Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"The September Issue"

Still from The September Issue

Last Friday (opening day) I saw.
R.J.Cutler's documentary, "THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE" and I loved every minute of it.The main diva is editor and chief of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour. When Wintour says "No" you can hear it round the fashion world. As for Meryl Streep's character in The Devil Wears Prada, a suggestion it was based on Anna Wintour is dismissed by director, RJ Cutler,
"Their offices look alike but Meryl's performance is very theatrical and histrionic. She jumps up and down and throws her coat all over the place. Anna Wintour doesn't need to do that. She is a very economical with her gestures. It is in the nuance, a glance, but you know how she feels. Everyone around her knows how she feels."Grace Coddington But the real star of the movie is Wintour's creative director, brilliant Grace Coddington, seen taking copious notes.Grace Coddingtonc/o The September Issue
There's plenty of Paris in the movie, not just New York's Fashion Ave. I particularly loved a scene of Grace in the back seat of a Paris limo recalling that mentor and famed Brit photographer, Norman Parkinson told her,
"Never shut your eyes or go to sleep in a car, train, anywhere. You might miss something inspiring..."
That's my M.O. too. In Paris I'm too busy looking and being inspired every damn second of the day.

Grace CoddingtonStill from The September Issue
I loved all the scenes of how the "book"/issue is put together.

Grace Coddington Still from The September Issue
The constant editing process to come up with the most vibrant issue possible
Grace Coddington Scrapbook upon scrapbook of color and trend ideas - it takes a lot of work to get that thing out. Inspiring!
Grace Coddington Grace directs the fashion shoots and comes up with ideas at the last minute that save the day.
Grace Coddington Still from The September Issue
And leans towards the wildly romantic spread you sometimes see in Vogue.
Care of Vogue Magazine
Grace is a mad cat lover.
Photo by Steven Meisel of look-alike-Grace-model
And formerly a Brit model, so she's been on both sides of the camera.
Grace CoddingtonCare of Vogue Magazine
Plus she draws her cats and co-produced this fabulous cat book - The Catwalk Cats.
Grace Coddington Grace loves to give the models treats at the shoot and there's a delicious moment where cherry tarts are on offer (in Paris bien sur) to a model being tied into a tight, tight satin corset - not-to-be-missed!


  1. I can't wait for seeing it! Yes, yes, yes, Fashion Weeks time is coming....NYC, Milano, London, and...Paris!

  2. Sounds like a fun romp. Maybe I can find a theater on the road and catch it. I went behind the scenes of some of the Conde Nast magazines years ago and it was fascinating.

  3. Lawrence8:51 AM

    Too delicious!
    Can't wait either to see it!

  4. I want to see this so bad, even though I was really disappointed with this year's Sept issue.

  5. Patricia10:54 AM

    Thanks for the recommendation on The September Issue... I soooo want to see this movie...

  6. Robin S.10:55 AM

    Ohh! This does look like fun. I always look forward to the big fat September Vogue!

  7. Foodwalker10:56 AM

    Anna W needs to lay off the botox

  8. Foodwalker10:57 AM

    And Grace has the face of a fanatic.
    Interesting dome there.

  9. Rosemary11:24 AM

    Oh Carol, how I love opening my computer every day to "Paris Breakfasts", but especially today to see not only my favorite bridge, Pont Alexandre, but also that glorious redhead, Grace, and learning she is a lover of cats! If I can, I'm attaching the card from my most recent show......I'm also a cat lover.
    Thank you for your daily treats!

  10. beautiful post, Carol. I love Grace & the cats :-)
    I'll have to remember to never fall asleep in a limo when I win the lottery!

  11. Sounds great! I love the quoate too. It's amazing what can inspire.

  12. Looks like fun ~ thanks for sharing!

  13. Heather7:28 PM

    Oh, Carol, I loved this!!

    What you said about not meeting up with people--I thought this was just me.

    Where is that fine line between creating beautiful art that fills one with joy versus creating amazing feats of art that drive one crazier than it does enhance one's existence? This theme keeps coming up for me in the artists I meet in person or the ones I study in the museums.

    By the pool, inspired by light & nature and man made beauty but with no pencils,

  14. I love the way the models on the catwalk look like brilliantly colored birds walking in front of that sea of black...

  15. Yeah well it will most probably come out here in the UK next year. We only just got Julie and Julia :(


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