Monday, August 03, 2009

Un chien dans le marais

Un Chien Dans Le Marais
Max checks out the Remelt Chocolates, original watercolor, 10" x 12"

Chocolates for dogs you ask? Non!
Un Chien Dans Le MaraisChic outfits for dogs you ask?
Un Chien Dans Le MaraisMais oui if you happen to be on 35 bis, rue du roi de Sicile 75004
Un Chien Dans Le Marais
Un Chien Dans Le Marais specializes in outfiting your hound in the latest trendy acoutrament.
Mais oui!


So it was Halloween in Paris when I was there. Why should Brangelina baby Shiloh be the only little one to wear skull and bones?
A devil suit for your pup?
Fur-belows as well...
Of course a snazzy neckwear is de rigueur.

His/her portrait anyone?
Or a multi-portrait in another shop in the Marais?
There are plenty of hounds window browsing in Paris shop windows...
Plus cafe guard dogs holding their own on many a rue...
Here a night guard in an antique shop keeping watch.
It's not all frills and fur-belows for Paris hounds.
Some are hard working blue collar dogs...Broady guarding a box of cookies...
If you'd like to visit the interior of Un Chien Dans Le Marais take a look at the video...



  1. I like the name of the store; it's very special and fun. I'll go and take a look!

  2. Aww I love this doggy post, so cute!

  3. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Thanks for posting photos of French Bulldogs! I have a little girl, and seek out Frenchies to photograph when I'm in France.

  4. My Gigi could definitely deserves the devil suit.

  5. I thought dogs died if they ate chocolate though our ex dog once ate all the Xmas chocs and was fine :(

  6. Great post, Carol - the paintings, the "doggy shop" - all so cute :-)

  7. That little cafe guard dog is so sweet! In fact, we have photos of him from our previous trip...I love that dog! Isn't this at a cafe in the 5th?

    Paris is so fabulous and friendly to dogs! We took our pug with us when we went for 2 months, and she LOVED it!

  8. They are the guardians, protectors, and key to our heart. Along with family, they are the most precious treasures we have been blessed with. Unconditional love, loyal, adorable, irresistible, and a total gift to anyone lucky enough to have any. Pampering them as much as possible in any way will bring immense and intense joy.

    About doggies eating chocolate, it's just not a good idea at all because although they love the taste (who doesn't), it's toxic for them and will eventually lead to illness that can either become chronic (will have to be controlled by medication for the rest of their lives), or maybe even worse (can't think about that). Forget the fact that it "may not" impact them today, but consider the future, for their sake, please. Believe me, I would have given my baby anything, but not chocolate when I realized it potentially had serious repercussions.

    Love the watercolors!! and the video!!!

  9. Great post! Love the watercolors-

  10. Anonymous11:55 AM

    I have fallen in love with you. It's been three years since we were last in Paris, but I've rented an apartment for April and P.B. will help me to endure the wait.


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