Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sonia Rykiel Regime

So how does one begin the Sonia Rykiel Regime (SRR)? How can one eventually fit into all of one's HM fab SR booty? With lips sealed, that's how.
The spare tire has to go!
I have on occasion mentioned various diets at PB
 For Sonia take a different approach. Think design, think color. For example, if you eat stripey food or striated food like aspargus, you can depend on losing 10 pounds in a week.

 Sonia's signature colors are essential. Eat lots of red foods.

And black foods (aubergine par example).

Red and black/rouge et noir is a Sonia standard.

Trying to attain the Frenchie XS figure by eating tons of leek soup? Forgetaboutit. Not a "Sonia" food, though chocolate is.
I have it on good authority that most French girls stay thin with the aid of romantic stress + Xanax.

I'll have to change my one-a-day brand.Where did I get the adorable red/black T-shirt with the lips? Is it from H&M? Yesterday, I tripped up to Bloomie's Sonia department for a quality check. This litte T was only $90. It will go with all the red peppers and eggplant I have to down to fit into the %$#@ SR things.

Back to the thin French girl - ciggies, sadly are a big factor in the pursuit of weight loss.
Chanel made the ciggie look so chic

I assumed wrongly that Sonia was holding a ciggie here. SR definitely carries on the Chanel tradition of marine stripes, skinny sweater dresses, bla bla bla, so why not smoking too?

 A closer look reveals a PENCIL. I will not have to take up smoking for the SR Regime.
You asked to see what I bought at H&M.
I am embarrassed to tell.Where you see a check mark= I bought it.Where you see an X mark-I didn't buy it, maybe not in that color.More to come.
I put my toe back into Sonia, et voila, I've been bitten again. The Sonia obsession continues as does the regime.
Yesterday I finally bought my ticket to Paris.

YIKES la prix! Next up The AirFrance Regime.


  1. Mary Anne7:25 AM

    Bonjour regime indeed!
    I would like to say au revoir to regimes but...erm
    Lots a luck anyway :)

  2. Xanax? Never heard. :-(

    Thank from a girl who had fun reading up on ypur latest posts. Congratulations on your success at Sonia's, bravissima! :-)))

  3. well I just got a text message from my girlfriend about her SR booty and how SHE is going immediately on a diet too..
    I guess everyone who shopped on saturday is on a mass regime!
    bon chance

  4. Janinne8:31 AM

    Fun fun fun!
    merci for the morning grin :)

  5. Love it -
    can't wait to see what else you bought!

  6. Great post, Carol! I love your little doodles here. And smart of you not to buy those skinny ?knit? skirts--yikes, one would definitely need the ciggy diet to get into those. We're going to be able to spot you anywhere in these wonderful bright colors!

  7. William Ternay, Jr.8:53 AM

    Fun post, Carol, as usual, to start my (crazy)day in Philly.
    Did you know eggplants & tomatoes
    are of the "nightshade" family?
    As in "things that go bump in the night..." The darker side of the veggie kingdom,
    so I've heard...(?)

  8. aaahhhhh....

    i am over here
    how you put
    on what you DID NOT buy!


    atta girl!

    {{ i watched
    coco before chanel
    for the 3rd time last night;
    i am dreaming nightly
    of striped pull-over shirts }}

  9. There's no "X" or "√" on the big hair. Did you get that aussi or non?

  10. Yes, I WANT it too!
    So cool.
    Many women at Jacadi, Paris, were disappointed because work is very close to H&M and they didn't even have a little pull SR left!!!!

  11. Marie-Laure12:09 PM

    In Paris, they gave a nice stripes SR bag when you bought clothes.
    Do you have one?
    Not plastic, fabric, very cute

  12. Christiane12:13 PM

    quel success our Sonia is beautifull !
    What an idea to work with H&M !!! I phone to la boutique of Anglet, but they said me that only 9 boutiques in France have Sonia,
    So it is impossible to buy if we are not at l'ouverture du magasin !!!!
    Dommage !
    I love SR Régime and Paris breakfast !!!



  13. I am on ebay now looking at what SR pieces people are selling—most of them I did not see at our H&M in Atlanta.
    What’s up with that?

  14. Only NINE H&M in all of France had the SR collection so one mustn't grumble Hon
    I got a few returns today :)))))))
    and a bracelet or so...
    AND air-tight storage boxes
    My knitwear experts say DO NOT HANG the sweaters!!
    Ya gotta fold em!

  15. Grumble, grumble nonetheless.
    I wish I had bought more—especially the ruffled dress.

    I’m taking my stuff off the hangers right now.

  16. Misha in Paris1:08 PM

    apres les macarons Carol recherche les rayures !
    you must waitng for the return of colonnes de Buren in Palais royal !
    Oui, Sonia is a crocodile more dangerous than a mignon zebra


  17. Margaret in Atlanta1:19 PM

    Hi Carol,
    When I was in Monaco and environs a year ago, I saw lots of thin French women and most of them smoked.
    Amongst all these smoking thin women I never saw anyone with good skin. They all looked old before their time.
    Smoking takes the oxygen right out of your skin.
    C'est dommage.

  18. Romantic stress is certainly great for losing weight and Xanax great for sleeping. Hmmm.

    Hey Oreo's are black food, aren't they?

  19. Wendy in Paris2:37 PM

    I get so confused when I read your posts… not sure if you are actually here in New York) or in Paris?

  20. Shelley2:58 PM

    I found your delightfully delicious blog a few weeks ago and have been gobbling down huge swaths every day. So sign me up for the SR regimen!

    Loved your diet hints. Striated foods are definitely calorie-free. As are all foods arranged in stripes-- including trifles, seven-layer cakes, and genoise. Peer down at just the right angle at spaghetti: heck, it's just a bunch of stripes, too.

    In my new stripey obsession, happily induced by you, I discovered a plate called the Sagaform Striped Side Plate. Its stripes are almost almost in Sonia Rykiel colors and widths. It goes without saying that if you heap any food in any amount on such a plate-- well, it will be just like eating air.

    Congrats again on your wonderful writing and pictures,

    How perceptive of you to see stripes in cakes and spagetti!
    I do think if food is visually pretty it helps A LOT to feed the hungry soul...
    Merci beaucoup Shelley!

  22. Your stash is gorgeous! You will look so chic, you won't need the cigarette!(or the Xanax).

  23. Looks like you picked up some nice items for your Paris trip.

  24. you are so funny!

    the stripe and pencil diet!

  25. I can't help observing that Sonia looks like a stripe herself! A very thin, waifish stripe. You mon chere will look MUCH better in the new SR duds!

  26. things off of hangers now.....they were on hangers....what was i thinking!!!!!!!!

  27. This is a fun post. Will this be a fashion show of sorts? I love the drawings of the clothes. Oh and this IS the time to get off that excess we gain during winter. No matter whose line you buy... groan.

  28. I love your blog.
    It makes me dream.......
    Thank you very much!
    You are my Paris Guru!!
    kind regards

  29. Carol I just LOVE your blog and your art work of Paris and all of it's goodies! You transport me right there. Sonia Rykiel is fab, a few years ago I was OBSESSED with one of her studded leather bags. if she ever does one for H+M I will be right at the front of the queue. Loving all your 'shopping ticks' you are my kind of shopper lol :-) x

  30. Fantastic post! Really made me grin.
    I went to Paris for the second time ever last week, and fell so much in love with it again. It really is the most lovely city. Well done on getting your ticket again.
    Love your blog as much as I love Paris itself, adore your paintings.
    Thanks for making my day with your posts!


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