Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Yesterday I went looking for the new Fall looks - hoping to catch some good street shots like The Sartorialist...haha
Remember last Fall I showed you some Paris looks like this fur shrug..?
Well guess what was in Bergdorf's windows???
And last Fall mauve was all the rage in Paris...
Erm...mauve has made it over here it seems...
Isn't the Trench so last spring? At least in Paris it was...
Here's something new! Chanel's ear muffs - can we afford these at least puleeeze!
Barney's was full of skinny legging-like jeans...
As was Linternaute's current newsletter, so at least we're neck and neck with the French when it comes to jeans!
Big grey scarf and ze jeans in Linternaute...
I subscribe to a bunch of Frenchie newsletters to keep abreast - My Little Paris is loaded with tips and loads of fun and comes in english too...
Right up there with it is Do It In Paris newsletter...
For strictly fashion news - Fr.Fashion Mag will do it in all languages...
Fashions-Addicts is another though this one will test your French skills...
The Sartorialist's new FAB! book is finally out for looks guidence on Amazon. I got it yesterday....
Here's my sorry attempt at a street fashion shot - blurry, from the back and &^%$#!
At least I always know I can get a good shot of some apples - Hey they're the new Fall look too...or munch rather


  1. Great job! love the fashion update from, fun, fun..;)
    Just have to say that I love your site. Always interesting and your food shots are so beautiful to look at...Yumm!

  2. This morning I walked out to work and it's crisp and clear and gorgeous out--so I'm ready for new fall looks. Fabulous, Carol. And apples do it for me, too--I might just have to make some apple crisp tonight...with a big old dollop of ice cream on top, that is...(I'll wear those skinny jeans next week.) ;))

  3. I have followed the Sartorialist for many it! This is a great post-it does show how fashion trickles down from Europe to the U.S. eventually! Love those ear muffs.....

  4. Thanks for the tips, Carol! I have just subscribed to my little paris. Hope you're having a good week! XX

  5. Perfect post for me today, as I have the air off and the windows OPEN (!) for the first time since spring. I'm so ready for apples and fall clothes.
    Great post!

  6. Elizabeth12:23 PM

    Merci pour les URL's francais!

  7. Shop-till-I-drop12:26 PM

    it is hard to even to shoot those NYC Fashion babes!
    They are running into Barneys or Bergdorfs and do not want to stop!
    I tried it too...

  8. Jannice12:31 PM

    Love the Fall apples at the end...the make it possible to fit into Fall'e skin-tight jeans...I hope!

  9. MY LITTLE PARIS is my fav morning read next to PB OF COURSE!

  10. Anonymous12:36 PM

    These ultra skinny jeans that have turned into leggings are for anorexics!
    I am not a spider!
    I give up :(

  11. I love the fashions, nice photo work!
    Too bad all of those newsletters are in French :-)

  12. come by to see YOUR reward at my blog :)

  13. Foodwalker9:15 PM

    Fall. Yikes. I still need to buy something for summer. Egads I'm always behind

  14. Cynthia9:17 PM

    I LOVE your blog (and your paintings) and wanted to thank you for mentioning the French newsletters you follow. I have a font fetish and fell in love with the script on Do It in Paris. BTW, did you see the anti-macaron post on The Paris Blog (

  15. Parisbreakfast9:25 PM

    The anti-macaron story Cynthia, is trying too hard IMO
    Even the smallest pastry shop in Paris has macarons and they not there for these "horrid" Americans.
    Take a look at the many macaron cookbooks on - all in French.
    I find Americans being snobby about other Americans in Paris very tiresome. And usually these unpleasent Americans are married to Frenchmen, who for some strange reason found them attractive!?

  16. I love My Little Paris, I love skinny leggings but I hate that it is nearly Autumn and we haven't even had a Summer yet :(

  17. YOU may be neck and neck with the skinny jeans, but my derriere will NEVER be so again!
    Thanks for the book selection...I DO have that one, but it's not the necklace I wanted to least not till I get into PMC. It will turn up one day and when it does, I can't wait to see how close I came.

  18. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Sweet site! Please continue the informative posts.


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