Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parting Shots at WKC

The final evening of Westminster I am up in the boonies.It's a black tie event so the closest I can get a shot is from the peanut gallery At last all the photographers get a chance to shoot WKC winner, Sadi, the Scottish Terrier. It's a football scrimmage-pandemonium reigns.Somehow I manage to squeeze in for a shot
But no one is there to throw the squeeky carrot toy to get the hound's attention.
The dog does nothing. WKC maestro, David Frei steps in to help with props - ribbon + winner's bowl...
Still nuttin' honey.
The pros are shouting at the dog,
"I have a deadline to meet! DO SOMETHING!"
Neither the Sadi, her owner or handler have seen the movie, Best in Show!
With a record 100 Best in Shows under her belt, you'd think Sadie was ready for the big moment? Every other dog at WKC is.
Time to pack up and head home.


  1. I watched some of this on the news last night and told Joe "guess who was there?" and thought of you, Carol. This is great. That Sadie was a cutie pie.

  2. THANK YOU for more DOGS!!

  3. Very funny story of how the pictures get shot.
    Who knew?

  4. These shots are so dynamic, you can feel the enthusiasm of the photographers (including you!) and the crowd - very nice job.

  5. One of your very best posting!
    Was that a real carrot you were holding?

  6. I scanned the audience looking for you. But guess you were to far back. I adored that Scottie that won. Saw it on GMA the next morning. She was a cutie.


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