Friday, February 17, 2012

Les Petites Douceurs de mon Enfance

 While the French are very clear about having 'Adult Time', they certainly don't put away childish things ever.

 I bought this book on traditional French bonbons in the musee des arts decoratifs bookstore. Would you find candy books at the Met book store? I doubt it.

 I ordered Marie Le Goaziou's charming book from Fr amazon - it has all kinds of pull-out, die-cut tricks plus real recipes for old time French sweets.

 Like old-fashioned Berlingots/hard candies. Does anyone still eat hard candies wrapped in cello twists? The French do.They never stop. Displays of lollipops are in most tabacs and they're not just for kiddies.

 You can order a T-shirt with old-fashioned hard candies from Anne Maisonneuve. I did.

 Silly toys for adults? Pylones' specialty is totally goofy chatchkas.
 Pylones paperclip birdie

 So many French sweets are from one particular region or another, perhaps that's why the French are so attached to les petites douceurs de son enfance.

 'Mangez des gateaux plus souvent!' Eat cake often! Certainment deprivation is not on the menu.

 And of course ice cream



  1. I'm going to be a kid until I drop dead. Especially if it means I get to eat lots of ice cream.

  2. Adorbs encore
    love the candy Ts

  3. I love the art, Carol - your watercolor & the illustrations.
    I'm not much of a hard candy person, but I could live on ice cream :)

  4. Sharon4:41 PM

    Knowing how you like Eiffel Tower tchochkes -- I thought you'd like to see this, from Pylones, editeur d'objets a Paris!

  5. I have seriously flirted with getting one of those Sharon...

  6. Tonight my friend and I will indulge in
    the pleasures of making two Lemon Meringue pies from scratch (my very favorite), with the help of good old Martha Stewart. It is doubtful whether any will survive the weekend.
    The pies,that is.

  7. Shelley4:54 PM

    I'm missing the photo size and caption spacing of your old format, which I thought was perfection itself. The new look is, for me, a little skimpy and crammed. Any chance you could return to the previous gorgeous layout?

  8. The little postcard a favorite..genre of mine from France..
    I love making desserts..They are so pretty.

    Your aquarellle again steals the show~

  9. TWO Lemon meringue pies!!!
    I will now go lie down on a bed of nails

    Shelly I have no idea about the layout being different.
    Blogger keeps making changes without asking
    If you click on the pics they come up bigger
    c'est la vie

  10. Love the paintings. You havent shown the bird for awhile. That ice cream looks like a critter coming up out of it. like an Ant eater.. with a long nose and some big ears and feet clutching on the cone. I see animals in everything.. lol

  11. Miam. Miam, miam, miam!

  12. Just wanted to tell you that your posts are always a bright spot in my day, Carol! Beautiful AND informative.
    Have an excellent weekend. xx

  13. Magnifique comme toujours.

  14. I’ve read your blog intermittently over the years, and know your passion for macarons. Is there a chance that you missed this craft project? Adorable, no? I haven’t made one yet, but I’m planning on it.


  15. And would those books be so satisfying on Kindle? Perhaps the e reader is actually elevating the divine nature of some genre?

  16. Only if you had the iPad or the Kindle Fire Bindy...
    And you would still miss out on the pop-ups and pull-outs :)

  17. Your post inspired me for a coffee break with a 'nougat de Montélimar'!


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