Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What Parisians are Wearing

 Petticoats on the outside is one of the hot looks this summer in Paris

 The lacier the better

 Seen from the #61 bus

 The lacy jupe/skirt is usually worn over leggings

 Are these take-offs on traditional French boy's school smocks?

 Certainly Le Bon Marche is taking a page out of the school smock look plus a generous helping of writer Colette's Claudine at School.
Side note- I always wished my mother had named me 'Claudine' instead of after a visitor to her hospital room since I didn't turn out to be a 'Charles'
c'est la vie

 Guerlain showed a frou-frou jupe for their new perfume, La Petit Robe Noire promotion coming at last to the US this Fall. Hooray

 Another reference for the frilly, lacy short jupe could be Repetto's enticing windows - letting us relive our ballerina dreams over and over

 A rufflied Carmen Miranda version in Galeries Lafayette

 Au Moulin Rose would like you to go ruffly all the way...

 One of Paris' best loved pink ruffles sits on the divine Ispahan  copied many times.

 An inedible ruffle on Christine Ferber's confiture  just delicious no?

 Totally edible, these ruffles made of macarons at Angelina
Me, I'm happy to keep my petticoats well-hidden while getting my toes wet preferably at Nice or Antibes s'il vous plait.


  1. That pink dessert looks a lot like the short skirts!
    Fr designers are eating way too much Fr pastry!

  2. I just love your creative whimsy! What a trip you take us on, every day!

  3. Stephanie10:30 AM

    Loved the vintage art print. Is it something you picked up in Paris? Or is it one of your lovely renderings?

    1. I wish Stephanie,
      it was at
      Au Petit Bonheur de la chance on rue St.Paul 75004
      Closed Mon-Tues and at lunch

  4. The Claudine series is my favorite! I will call you Claudine if you like. Love that last image. Vintage gosses a la mer.

    1. me too Connie.
      I learned everything you need to know from that series...dreamy

  5. Nobody is better at free association than toi, chere Claudine. Let us count the days until Vogue gloms on to this bit of Paris street fashion which we will have seen FIRST, right here. Thank you for making me ahead of the curve!

    1. You, dear Vivian

      will always be ahead of the curve!

  6. Anonymous10:44 AM

    hum, I live in Paris and I can assure you that not many Parisians wear these lace skirts with leggings or dark tights like shown here, it's just not elegant... The Bon Marché picture is certainly a bit more chic!

    1. most trendy looks are not 'elegant'
      Especially at first
      And it's for the kids to wear
      Bon Marche's black knee socks + bare leg is not trop elegant to me

  7. Right it is a fun look the younger set is trying out!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artists Series

  8. Oh, I absolutely DARE you to petticoat!!!!!!

  9. As a former flower child (is it possible to be former...or am I just dormant?), I recall the days when I didn't own a single petticoat!
    What holds up the ballerina's skirts at that gravity-defying angle?

  10. I put my toes in Menton's water:) It was such a lovely day..I want to feel that feeling again..

    I love those tutus:) So sweet!

  11. A delightful post, Carol. Wonderful pictures !!

  12. Hmmmm, I don't know if this fad will have a very long life :)
    I like the vintage postcard shot of yours with a sliver of present day color framing it from behind.
    On your fourth shot, is that metal work a bench to wait for buses? Looks very uncomfortable.

  13. Anonymous7:05 PM

    well, now we know what we'll see people over here stateside wearing in about 2 years...

  14. Carol, this was great fun to read and view, and I have always loved that particular proportion that the lacy shorter hem/tunic length gives when added to leggings or ballerina tights.

    I haven't always worn it, mind you, but over the years have found many ways to adapt it to something that would work ... at least here in NYC.

    I always like taking a SoHo Wooster Street detour to see all the frilly stiff pettis under beautiful skirts at Morgane Le Fay. They mess around with the overall idea but stay true to the very feminine silhouette.

    This post added to my enthusiasm to soon see Paris for myself. As you often say, the place appeals to many of our senses.


  15. Carol, you're brilliant at exploring the connections and cultural references to the trends you observe. Free associations too - from knickers to patisseries! Great post.

  16. Ditto!
    It's that kind of fanciful leaping, from skirts to jams to macarons, that makes your Paris blog such a delight to read.


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