Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anne Maisonneuve 75006

 Anne Maisonneuve is one of my favorite shops in Paris.

 Just about everything I put on my back (from the waist up) comes from Anne's shop in the 6th
112 Boulevard Raspail  75006

 These A-B-C T-shirts are Anne's newest addition. Who could resiste?

 Loads of fun gifts for the kiddies too and even infants.

 The jewelry looks like candy even when it isn't.
Bright and cheerful.

 Don't you think Anne Masisonneuve should meetup with Georges of Le Bonbon au Palais? Maybe they could do an exchange so you could eat candy at Anne's and buy a candy T-shirt at Georges'

 Oh why didn't I get these cerises earrings?
Because I bought the tassel earrings just in...

 Even the non-candy earrings look edible.

 No one could miss these are cupcakes.

 I got my FAB inimmitable polkadot scarf at Anne's

 I've been to this shop so many times yet I've never looked up! My eyes are clued to the goodies at eye-level so I missed these wonderful flower murals.

 And I totally missed the flower-garden theme throughout the tiny shop.

 A floral dress to go with...

 I missed these mix and match always classic black and white outfits at Annes. Someone is not so observant after all it seems...

 I missed buying this adorable hat in plain sight too.

Here is the owner, Anne Maisonneuve. (Note her tassel earrings - she makes most of the jewelry herself). Anne didn't miss me coming through the door though it's the 1st time we've met. I was wearing my fatal red glasses + her macaron T-shirt + polkadot scarf. Evidently enough of you have turned up that Anne now 'knows' me and gave me a big hug! If you haven't been by all means go! Loads of fun clothes bien sur.


  1. Oh, that hat, I want it! Filled with real and with Anne's macarons. ;-)

    You really made me laugh out loud what with the description of your outfit walking into the store.

  2. Finally! A ,French businessperson who recognizes your contribution! I want all the flowers. Hope they're fake so they will last...

  3. What a cute pic you were ..I remember the tassel earrings and polka dots.. love those shirts..she's got great style too.
    2 peas in a pod ..no wonder you enjoy all her pretty things..

  4. reminds me of a necklace i made of giant red gummies in college. my only mistake - wearing it in mid-summer!

    thx for sharing your lovely sketchbooks w/ us. and so disappointed - i was in nyc in april too early for the schiap/prada show.

    1. red gummies necklace!
      Swedish Fish?

  5. Geri nj11:56 AM

    Sounds like a not to be missed shop. Your moments of not being observant are filled with deep focus , that's all!

  6. I love those tassel earring so much I want to be buried in them.

  7. Love the earrings, so gourmand and vintage

  8. Making notes Carol, I am making notes. For that Paris trip.

    Thank you yet again keeping me motivated.

    This shop does look so very different from anything hereabouts. I also want to learn how Anne does that hair style wrap. I have seen it on other Parisiennes, but not quite got the technique yet.


  9. Really enjoy seeing your new photo/icon Carol. So Frenchy! Has real authority!

    Love all the color! I don't know how you have all the time to do all you do! The photos, seeking out new places, gathering the info to write about it, the paintings, etc! Amazing! Thank you...it's all such a delightful treat.

    1. I don't have the time
      that's why I run myself ragged and can't meet up with ppl
      that's why I need to LIVE there!

    2. There must be some official reward waiting for you somewhere, Carol!

      Maybe we should start a petition? Paris City Hall? Any suggestions, dear ParisBreakfast-Fans?

  10. A fab shop, just the sort of place I love to look around, .. and would suit me after it is Anne's :-)

  11. Thanks to Carol's posts on Anne's shop I actually went there when I was in Paris in November and a great T-shirt and earrings came home with me. The next time I go back I will visit the shop again. Thanks Carol!!!

  12. Frenchcravings.com11:13 AM

    I head to Paris in March (much too long a wait) for another Patricia Wells class and her kitchen is the 6th, a nice walk from Anne's shop. I added Anne's address to my "Paris shopping" bookmark and will definitely stop in for a macaron t-shirt.

    A "working "trip to Paris is no way to experience the city. You're right--you must live there! I am thinking of giving it a go next year. We'll see...


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