Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Julia at Poilâne

If you're looking for Julia of WI, she's hanging out at Poilâne on
8 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006
She's obsessed with their sourdough boul miche. Half of Paris and London is biting into a boule miche at this very second. C'est la vie.
Me, I'm obsessed with Poilâne's paper bags. OK, so I love all the bread paper bags in Paris.
If I see a bread bag, I have to have it. Some people feel the same way about Chloe bags, so what's the diff? They're both French right?
Admittedly Poilâne's paper bag is one of the best bread bags IN THE WORLD.
Their typography makes me have sweet dreams...
Their boule miche...OK I usually pick one up sliced at the super marche. It's the bag I'm after. HA!
Asuncion said I had to try Poilâne's apple tart.
The bag was a mess after - I'll never do that again. Each to her own obsession...

The shop is very pretty and you can get an expensive Poilâne lunch next door. I remember when it was just a little room upstairs with just simple sandwiches...oh la-de-da
Poilâne has a sort of playhouse on their site and you can move around the boule miche putting stuff in the basket etc. if that takes your fancy. No paper bags though...
Don't get lost looking for the boule miche...
BONJOUR Poilâne!


  1. carol...i ADORE poilane... it is my favorite stop and favorite little street... oh thank you for this darling post today... aaaaahhhhhh xx pam

  2. Murrill1:03 PM

    Hi Carol,
    Two of my friends and I are planning to visit Paris next September and your blog has been one of my biggest inspirations for this journey. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into your blog, and I especially love your focus on french pastries and your watercolors are fabulous as well!

  3. Your creative blog is pure pleasure. You always amaze me with your creative eye that spots a visual theme happening.
    All of it is fun, reminding us to look around, find something to enjoy even if it isn't Paris. Thank you for showing me so much of Paris and New New York, the views we would miss without your artful eye.
    On days you haven't a topic in mind, I would enjoy seeing some of your work in progress or something from your sketch journals, a bit of instruction, miniatures, trinkets, trash, anything. You make it all fun.
    Thanks for all the hard work that goes into your creations. Thanks for sharing the wonderful views and memories. Love your photos of NY Christmas displays.

  4. Paris Breakfasts - The Bags Chapter!
    Loooovvvvve it. *smilesmilesmile*

    May I ask how the apple tart tasted? Sorry for the messed up bag. ;-)

  5. Good Morning Carol:
    I am a new follower to your Blog--LOVE IT!!!
    I will be in Paris for ONE day on March 3rd. Could you please tell me where to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?? (Let's take care of the important planning first!!! :))
    I want to enjoy Paris as much as one can in ONE day....
    Many Thanks!

  6. Boy that looks good!!

  7. Love the bags, love the bread, love the post

  8. Poilane is now on my list of places to go when I arrive in Paris! I will be more than happy to try the Apple Tart for you :)
    What great bags...

  9. SANDRA,
    I can't tell you how to spend your ONE DAY IN PARIS. That would spoil the serendipitous adventure of it all. I would suggest you find an area of interest and stay there...like bvd St. Germain or around the Eiffel Tower.
    Oh it's impossible to pin it down.
    You must leave it up to chance.
    Have FUN!

  10. Misha in Paris3:58 PM

    Hello Carol, happy to get news from your painting world.

  11. Salut! :-)
    Rue du Cherche Midi -- Carol, one of my favorite parts of Paris. Now why am I not surprised you've already been there? :-) I was just recommending a reader of mine to your blog and thought it was time I stopped back in myself. Nice to be rewarded with this scrumptuous post. Can't WAIT to get back to Paris in March... When's your next trip?

  12. Finally! A basset hound in the door. They are a very French dog, you know! Your paintings are so fresh and charming and your pictures make me drool!

  13. Those are pretty bags! Sweet. Love your painting, Carol--charming!

  14. I applaud your decision to forgo the apple tart next time. After all, it would have to be an awfully outstanding tart to be worth losing that fab bag! I have some bags that are older than many people I work with.
    As for Poilaine's grwith: Ah, to be able to say I knew it when....!

  15. Carol,
    I have to tell you that your blog is my very favorite blog of all time!!!! I love every post you make. Thank you for bringing Paris to me!!!

  16. Patty H.8:53 PM

    Did you happen to catch Uncle Peter from DAMAGES on vacance in that Paris shot of Poilane?
    It sure looks like him.
    Maybe they didn't pull the plug on him after all...

  17. ELLEN6:28 AM

    PATTY- You mean UNCLE PETE!!!

  18. When my friend and I went to Paris last week we would walk into EVERY cute patisserie and sniff. Poilane was one of them because it is just gorgeous and then that smell. I haven't smelled anything like a Paris patisserie anywhere in the world.

  19. Banette (the chain supplier) actually has some pretty cute old-timey graphics on their bags and paper.

    I saved mine too!


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