Monday, February 08, 2010

Blanc d'Ivoire

Parisiens don't just wear neutrals year-round and live in neutral buildings. They furnish their interiors with even more neutrals...To visit the new branch of Blanc D'Ivoire
25 rue de saintonge, 75003Fernanda et famille at Blanc D'Ivoire, original watercolor, 9" x 11" They have a wonderful eye. Everything at Blanc d'Ivoire is pretty terrific. Terrific shapes.
Terrific textures...
Terrific neutrals that all work perfectly together...
They do offer the odd small spash of brilliant color just to jazz things up a bit.
For an even bigger spash of brill color.
After we went to the fav caf hidden inside the Centre Culturel Suedois..
11, rue Payenne 75003 Paris

The Swedish are not afraid to get spashy with color.
But they do get their knickers in a twist if you bring in a tarte citron from nearby patisserie Jacques Genin to eat with their chocolat chaud.
We got our hands slapped...ahem :)



  1. I love Blanc d'Ivoire. I usually stay in a little hotel near one on rue du Bac. I took photos, unfortunately, on one visit and got a huge chewing-out by the owner. It was my own fault. I should have known better.

  2. How could YOU get anyone's knickers in a twist, that's what I'd like to know! Too funny. Love the look of that place- and your watercolor is wonderful! I'm sure they're going to love that.

  3. Blanc d'Ivoire!
    to its vanilla creamy yummy*ness
    give me
    the tarte citron!


    {{ oh to be in paris
    when you are there
    and to follow you around }}

  4. Beautiful furniture!

    Is the woman in your painting wearing Louboutins? I couldn't help but notice a hint of red under her shoe.

  5. Are there any other high heels but LOUBOUTINS?
    What good eyes you have PARIS PASTRY :)

  6. So sorry for not being around much lately, manic busy with new Ghost stuff.
    Am taking some time today to do the rounds of the blogs and catch up - refreshing the soul
    Much Love
    PS I don't even know if you are in Paris or not - where have I been????

  7. Janinne2:46 PM

    Love all these neutrals and the tufts and textures.
    Plus the oh-so essential splash of color

  8. Emily2:48 PM

    tres adorable family gathering!

  9. Any ideas of where I might find a knit pattern for that beret? (several of us looove it!). or if not to knit....could it be purchased online perhaps?

  10. What a lovely shoppe... beautiful photos and observations :-)


  11. Misha in Paris6:06 PM

    miam miam
    I should go to the centre culturel suedois !
    good idea, thank you !
    By the way I've transformed my appartment design with neutral colors.... beige/white ... with a few pink, orange, color touches


  12. that tufted/winged/i-don't-even-know-what-shape-it-is-but-i-love-it chair is amazing. great post!!! i'm headed to paris next weekend and i think a touristy stop at la durée is in order — and would love any other recommendations you have for me!

  13. ROXANNE: The knit beret is from Oct 2007- a poster in a shop window on...of rue Vavin
    But it looks easy to figure out..says one who does not knit!

  14. The colourful lady doesn't look very Swedish! It's not nice to bring your bakery to consume at a place where they sell it! What do you have against Swedish bakery?
    (Signed the Swedish defender!)

  15. Love that little hidden cafe but will probably boycott it for slapping the hand that might otherwise have fed it.

  16. Loved your post, Carol!

  17. I knew I'd step on some Swedish toes..but yours, Peter?
    How thoughtless of me :(

    I'll go back in March and eat a colorful dessert at the caf
    je te promis!!

  18. Linda S10:29 AM

    How ARE chocolat chaud and tarte citron together?! Not something that appeals to me. A good lemon tart should be fairly tart in my opinion. I could see hot chocolate with a tarte aux framboise. ;-)

  19. Oh I just love this whole post. The tarte citron is the first thing my husband and I buy as soon as we get to France. They are absolutely delicious. I wish I could find a recipe like that here in the US.
    Thanks for sharing your photos and making me forget all the snow falling here in Pennsylvania.
    Have a blessed week.

  20. "Oh, I have to visit that Swedish place!" when I saw that fab photo of yours with that beautiful tablecloth! Alas, being so short-sighted and slapping you on the wrist while you and your friend consume their hot chocolate, made me immediately thing that the atmosphere in there is not going to be one I would like to experience. I had a similar experience in Venice on my first visit there: My family wanted to visit a pizza place (a crummy one, only thing it had going was the location, i.e. everyone was hungry). I said why don't you sit down and order, I fet a tramezzino next door, you order a salad for me too, please. Well, they ordered (we were six people!), I got my tramezzino, returned and we all waited for the food. It took a long time, so I unwrap my tramezzino and put it on the saucer of the espresso doppio they had served in the meantime. The moment the tramezzino came out of the bag, a waiter shot out of the blue and started berating me (in that funny English they use when they think they have foreigners in front of them). Well, I tried to explain that we had ordered about 80 Euros worth of food and drink alltogether. He continued to treat us in the worst way, so I asked him the please bring us the bill for my coffee, we would leave (more than half an hour had passed and we had not even be served mineral water). And then I gave him my opinion in Italian.. I have never heard so many "Scusi, Signora!" in my whole life, but it was too late. We all had fabulous tramezzini and fresh pressed orange juice at the bar next door. I have walked by that place many times and never once would I think about eating there. I come from a family with two restaurants among us brothers and sisters, so it is not that I have no sympathy for store owners that don't want me to eat my food at their place, but there are ways to be a little flexible.
    Hugs, M.


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