Friday, February 19, 2010


Looking at these brilliantly colored macarons...
Reminds me of Sonia Rykiel's fashions. I used to wear her exclusively back in the day when she was affordable...
Manana I'll be on the Sonia bus
Rushing to H&M to catch a few affordable Sonias!!!
I have my eye on a few pieces-heck I'm going to the bank with a big garbage bag first...
I still have a tiny bag with these stripes I bought in the CDG airport a few years ago...
Looks just like these macarons non?
I had BIG plans to lose a few before H&M's sale...hmmm
The best laid plans of mice and girls oft go awry...
Translation:I ate too many macarons :(
La regime commence demain!!!
I hope I get a few bites tomorrow...of the Sonias I mean.
Will you be there?


  1. Delicious! The fashion and the macarons!
    Good luck with the regime. Is there such thing as an all macaron regime? I'd try that!

  2. Ah, what the heck-- Here's what I'm thinking--have the macs and the Sonias, too--life is short. Have a great weekend, Carol!

  3. I think if you just eat the macaron lids you could call that a Mac regime Rebecca..?
    I'm going to.

  4. Lawrence8:57 AM

    I remember when SR made makeup..
    Soup to nuts you could be SR..then she went couture :(
    or her prices did

  5. I so wish we had a H&M here, I miss it so much. Love Sonia's colorful line and those macrons look scrumptious.....Have a fun weekend shopping.

  6. I'll probably venture in to have a look. We'll see. Yes, I think if you eat half a macaron, that's a regime minceur. Why not?

  7. Enjoy your shopping spree Carol! And a happy weekend to you! ; )

  8. oh my. this is a fun blog post and it makes me want some macarons!!

    btw, please check out my latest post on MOCK magazine and spread the word! they're looking for people to feature in their new magazine, set to launch in may of this year!

  9. But who could really do that? Eat a half a macaroon? Only if it were one of the really big ones!

  10. Mlle Paradis-you have a point. I think it would have to be a two-person agreement. On the count of 1-2-3 kind of thing.:)

  11. In the beginning, when I first started to painted macarons, I loved the meringue cookie but not the innerds.
    I used to regularly scrape out the filling. Not an easy thing to do with a P.Herme macaron either.
    That was before I tasted a PH passion fruit mac - they finished me.

  12. I've never heard of SR or H&M :)
    (I've never had passion fruit, either - I'm deprived :)
    I hope that you find something to buy and have a great weekend!

  13. Wow, if you are wearing those, you must be one skinny little girl! Beautiful clothing.

  14. Oh I could just taste those macarons...pardon the crumbs ;)

  15. Macaron's are The cookie for this new decade!

  16. For your regime (if you feel that you must go for it), may I suggest that you eat fewer macarons rather than biting a small piece of each? :-)

  17. Sorry Peter that I bit into each of YOUR macarons!
    I used to do the same thing with my parent's hidden box of chocolates lurking in the living room...
    Can a tiger change her stripes?

  18. I just found PB last nite while surfing and I LOVE IT
    merci beaucoup!

  19. I've enjoyed your daily PB blasts immensely.
    I, too, am a Paris-loving dedicated New Yorker, dog lover and artist.
    Have you seen the delectable-looking macarons are now available for purchase without
    eating at the restaurant that makes them, Adour at the St. Regis on
    Fifth Avenue. You can buy them in boxes, or order them in catering
    quantities. See Adour-St.

  20. I went this morning to the H&M near Galerie Lafayette! I lined up before the store opened, got in 20 minutes after the opening, and grabbed a few stripey things. Later today I went back and only a few bracelets and shoes are left of the Rykiel stuff.

    I'm in Paris having Laduree macarons for the first time after reading this blog for... a couple years? Macarons are delicious as well as pretty! In Printemps right now there is an Alice in Wonderland themed Laduree. I bought macarons in the special Alice box, and found out it's also a wind-up music box! I took a few pictures before eating.

    Hmm this was a long comment... Thank you for inspiring me to try macarons and collect the box as well :)

  21. I’m headed downtown to SR—let’s compare notes.
    I’m after the striped sweater (bien sur!) and the dress.

  22. Hilarious—the first thing I grabbed was the black blazer!!!!! And a pink and white striped sweater, the multistriped sweater, the sun dress, the pink and black short sleeved sweater, socks and the scarf.
    There were lots of woman our age there but lots of 20s, too.
    It was a mob scene.
    BTW—our store got one sweater in large—everything else was XS, S, M—thank God the mediums fit.

  23. Thanks SUSIE for the Paris H&M report!
    I was No.1 here and got a big haul of booty.
    I will not buy any clothes for 10 years...
    I will not buy...
    I will not...

  24. AHHHHH....i am so glad i read your post yesterday.....went to H&M in so calif at 10 this morning.......must admit it was crazy.....but oh so fun!!!!! a few items....AND the stripey sweater......thanks for the heads up.....

  25. Allyson Cat5:15 AM

    Simply put I hav been looing for a website exactly like this! It's a delight.
    Merci beaucoup!!!

  26. Love the macaroons! btw, Sonia Rykiel for H&M totally rocks. love the clothes. really amazing @ low prices! too bad they didn't do it for men. but i got some for my sister and nieces anyway. it's awesome!


  27. Anonymous9:08 AM

    cute and feminine. I sell a few things and this collection on ebay. my site is:

  28. @Ebay RESELLERS of Sonia!
    I do not approve :(
    You are not nice to take Sonia from the hands of other devotees
    And you have the nerve to charge more $$$
    We Soldiers of Sonia will fight you!
    somehow or other...I am thinking


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