Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sticker Up!

Have you ever wanted to walk into Fauchon and say, "Please put 50,000 Fauchon stickers into this bag and act natural".
"I'm pointing a watergun at you".

OK, so maybe you are not a sticker-aholic.

Maybe you don't suffer from auto-collantismo like some people.

Count yourself lucky.
Do you think Fauchon has a private jail for minor misdemeanor offenders obsessed with collecting their stickers and do they serve tarte citron?
I wonder.

I wonder if Julianna Margulies would be willing to represent me in court now that she's won a Golden Globe? Hmmm...I am a devoted fan of The Good Wife so pourquoi pas?

Maybe she has a doggie that wants to go to Paris..?
Julianna, do you like macarons?
It's always good to cover your back if you're going to indulge in sticker-lifting. You never know when you may need some serious help.

While scavenging through my illegible Paris notebooks for stickers I found this expense list for pastries bought in Paris one trip.
$254.42 in 2 weeks !!!!!
That's like 1/4 of a Chloe bag! The sacrifices I make.
I am a martyr to the macaron cause...
You can get some awfully good macarons on rue des Martyrs by the way.


  1. Fun, Carol--love seeing all your notes/sketches. Looks familiar! I am a sticker fanatic, too--in fact, I stick them all over my notebooks all the time.

  2. I have a smile on my face! There is a little bit of you in me!

  3. Foodwalker10:40 AM

    Yes! I love this stuff. I glue these into my diary.
    Also love those long sugar packs. So pretty, often.

  4. William Ternay, Jr.10:40 AM

    OK; you've done it again.
    Nothing like a good 3 minutes or so
    of laughter to start the day.
    Woody was a HOOT!
    As a courtroom artist for over 40 years (ABC) I've often wondered, if I offended a judge or a bailiff, and was put in the slammer; would they let me take my sketchbook with me?
    Surely pens & pencils could be (are,actually) considered "weapons."
    Anybody ever break out of jail using a sketchbook?
    Bribe a guard with some macarons?

  5. On my Paris trip last week I collected shopping bags and boxes of the chocolate and macaroons I bought from Maison du Chocolat and Laduree. Wish I had thought of stickers!!! Oh well next time.

    I also got the most beautiful stormy and moody postcards while walking near Palais Royal

  6. Misha In Paris11:28 AM

    very good these personnal carnets of a martyr
    like in a modern art museum ...

  7. Oh, Carol I love this collectibles too. When I made a scrapbook of my first trip to Paris I kept the wrappers and napkins and stuff for my scrapbook and my mom asked why I had trash in my book. Then upon another Parisian adventure I had a friend who used her unblemished wrappers and bags as stationary to likeminded friends back home who enjoyed the bakery distinct bags. I have an offer for you though, that if you find yourself too overwhelmed with your collectibles I would be glad to take some of the goodies off your hands--just offerin'.

  8. Now you've given me moleskine-with-stickers envy! You're sketches of the dogs and that bottom coffee cup are gorgeous. Thanks as also for a great start to the day!

  9. *rofl*

    You pastry expenses are worthy of the Queen of Macaroons! ;-)

    LOVE the sticker-encrusted Molkeskine notebooks.

  10. I laughed out loud!!!! Love the notebook scetches.

  11. Daniel1:36 PM

    Stickers ?
    I have been putting the stickers from fruit and veg on the insides of the kitchen cabinet doors for years...these are only since a few years ago when we re-did the kitchen 5 door frames of stickers...crazy ??? My wife thinks so....
    Keep up the GREAT work

  12. I'm a big Woody Allen fan - thanks for the laugh :)
    Love your doodles.....

  13. I laughed out loud, too. Yes, now that you mention it...I have a sticker "problem." Everyone laughs when they see my yearly agendas...stickers from everywhere...or gluesticked in....

    I am impressed by the total sum for that two-week pastry How many laps you swimming these days?:) None pour moi, sorry to say. We're expecting heavy drifts o' snow here in DC starting tomorrow...I'm assuming it's coming NYC's way but don't know yet. Too busy laying in provisions. (including tulips)


    Susan & GG

  14. GIULIA-
    it's only $18 bucks per diem on pastry...
    not even an even $20
    Do like those Frenchies do
    Sin on the week-ends
    and repent during the week.
    ...or whatever..

  15. Bonjour Carol,
    What a great idea, those stickers plastered all over your notebooks made my day. It's also good to know that someone else adds up their pastry bill then reels in disbelief! Sacrafices indeed...
    I'm off to see if I can rustle up some stickers at Fauchon!

  16. You are incredible! You collect cute things! Love your stickers.

  17. You had me at Chloe.

  18. One of my all-time favorite posts! I LOVE your notebook pages...and my sticker lust! I have never come close to the class of sticker you have acquired!
    I nearly fell off the couch laughing about your putative jail serving tarte au citron!

  19. Oh yeah......I was with my daughter and there were times I would say things were a gift but no need to actually wrap just throw whatever in........but, the language thing was what got me......they were looking at me like I was a I think what I did get I put on I don't have them anymore :(

  20. Hint, hint Geralyn -
    French shop persons will alway view the client as a criminal.
    This is completely normal and to be expected.
    You're lucky they allowed you to come inside the shop.
    Carolg :)

  21. Do you think Fauchon has a private jail for minor misdemeanor offenders obsessed with collecting their stickers and do they serve tarte citron?

    Yes. The bars are made of spun caramel and the bed is of ganache.

  22. Hahaha, yes, stickers, rubbers stamps, sealing wax, was addicted to them all (& fountain pens...)...I'm having withdrawal symptoms after reading this post. I need a Parisian papeterie now! I didn't know pastry shops had all those stickers! Your account sheet reminds me a bit of mine...


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