Monday, February 15, 2010

Going to the Dogs

On Sunday I went to hang out with the champs of the dog world...
They were busy checking into...
Hotel Pennsylvania located directly across from Madison Square Garden and today's Westminster Kennel Club show.
The hotel has it's own special "Doggie Concierge" by the way for the occasion...
"That which we call a nose. By any other name would smell as sweet." Sorry Shakespeare, but doesn't Gigi's handsome nose
look a tad like Friday's French girl?

A bevy of Borzois commune in the hotel lobby...
My first Champ - this is Ch. Crestline Butter Scotch - a Chinese Crested. Down in the hotel's doggie recreation room, there are a lot of these Chinese Crested...
Lots of fluff are carried to avoid the room's sawdust -which I came home smelling of - Oh where is my Jardin du Nil svp? SOS!
A Crested waits to have her photograph taken - please stay behind the velvet ropes...
No walking outside for these champs - the Jog O' Dog is the answer.
There is a "boys" side and a "girls" side...ahem
I am now very sympathetic to all pet photographers out there.
The giant size dogs capture everyone's attention like this huge Schnauzer, maybe because they stay very still?
A pair of Mastifs(?) father and son. Dad is only 3 years old and this is son's first go at the Westminster dog show. Bon Chance big guys!
Do you have a favorite dog I should look out for?
Jeanette requested... If you don't mind, when you're at the show, please keep an eye out for a good-looking female Airedale...but she must be a sharp dresser. Inspector Oswald seems distinctly lonely these days...


  1. Cute, Carol! I love the drawings of the puffy poodles--too funny. One time, on the road for work, I could NOT get a hotel anywhere--they were all booked up. Finally, I asked a reservation person, saying "what's going on that there are no rooms at all?" She said, as if I was crazy not to know this, "Dog Show."

  2. thank you for showing the Chinese Cresteds....powder puffs as well as hairless. Not often I get to see them (especially up here in Canada). Is it obvious I own one?
    hugs Karin

  3. I love your drawings of the poodles - whimsical and elegant at once! I can only imagine the craziness of being a pet photographers - love the pictures and couldn't do it myself.

  4. Fun pix! Love the mastiffs with their legs crossed.

  5. I love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful artwork, but I have never been persuaded to post a comment before. When you're at westminster please look out for a bichon frise. They are very French and have sweet little personalities (and fantastic hair). Thanks!

  6. Cooper is actually a "champion" Greater Swiss! He didn't go to Westminster though.

  7. Linda S12:58 PM

    I think the big dog in the photo after the english mastiffs is possibly a dogue de bourdeaux, a french mastiff. I love the big guys, we've got a female english mastiff who will be 10 yrs old this year.

  8. Your drawings speak of the fun you are having! ;-)

    Would you be so kind and look our for a girlfriend for my Maxie? Should I mail you a picture for your wallet? Remember, black and chestnut brown long-haired miniature dachshund! ;-)

  9. Great shots, Carol - very cute pics. Looks like you're having fun :)

  10. Bonjour Carol! Great photos of the pre-Westminster excitement, especially the beautiful little mini longhaired dachshund in the piddle area. On my various trips to Paris I've seen many dachsies, as Parisians seem to love them.
    Bon travail! Drim

  11. What, no Afghan Hounds? Please for Moi.

  12. Manana, the Afghans.
    Karin F. are Chinese Crested this years bacon?
    Every other thing at the Fancy Food Show was bacon-flavored.

  13. Beautiful dogs - they look so cute :)
    Have fun!

  14. I eagerly read your blog post from the dog show hotel &
    fell madly in love with the mastiffs. I am a huge mastiff
    fan & my twitter photo is of me posing with a mastiff

  15. What a great group of dogs in the watercolor too!! Who of course are being personable while the cats have their backs turned to us . . .

  16. Anonymous5:21 PM

    please look out for the fox terrier (smooth) cuties while you're at the WKC.
    We missed one another while you were in Paris last time and I was dying for one of your paintings.

  17. It's Tasha (white dog) blocking the door of the charcuterie -- she has decided that her job is to guard the house!
    All five animals were rescued -- we only adopt cute ones :)
    Thanks again, your talented watercolor artwork may have a price affixed but this will be priceless for us.

  18. I will pay you a lunch and dinner (champagne included) next time you are in Paris for a small portrait of my daughter's new dog, a Boston Terrier. I will bring it along! :-)

  19. Oh how fun to get to see this show. I love the drawings and the painting with the cats in it too. :)) We have friends here that raise and show those Borzois dogs.

  20. How I envy you! Westminster is one show I'd love to see! Can't wait to see more dog photos...however, that RABBIT in your last photo, left side, 3rd from the bottom is in for a heap of trouble at the dog show! Heee Heee Heee!

  21. I want to get reincarnated into one of the dogs on your blog and check in at the Hotel Pennsylvania ;) That's the life!
    I am a sucker for a well coiffed French Poodle.

  22. I really enjoyed watching Westminster tonight, and now that I know you're "appearing" there I'll be looking hard for you! Woof! Yip Yip! Rowr!
    [Papillon lover, as you know]
    Yip! Yip

  23. I'm wondering if the dog underneath the English Mastiffs on your blog is a Neapolitan Mastiff, perhaps?


  24. Yes, that big gray dog is a Neapolitan mastiff.

    I got to go to Westminster two years ago. I loved the breed judging. Any random person (with a ticket to the show) can walk on the main floor at Madison Square Garden. How cool.

    I saw (and touched) many lovely corgis (both kinds), as well as some vallhunds, and many individual dogs.

    I'll take one of each, please.....

    Especially that nice French bulldog who lay down on my hand (which was skritching him).



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