Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Silly Dog Pictures

You want to dress appropriately at the WKC show.
Someone is certain Sadie, the Scottie is going to win...
Matching your Weimaraner is a good idea...
Or just wear your dog...
I made the mistake of mentioning to this handler she had a clothes tag hanging out...
Not at all. That was the strategically-placed tail end of her muzzle-wiping rag...
The dogs are busy socializing too...
Up in the Press Room I got to meet Ron Trotta and Schmitty, Real New Yorkie, who reports the latest poop on the weather on her very own blog!
Brought by special request - a macaron-eating Peke a Japanese Chin...
A Cavalier King Charles...
The Borzois and I are just plain dog-tired...
We were happy to get home last night at midnight after the final Best in show judging - a mini report to follow and then back to Paris and perfume. I need some badly.
Out, out doggie sawdust smell!


  1. These guys are adorable, Carol! I am enjoying your travels to the Dog Show immensely. Your sense of humor and good eye are always dead on. Thanks for the fun. I admit when I saw that Airedale, I thought of the Ozmeister. well, Ozzie and an Airedale I used to know named simply "Rip."

  2. Sweet, sweet!
    And my Maxie is at his country abode. :-(

    Gotta get my Dentastix. Or what was that? ;-)

  3. Misha in Paris11:31 AM

    The wool knitted sweater is super !
    Is better the dogs are selected and no their owners !

  4. Oh, Carol!!! Thank you so much for the additional mastiff photos!
    It was such a treat to see them in my inbox first thing this morning! :)

  5. I forget to thank you for the dog-munching macaron, er, macaron-munching dog! Were you able to discern what flavor it had? (Have to hide this from Maxie, he'd want some too!)

  6. Aww, so very cute, all of them. But I must say, the King Charles Cavalier is my favorite amongst those you showed. So precious.

  7. We watched this dog show because I saw you posting these photos and enjoyed it a lot. I loved so many but I did pick the Scotty dog as the best. She was just adorable. Have always loved those dogs but th Cavalier King Charles here is a beauty too. Thanks for all these photos and info on the show. Great job of reporting. :)

  8. Fabulous photos, Carol - so full of humor. You must have had a ball surrounded by all of those doggies :)

  9. Oh you gave us a laugh. Even the cat was interested in the video. Great photos...more later. But thanks. Needed it. So. Much.


  10. Your macaron eating dog is a Japanese Chin!!!!

    I have a pekingese and Moi Moi is very upset ! LOL

  11. How right you are Lady Jicky!
    Please, please forgive my oversight and underlip...

  12. Love the dogs.
    The one is the tiny tux is toooo adorable.

  13. Not many dogs in our new neighborhood. Oh, there is one across the street who stretches out atop the sofa in the window immediately after his people leave for work. I've never have seen it in the street. Must have a big yard behind.
    Doggie shenanigans!

  14. Thanks for the insight Carol...I feel like I was there, what a treat :) I need to get myself a Schmitty before I head to Paris. He would go so well with my Louis Vuitton that I also do not own yet. And where can I get some purplp M & M's?

  15. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Hmph! He's no competition for me!
    PS I'll be posting another lonelyhearts ad.

  16. I recently came across your blog and have been rea... I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  17. Mary Jo5:50 AM

    Thanks for the beautiful Cavalier King Charles, I have one sitting on my lap and two asleep on the couch. Mary Jo

  18. Hello from a fan of your blog! THANKS for your daily musings on all of life's important things!!

  19. Linda R.5:54 AM

    pix of Westminster
    More photos please!
    More More!
    More please more!

  20. Arf-Arf Ms Carol,

    Although I've never done the weather in Paris, I throughtly enjoyed reading your blog on "Silly Dog PIcs." And I'm still blushing to find moi and Meteorologist Ron Trotta in your pics.

    You are one fun human. If you don't make it to Paris, come visit me in NYC. Lots of pastry shops here.

    I'll be following your fun blog. Feel free to "sniff" around my blog too.

    Arf-Arf, Schmitty The Weather Dog

  21. Hello !
    When I saw the first pictures, I thought "This couldn't not be in Paris, could it ???"
    Well it's not ;)
    Lovely, cute, funny, rigolos, adorables... Thx.
    It's strange that you say "Arf Arf" for the dog and we french would say "Ouaf Ouaf" (pronounced waf waf).
    Do you wanna see my parisian dog ? (it's really silly !!!)
    Top secret ;)


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