Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bonjour Macarons!

Afternoon Macaron Tea, original watercolor
A few days ago, when I gave the lesson on Macaron Mathematics , I got a challenging request.
c_fluffy said:Gorsh... that's a lot of Pierre Herme mini macs. Can we see all your miniature macs piled together?
Well Fluffy, this post is for you. I am proud to admit I've got 66 mini macarons.
I probably have the most mini macarons ON THE PLANET.Not that I have ever eaten 66 REAL macarons. well not at one sitting. I was toying with the idea of creating one of these towers of power with my minis. Hmmm...should I or shouldn't I? Now for some REAL macarons and from Pierre Herme too.Remember how I was telling you his macarons are "FAT"?
The picture says it best.
I've never gone in much for the big individual or grand macaron (note at 3.20 a piece). Why ever buy one, when you can get 6 different flavors/ parfums for 7.90 euros like at La Maison du Chocolat? Course there is nothing wrong with these little pups from the Champion Supermarche either and you get 12 for 6.50 euros. It requires all your French politesse to divide those cookies in a genteel manner, without grabing your favorite flavor first. You always turn the plate to your guest and offer her/him the first cookie. I guess that's why I always go alone - no sharing. Except in this case. Please do take one?
Hand made by Marie-Paule MaurinMore from Marie-Paule Maurin in Paris today - she made these little cuties! I want! Don't you?BONNE JOURNEE MINI MACARONS!


Jan said...

i'm new. Are you the watercolor artist too?
If so your style is style.
Do you sell to the public?
Do you do oils also.
This it terrific stuff!
What prompted this?


Jan said...

i'm new. Are you the watercolor artist too?
If so your style is style.
Do you sell to the public?
Do you do oils also.
This it terrific stuff!
What prompted this?


VintageRoses said...

And I love miniatures!

Is Marie-Paule Maurin a miniaturist and are the mini macaroons 1:12 dolls house scale? (maison poupee).


VintageRoses said...

Oh...speaking about politesse, gee I totally forgot to let you know I enjoy your delicious macaroon art!

Enough of greys and purples- get those pastels in fashion again!


Nikon said...

Great paintings and photos!
I've never had a macaroon :-)

Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm laughing at "why you go alone." I might have to do the same were I tempted by the "gang o' four." too funny. Charming.

naphtali said...

I adore that tower of Macarons. Would love to make one for a shower!!

Me llamo Vanesa said...

The watercolour is amazing...Macaroons are amazing too!

Bonnee Journee. I adore your blog.

HUgs from Madrid.


Julia @ Mélanger said...

I could look at macarons all day. Love the picture of the macarons on the lace.....and I don't think I could be polite in Laduree - would snatch those macarons and pop in my mouth quicker than you can say 'mine!'

le banc moussu said...

So many macarons on just one post!
and no one in my closets.You drive me crazy.

Jill said...

I love those tiny macarons! I only have one miniature macaron, and it has a happy home with a miniature cup of coffee!
LOVE the watercolor- I never tire of your wonderful artwork-- or macarons either!

aneyefordetail said...

I'll be in Paris next week... understand there is a Laduree "boutique" out at the Maison et Objet show; I will go (alone...)

Jeanette, Mistress of Longears said...

Monsiuer Ozzie no longer wishes to got to Paris with you.... since you always to to Laduree alone!

Pat said...

I haven't left a message for a while but I still love what you do and enjoyed my visit to Paris today.

Liz Steel said...

I love reading your posts... especially as I will be in Paris in October and need to do some research. I had a really fat macarons today in Sydney - I was wondering whether they were abnormally fat and then I saw this post....

French Macarons said...

You should try to order your macarons here:

They are absolutely delicious ... Taste like in Paris!

ruma said...

I am splendid, and there are not the words, too. I watched the so beautiful scenery for the first time.

Di Overton said...

OK I am mass commenting at the moment as I have been really busy. I had withdrawal symptoms as I had not seen a Macaron for ages. I have now returned to normality, I thank you.

Anonymous said...

wow macorones look great i wish i could taste onen but ive never been to france