Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Model as Muse

A few weeks ago...
I went to the Met...
to see the Model as Muse exhibit...
There was plenty of...
French couture represented bien sur...
And of course the model muse like The Shrimp/Jean Shrimpton...
And Marisa Barenson...
Brooke Shields in effigy in her famous Calvins jeans pose that shocked Times Square...
Another muse to the designers -Warhol...
The minis!
All sparkly.
YSL's Russian beauties...
Models floating from ceiling to floor!
And then the shop...if only they had all those gorgeous dresses too...

For a better non-blurry view...ahem

The exhibit closed last Sunday - dommage


  1. It's a fabulous exhibit! I wish I could have seen it in live. But, your coverage is perfect and made me feel as if I were there! Merci Macaron Girl!

  2. Sounds like it was a fun exhibit. If I still lived up that way, I'd have dashed over to the city for that. Thanks for taking me, Carol!

  3. Sandra J.9:09 AM

    so much glam! I must get out of my jammies right now and doll up VITE!
    Merci encore for another morning wakeup

  4. Ladye Eugenia12:57 PM

    Good Morning,
    Love you site. Cannot make it to NY this year, and so appreciate your Museum posts. Of course, the Paris post is divine.
    Be well. Thank you.
    Yours truly,
    Ladye Eugenia

  5. Foodwalker12:58 PM

    I had the Warhol print on a blouse years ago. And several other dresses/blouses that had faces on them. Someone asked me if I always wore cloths with faces. I'd really not thought about it!
    I miss the blouse. Someone took it from me :(

  6. What a fascinating exhibit! Thanks for another great post, I love your blog.

  7. I went there a month ago! Its fab!

  8. I wish I could have seen it! It is worth a trip for next year!!

  9. Great photos, Carol!

  10. Amazing. I would be in heaven!

  11. nancy in Savannah1:03 PM

    I worshiped at the altar of Jean Shrimpton in the 60's. She was perfect, and that was all her own hair, no extensions.

    nancy in Savannah

  12. Janine8:15 AM be a muse to any of these designers...what a dream :)


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