would probably be too much for you
    to handle!)

    The absolute highlight of each day is finding your e-mail in my
    inbox. They never fail to delight.
    Please keep up the current 5 day
    With warm wishes,

  16. 5 posts please! If you cut back my life would be 40% duller!!! Have a heart!!!

  17. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Five days a week is NOT too much! If you cut back, I would feel sad about it.

  18. Anonymous3:10 PM

    " Paris Breakfast " will never be too much, never de trop!
    You make us travel with you, see Paris through your eyes.I've just picked my red bag to go out now.
    And tomorrow?
    Please, let me know!Please, 5 days a week!

  19. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Love the Kasia Dietz red nails, in their lovely handmade Greek sandals!

  20. 5 days/wk. is not "de trop!"
    Is it for you?
    Maybe you can compromise with 4 da./wk??
    3 da/wk. is "pas assez."

  21. Louise3:37 PM

    5 Days please..always interesting and very cheerful posts to read.

  22. Great collection!
    I also wonder about that last photo, the red shoes & bag & that green skirt :)

  23. I would certainly miss the 2 missing days..But I get how 5 days a week is more than a sport!:)
    Love your blog..would miss the 2 days..I people watched in MTL today and thought of you snapping pics of them.
    in you case the old adage Less Is Best..does not apply.

    Here after a great performance we say :"Encore!"

  24. I love starting my day with Paris Breakfast, but if you need some time free it's understandable. Maybe one or two days a week of reruns would work?
    I'm enjoying my strawberry and jam painting!

  25. Honestly, I don't know how you keep up the pace!! You put your cute little red repettos up and take a break!!! Not that we won't miss you...but you've earned it!

  26. Trop cruel, Carolg - I adore and miss the Tagada!!

  27. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Dear Carol,
    I'll read as much as you send me. And love it! My vote is for 5 days or more!? You add colour and fun to my day ... and you seem to have just the right amount of colour and fun in each blog.
    Very clever .... I just LOVE receiving it. xxx

  28. Anonymous7:31 PM

    We love you 5 days a week! I would cry on the 2 days of no blog to read! Please be strong for us!!!

  29. HI
    I have been following for a while, which was a bounce from Mary Kay's site. I look forward to your blog to get my daily dose of great design. I would probably still view the page every day even if it was only published 3 days a week. You get my vote for 5 days if you need encouraging :-)

  30. HI
    I have been following for a while, which was a bounce from Mary Kay's site. I look forward to your blog to get my daily dose of great design. I would probably still view the page every day even if it was only published 3 days a week. You get my vote for 5 days if you need encouraging :-)

  31. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I would miss your posts daily but at the same time if it is just de trop pour vous I would understand three days. You have so much material I cannot imagine you ever running out. C'est votre choix. My French is not perfect either!

  32. Carol, perhaps it is because I have myself recently declared a four-day week for my public self, and am enjoying that three-day per week private time, but. Why not give that a go.

    If what your are living, enjoying and want to share (and can find the time) requires that fifth day...enjoy that bonus post.

    Your posts from either side of the wide Atlantic are so full of joy, information, sense of place and introduction to new places, people, things and sensations, I think that it is the quality that matters.

    Hey, does that wise Bear have any ideas about this?


  33. Geri, NJ10:31 PM

    I would miss you ... but if you're looking for a sampling of practical answers, there are many days I don't have time to look at your posts, but I do go back and then enjoy checking out the ones that I've missed.

  34. Cinq jours sont parfait, pas trop!

  35. Cinq jours! s'il vous plait....J'adore votre site!

  36. Carol. I will never get "de trop" of your posts. Never. You're witty and artistic and insightful. And you let me breathe Paris through your experiences.

    So bring it on as much as you want, sistah!

  37. Anonymous9:57 AM

    LOVE your posts and since I subscribe to many blogs, I don't really notice how MANY times per week you post. My only comment would be this...if you have to send more than 7 or 8 pics, separate it into 2 posts. My email gets bogged down with the blogs that have tons of pics, especially when viewing on a tablet device. And when these blogs post 10 pics of the same scene from different angles, well, it makes me want to unsubscribe!! Just sayin'...thx for asking!

  38. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Your posts always put a smile in my heart. I would terribly miss not reading it 5 days a week. So please continue on.

  39. My mind spins at not having your blog 5 days a week! Maybe as a compromise having Tuesdays and Thursdays a shorter entry - maybe a three picture essay or Bear's Blog or something like that?

  40. Love the number of entries you have and your content. Back to three days only if you're exhausted. :-)

  41. Anonymous11:37 AM

    I would miss it too much! Please post 5 days! You make me so very happy! :)

  42. 5 days de trop? Non!

    Please keep up what you've been doing, love it!

  43. Alan, SA12:28 PM

    PB three times a week???? I read it every morning at my desk whilst drinking my tea.

    Next thing you’ll be asking is if the sun should come up only three times a week.
    Kind regards

    Alan fr Johannesburg SA

  44. I really must try Haribo Tagada. Sadly I wasn't aware of them when I was last in France in 2010- but next year I'll be searching them out. Still the fresh strawberry pastries win hands down. And now I want to buy red flats too. And as for the frequency of PB posts, being greedy I want as many as you want to give us, be that 3 or 5, it just needs to be sustainable so that PB keeps going into the future.....

    1. They say there is NO fraise in the beloved Tagada
      No strawberries at all! :O

  45. Cinq fois par semaine, s'il vous-plait!
    C'est parfait!
    Bonne Journee!

  46. Jackie7:07 PM

    I love your posts every day! If it's too much for you to post daily, I will understand, but you should know that I always read your blog! ( can't say the same about others who I follow!!)


  47. 5 days for sure!! I love your posts. Margo

  48. Noelle7:09 PM

    It's funny you asked about how frequent should you post. Since, I thought though I could be mistaken, varied frequency. It doesn't bother me whatever you choose to do. I'm impressed that you manage to get so many out the door w. the speed you do.

    BTW I was surprised that you're blond & possibly over 30 since, I always imagined you as a brunette, petite and very young maybe 28 -32.

    Have fun w. the balance of your trip!


  49. Merle ON7:11 PM

    5 days! Definitely! I look forward to your bits of news from Paris and your views on the ins and outs of the goings on around the city.I would not even mind 7 days, but that is not probably an option. Oh well.Cheers

  50. Whatever is best for you. I look forward to "Breakfast", but it must be very difficult to do 5 days a week. I wrote to Karen Wheeler after reading all her books, rec. by you. I buy a lot of the books you rec. They are wonderful.
    LOVE my painting of Laduree.

  51. Susan B7:18 PM

    I would want my Paris Express to come every day, HOWEVER, if the author is stressed, over worked and can handle only 3 days a week, I would look forward to 3 days a week... take your joie when it comes....

  52. Mariangela7:19 PM

    No, it's not de trop.
    Regards from a
    very hot Italian sun

  53. Robin down Under7:24 PM

    Love the emails 5 days a week if you can keep it going. I look forward to it each morning. I have given the email to others in Zurich and South of France, they are both artists and I love your pieces about books etc. Read Vivian Swifts “Le Road Trip” and really enjoyed it. Love your watercolours.

    I have for years read New York Social Diary by David Patrick Columbia. Whilst I love New York I am finding your site more fun. We have had many trips to the South of France and never tire of it.

    Hope this is helpful

  54. Jacquelyn7:26 PM

    Paris Breakfast.​..glad you changed your perspectiv​e on wearing more than one piece of RED;-) my vote is, please keep PB going 5 days a week. Merci


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