Friday, August 10, 2012

What I Ate In France

You won't need lunch today. Just enhale the aromas and forget the calories.
I seem to lean towards round foods with red accents like this yuzu tarte from patisserie Arnaud Larher. miam miam
Round again but savory - a salmon quiche from Cupcakes Berko plus two little, mini cupcakes - very miam
I grated the fromage in these beauties at La Cuisine Paris testing recipes class.
At the chateau, Sebastien's sister Amelie demonstrated how to make a Kouign Aman.
Beurre plus sucre plus farine = carmelized heaven.
Next on the menu I made Shirazi Salade (just cucumbers, tomatos, sweet onion all chopped + lime juice and dried mint) at Tout Sweet owner of the darling Biff.
Amelie told me where I could taste real Persian shirazi salad in Paris at restaurant Cheminee
I always like to stop in at the canteen at Merci 111 bd de Beaumarchais for a healthy salad.
I returned for a second helping with Jennyphoria to talk about French visas and other expat chatter. I could eat here everyday I think.
D. took me to Italian Ante Prima for a buffet of all veg dishes.
Australian expat, Rachel Bajada of French for Foodies had a 7-course dinner. I only made it to the 3rd course before the zzzzzs hit me. The last course was at 3 AM, ahem.This is ravioli of beets with fromage frais et cajou.
I can always depend on L. for some sweetness - a flight of 5 ice creams from Pascale le Glacier to taste. Life is tough.
These sweets from Les Paris Gourmands on 15, rue des Archives 75004 Don't bite into them. Just wear them.
Truly memorable my victory tea at La Galerie des Gobelins.
And of course an Ispahan waiting to be painted.
What did Bear eat? Those artisanal potato chips you were all curious about - very YUM
Yesterday I was reading Lindsey's Lost in Cheeseland on the choice of becoming a French national or figuring out who she is after living in France 3 years.  I picked up again Sarah Turnbull's Almost French yesterday and she grapples with the same questions of identity. It must be every expat's dilemma. But after looking through what I ate during 3 weeks in France I don't think I'd have a problem deciding.
Remember the dragee from Le Bonbon au Palais?
In ALMOST FRENCH you step into Sarah's shoes and live her life with her French boyfriend in Paris. A vibrant, young Australian journalist, Turnbull makes every faux pas of any foreigner adjusting to France. On one occasion her Frenchman sends her out to get dragée/candied almonds for a celebration. She brings home the wrong color and a huge fuss is made.
White dragee for weddings
Pink for a newborn girl
Blue for a boy etc.
I just popped a dragee in my mouth from Le Bonbon au Palais to celebrate what I ate in France.  
Bon Week-end!



  1. More books I want to read now! My mother-in-law recently gave my wife and I money for our wedding anniversary, and I used mine to order books from Amazon. I ordered "Tout Sweet," "Doodling in French," and the photography book where the different colors in Paris are all grouped together. I can't remember the name, but I bet you mentioned it sometime on your blog. The book reminded me of how you blog about colors.

    1. This one is a classic expat story well written and funny.
      Turnbull is a good story teller.

  2. You definitely made good use of your time!

  3. GeriNJ2:12 PM

    Ooh la la. Scrumptious! Hungry now. Definitely trying that salad soon.

  4. Good to see the pastries, I love to look at the tart citrons!
    That salad looks fabulous, too.
    Poor Bear.......

    1. why poor bear?
      those are very fancy chips

  5. I am full! Merci! Somewhere this week I heard ona show how hard it is for foreigners in the USA to figure out our customs (NEVER kiss anyone till you know what color underwear they wear; stay 1 full arm's distance away from all people at all times, do NOT discuss race, etc.) How much we all take for granted! No wonder it takes so long for a child to grow up...there's so much to learn.

  6. You are so right - I feel like I just had a wonderful, leisurely lunch with one of my closest friends. Everything looks delectable. And the stories of your expat friends is inviting. But since I cannot move there, I have started following Lindsey's blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Well.. I am now Bioderma"ing"..feels good! Thank goodness I can stay away from sweets..just love baking them and looking at them..My husband is the sweet tooth here.
    I would be the chip girl..You go Bear!

    1. isn't Bioderma GREAT!?
      Too bad about missing out on the sweets
      I'm not a big chips person so I guess it balances out.

  8. Poor bear, he can't eat the chips. He can only look at them! But as for you, wow, you must be in gastronomic heaven! All of your food features are delicious. Makes me hungry! Bon Weekend!

  9. I'll have one salmon quiche please. :) Everything but the beets.. I hate beets...looks fabulous. You do eat well over there. :)

  10. I want to go to there! Thanks for sharing! Definitely need to brush up on my French and plan a trip to Paris soon! :)

  11. Pardon me, but I'll have all of it! ;-)


    Who carried you home at 3 AM? ;-)

    1. I didn't make it through to the end and left early.
      Party Pooper!
      but I get up insanely early at 4:30 everyday

  12. this all looks so fabulous...yum... xv

  13. Fab photos Carol..Love Paris and France , as you know, AND today I learnt that I have won a copy of My Sweet Life in Paris :-)A complete surprise. I had entered a giveaway a little while ago and forgot all about it.

  14. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Unlike everyone else, I find your lovely post a tear jerker -- for the sheer reason that Ante Prima's closed. And Carol, we didn't even get to eat in the gorgeous courtyard, because of the weather. Too sad. Will tell you when I find its replacement.

    Love it that Bear gets gourmand chips!

  15. Andrea9:49 AM

    An avid reader says hi!
    Can you recommend a low-key but delicious and no-reservations-needed
    restaurant near Rue Charlot, i.e. in the Marais for my parents who are
    visiting in October?
    We are Canadian, by the way. They are very cool, late 60-ish, want
    something romantic and delicious bistro, good value. Some type of long-
    established place?
    Merci! Andrea

  16. So many delicious and gorgeous things. I must try an Isphahan next year. I must. Almost French is a fantastic read. I read it quite a few years ago now, but the memory lives on.

  17. You did well, Carol! That frommage tart thingey looks divine.

    I loved "Almost French" too. The first book I read that told the "real" story of someone moving to Paris, not just the romance part.


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