Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thief of Bergdorfs Returns

Bird porceleine cup,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"

It's so hard to keep my thieving photographic ways under my hat.
Redouté rose cup,watercolor, 5.5" x 7.5"
I know some of you don't approve, but for some reason it is OK in Paris.
 I do love going up to Bergdorfs 7th floor and taking in the china beauties there. I have considered just asking permission to shoot. But what if they said "NO!"
I wouldn't be able to show you these gorgeous butterfly wing china handles. Or this divine Empire chocolate cup. And their Vintage Tea Shop is jammed full of treasures.
Stacks of teacups just waiting to be shot and painted :) Oh and very nice rewards await stealthy cup photographers. Imagine taking a bite out of this Debauve & Gallais chocolate bust? Miam


  1. Barbara in the Mojave9:48 AM

    Your teacup watercolors are absolutely glorious.
    Lovely cups too, by the way....perfect "models"...and they hold still.

    B in the Mojave

  2. melanie9:51 AM

    And this morning I am drinking tea in your Zazzle mug!! I LOVE it!
    I ran out of milk--tea time

  3. Here's how I see it--someone's got to do it! Might as well be you--and you're at least going to commemorate these beauties with pigments and water in luscious paintings! So pretty, Carol! That chocolate cup and pot are so lovely!

  4. Loving all the paintings here!!! That China Cup with Butterflies is by Herend too, unless it is the Vera Wang one....gosh I have gotten bad at my china knowledge. I just afore your "theif" mode! It is so fun to see your masterpieces come out of those pictures!

    xx Molly

  5. adore not afore hahaha! It's early for me! LOL!

  6. I love your paintings with pink in them. No one uses it as well as you. Lovely.

  7. Oh, hot chocolate in such beautiful china cups... Fall has arrived in Minnesota and I'm off on this chilly morning to have a cup of European hot chocolate at my favorite cafe. It's not in Paris, tho :(

  8. I feel sure that if they knew what kind of longing you create in your readers when you photograph/paint these beauties--they would give you the china!

  9. Beautiful post this morning!

  10. Love the paintings. Especially the first one. I dont think there is anything wrong with taking photos of the cups & dishes. Goodness the Paparazi can take private photos of people and get away with it ruining peoples lives .. this is NOTHING compared and you always give credit to the store. I wonder how many you might have sold for them. Love the post. :)

  11. THANKS!
    I love your comment CRIS :)
    It is fun & funny to be a sneaky painter..or Chinarazi

  12. ThatBallerinaGurl12:13 PM

    I have a similar set that is by Haviland Limoge I believe...I collect fine china and vintage LOL! Keep painting girl...

  13. dancing gurl12:14 PM

    This looks like a set of Herend China I own!!

  14. I love the china...stealth on ...just gorgeous. I recognize several favorite patterns the Herend too. Scrumptious paints...your blushes are wonderful.

  15. elizabeth12:43 PM

    When you ask permission to shoot photos, do you ever tell them about your blog and the publicity they will get? I think you are doing them a service! One of your paintings might even be useful in an ad layout.

    Today's painting, by the way, is especially charming. I think the color "moves" beautifully.

  16. Waht a WONDERFUL pile of painting in today's post!'Especially the first vigneted one.
    Keep snapping those sneaky referance shots!

  17. Hmmm...I really should show them what I'm has occurred to me
    Usually I'm on such a tear rushing about, enroute to somewhere else I'm already late for
    I must give this a think...
    The thing is I like sneaking about - a LOT!
    I used to sneak down and steal cookies as a little's still fun, except I'm at Bergdorfs :))

  18. Wonderful paintings and wonderful blog.
    I add you to my favourite ones. ♥


  19. I love vintage tea stuff. You should try asking them. I'm sure when they see your paintings, they'd love to have you continue doing it. Although, maybe it's more thrilling if they didn't know ;).

  20. Well I for one have no problem with them free advertising - even though you have to go to such lengths to get these photos! :-)

    That butterfly handle is sooooooooo delightful PB!

  21. At the risk of being an enabler, I must concur with your decision NOT to ask first....this way you have "plausible deniability". If it's good enough for the president, it's good enough for you! However, should you find your tricks have landed you in the clink, may I recommend the services of my excellent lawyer, Mr. Oz Wald Dale? He will don his bow tie and glasses to defend you. Or would just baring his teeth be more effective?

  22. Nearly forgot to tell you how I drooled over that butterfly handle!!!

  23. Boy I sure would love to know how you take all these wonderful photos while in these shops..when I was in Paris and Rome most shopkeepers discouraged cameras..clicking in their shops.I was so nervous the few I did take that they ended up in the edit file.

  24. the chocolate bust and the butterfly handle cup for me please


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