Thursday, August 06, 2009

Les rayés de l'été

Are you wearing stripes while reading PB today?
More rayés/stripes from the Queen of stripes, Sonia Rykiel...
It's no wonder the French flag is striped! There's an inherent love of all things striped in France and you can get striped from head to toe at Monoprix. Flip flops and sac included...
Then take yourself off to Hediard for more stripery why not?
Red and black stripes are a classic Frenchie look...
Stripes in the street too!?
You will always look fine wearing stripes no matter what in Paris...
Or eat a multi-striped Montecello verrine at Pierre Herme for many pennies...
"Striped" macarons at Jean-Paul Hevin!
BONJOUR Les rayés de l'été!


  1. Barbara in the Mojave9:29 AM

    You have "the artist's eye"~

  2. mmmm striped macarons?
    Call me un gros gormand, but I had 4 ! macarons the other day. Shameful.
    What's your tally?

  3. I had 4 yesterday too!
    I stole into the freezer and robbed my cache...
    I am guilty as sin :(

  4. Always the trend-spotter, CArol! Lovely!

  5. The opening shot and the lipsticks are my favorites!
    I'd love to find some sneakers like those.
    I love the angles that you use :-)

  6. foodwalker2:44 PM

    Love the stipes!

  7. Maryanne2:46 PM

    Stripes do seem to be inherently Frenchy.
    Is it in the genes?

  8. IpreferParisiens2:47 PM

    I wish there was a MONOPRIX in the heck with H&M and TopShop

  9. Roberta2:49 PM

    I could so easily wear and eat every single thing in today's post
    ! ! ! !
    I love STRIPES
    More please

  10. Love all the stripes, especially those sneakers. The penny candy bags are cute, too.

    Oh, I just realized, I'm wearing stripes today! But it's a bit more oversized and far less clingy than those first two photos.

  11. To answer someone's question above...non, wearing les rayures is not in the genes, but it helps to have gone to school there (as did I) OR to watch a lot of French film & eat French food. It just comes to you.:)

    The only clothing I bought all summer was a dress, appropriately called,Marseilles, from a site called Shabby Apple. It's very classy & cool...& on sale if anyone wants to take a look. I don't have the URL at moment but easy to find. Anyway, when I wore it the first time a French friend said, "Hey Frenchie." lol


  12. Well...I had NO macarons yesterday, today or tomorrow! And it's doing nothing for my mood. However, I did a little detour to check out Shabby Apple and it was fun!

  13. Ooohhh! I love this post...I'm a big fan of stripes =)

  14. oh la la! stripes make me so excited for paris! i move in 2 weeks :)



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