Monday, August 24, 2009

Velib Paris

On Sunday fashion photographer Bill Cunningham in the NYTimes, was delighting in all the bicycles on the streets of New York...
It reminded me of the streets of Paris - did you know there's a VELIB station right in front of Pierre Herme Cambon (#4)!?
And inside appropriately there are wheels full of macarons!
The shop is circular in design too...
And just in case you're looking for a macaron or a bike...
Getting around Paris on wheels can start with a horse-drawn carriage...
Or a rented Velib like this one...
Here mom is relegated to wheeling the 2-wheeler...ahem
A very tiny 2-wheeler...
Scooters are everywhere...
I have yet to see a hound on a scooter - I probably wasn't looking hard enough...
Motor bikes galore everywhere - take your pick.
Smartcars - there are a gazillion of them in Paris...
I test ride my P.Herme ice cream in a velib...
Take your pick!
for a look at Bill's New York bike report just click:


  1. I loved seeing how the photo of the bikes in front of Herme become your art work in the next picture! Also, delightful link to the NYC bike story. Thanks. Jeannie

  2. Your painting of this one is wonderful, Carol! I'm enjoying seeing all these bikes, too. I did catch Bill C's column--always one I look forward to on Sunday...

  3. Annie1:15 PM

    I haven't ridden a bike in 30 years.
    Think I still know how? There is a free bike program in Mex. City now. Did you know Mex City is second only to Paris in its number of museums?

  4. Don't you just love it! Makes me want to buy a bike! Very challenging thought to ride and see at the same time...last week on the train from downtown here, there were lots of bikes onboard.
    Did you get a velo pass? or whatever they are called.

  5. Did you really ride a Vélib?? Ahem!

    The bikes are great, however, many of the people who rent them don't follow any of the rules. Going the wrong way down the street, riding on sidewalks and going through red lights. I was actually hit by some idiot on a Vélib who went through his red light and slammed into me, on my bike!!!!

    I watch Bill C's reports every week.

  6. Fantastic!
    (great light effect inside the shop)

  7. The inside of the shop looks so inviting! Nicely done!!

  8. marie-laure5:11 PM

    Those Herme ices look DIVINE
    each one is like a painting!!!

  9. I don't know why everyone is talking about the Velib's. What about those amazing ice creams or whatever delicious concoctions they are!

  10. It must be wonderful to be in a city where you are never far from a macaron should do a map of every place you've ever tried the macs.

  11. Havent been able to ride a bicycle for some time due to tearing something in the right knee but I still love seeing them in photos and paintings. Love the painting.

  12. Wow! The Ice cream looks amazing!!
    I love Pierre Herme!
    I love this painting!

  13. Aw! Breathe taking Paris! I love everything about Paris.

  14. The photos are perfectly well photographed, very impressive.


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