Thursday, August 02, 2012

Tout Biff Deux

 There have been many requests for more Biff.

 Biff is an ex-pat British dog, though he was rescued from a French pound of sorts. Still he has a British passport (he really does). Who knew?

 He lives in rural central western France not too far from Poitiers.

 Biff can look very patient when waiting for dinner.

 He only eats off a British pub placemat and only British dog food. A dog of most discerning tastes is Biff.

 One of his finer attributes is he blends in with any decor and even adds a little something to the mix.

 Unlike his cousins, Parisian pampered pets

 Biff carries his own leash

 He's made quite a name for himself around town amongst the locals, astonished at his independence, though he speaks not one word of French. Charm will get you everywhere.

 I must admit I've yet to do Biff's portrait. This is criminal on my part.

 I did paint Isaboo at the Gelateria so why not Biff at the boulangerie?

 Biff is reknown for his social skills around town and where ever he goes.

 Though you wouldn't know it from looking at this cat.

 Nevermind. Biff wouldn't hurt a flea.

If you want to read more about Biff, do pick up one of his mum, Karen Wheeler's three books in the Tout Sweet series - loaded with juicy tales of darling Biff. And I must get painting a tout a suite!


Amy said...

Oh Biff. You have such a dashingly handsome profile. Harry wants to move to the south of France and be your neighbor.

BIFF said...

Thanks for showing my LEFT side!
As for showing my right side, I would have prefered you to give it a pass..
As for the back-of-the-head view - clearly I am in need of a trim.
Say, where's that painting?

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Love his Groucho Marx eyebrows! I bet he has a droll sense of humor!

Vivian Swift said...

Biff, a scholar and a gentleman. And quite a philosopher too -- I just love it when dogs carry their own leash. So Dada. I can't wait to see Biff a la boulangerie, or maybe it should be at the Salon de The (since he's so British).

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Biff is adorable. I have always loved the looks of these dogs. I look forward to his painting. I know it will be wonderful like the one you did of Isaboo. What an adorable name and it fits too. I really need to read the Tout Sweet series and get to know Biff better. :)

Parisbreakfasts said...

Biff is not a cat lover IMHO

get Harry body armor

Amy said...

Harry's a bad-ass. He could handle Biff.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Droll sense of humor?
Stealing shoes, things from your suitcase like macarons and Bear...
how droll is that?

zz said...

He is such a Cutie, you just want to pick him up and HUG him !! Love the painting of Isaboo, its fabulous !

Jack Etsweiler said...

Quel beau Monsieur! Tes ancêtres belges s'expriment par ton beau nez grand!

Karen Wheeler said...

Dear Carol,

Biff is photogenic as your readers kindly point out, but these pictures are wonderful. You've caught him at his very best. Still laughing at some of your captions. Off to catch up with your other Paris posts.

Karen xx

French Heart said...

Sweet! The kitty looks like my Lili...who is also relocating to France (and actually LOVES listening to the song Hi-Lili Hi-Lo off Youtube...brightening each time she hears her name!).

Look forward to reading the books about charming Biff. He's adoraable!

Cracker Jack said...

Is that Isaboo the pet of a certain TV Chef Américain???

Nikon said...

I love that he carries his own leash :)
Great series of photos - mkes me wish I had a pooch!

Parisbreakfasts said...

YES it is

Lucy in the sky said...

That cat is definitely purring,

Parisbreakfasts said...

he is fun
but not when he takes yr shoes though

Anonymous said...

So nice to see pictures of Biff! I have just finished Tout Allure where I was "introduced" to I have a face to go with the name ;)


p.s. my cat Buttons looks just like that cat!

Colleen said...

My sister loves Bear but I love Biff!

Lori Lynn said...

He's a cutie/in handsome kinda way. Wilson sends his regards.

Karen Wheeler /@mimipompom1 said...

Ha,ha! As Biff's owner, I'm laughing at her comment above.

Karen Wheeler /@mimipompom1 said...

PS: Biff looks good from all angles, but I'm v grateful for the judicious cropping of me!