Monday, August 17, 2009

J'adore Les Cupcakes!

J'adore les cupcakes sounds so...well, FRENCH!
I was the "picky eater" in the family. I refused to eat cake, including birthday cake and CUPCAKES! I mostly played with my food, lining things up in rows, making designs etc. How I wish I was still a "picky eater" :(
Photo by Helene of The French really do adore the American cupcake. Look at these unique cupcake/cones from Helene of Tartelette! Helene took this beautiful photo.
I found this interesting 2-layer birthday cupcake from Robyn of The Girl who Ate Everything.
Photo by Robin Lee of love the anatomical view Robyn took of her own birthday cupcake
I'm not the world's biggest cupcake eater, But when ParisBreakfasts reader, Paige L. wrote me, You don't like cupcakes? But they're cakes made for one!
You can put them on little pedestals with glass domes... And, they can sit out in view all day without going stale, so the anticipation builds.
They're art! So I had to go out and get a CUPCAKE for Gawd's sake...
and paint it...

Just around the corner IL BAMBINO has CUPCAKE ART
on their walls.
Plus trays and trays full of CUPCAKES.
I think I may be fonder of the Crayola birthday candles than actually
eating cupcakes.
I must admit they are fun to paint :)


Anne Corrons said...

Are cupcakes as fun as macarons to paint? I miss my favorite chocolate cupcakes with purple icing from Magnolia Bakery . Miam, Miam! Too hot in Paris to eat cakes...Berthillon ice creams sound better for today!

Frøken Paris said...

J'adore les cupcakes too! Too bad that they are kind of hard to find here in Paris. Macarons are all over but where are the cupcakes!?! Ceci dit, I have read that there are a couple of cupcake "boulangeries" here now, but havent't been there yet... Nice post!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!!!I think I really like the idea of cupcakes more than actually eating them...luckily my boys will eat them up!!

Bonnie said...

I concur with your other reader. There is thing of perfection about a cupcake.

A cake? Well, it is so obvious. So large and clumsy at times. But a cupcake? Just childlike enough to be fun! fun! fun! But dainty enough for a grownup of aesthetic sensibilities to both appreciate and enjoy. And, there is something else that I am having trouble explaining ... but perhaps it's a little like a Victorian miniature silhouette hanging from a fine, gold chain: one admires it even if one is not inclined to wear it around one's own neck. Reminiscent of a time. A pleasant reminder.


Cupcake Hater said...

I HATE cupcakes...eating them that is...I like to look at them though and they are spreading to Paris!!

Annie said...

The cupcake craze must be about over....I hope. Too much icing in ratio to cake, me thinks.
The only one I really like is the black bottom cup cake that has NO icing. Moist with bits of chocolate in the center.

Angela K. Nickerson said...

Your paintings are so cute and fun! :)


Marty said...

You know what they call a very large cupcake.......?????!!!!!!!!
>>>>>A Cake<<<<<<<<<

Grace said...

This is an old post of Richard Nahum's (who's taking a vacation from blogging because it's August.)
Perfect for today's cupcake theme!

All the best,

Nikon said...

I love all of the paintings that you've included in this post!
I'm not a cupcake fan - too sweet - but I love your paintings and photos of them.
(Is that you as a child?) Awwwwwww

vicki archer said...

I do like a cupcake but not nearly as much as a macaron...xv

naphtali said...

Yumm! Trop bon !!

Linda said...

What a beautiful little girl that "picky eater" was!

Paige said...

So nice to get a shout out in PB this morning! And to see my cupcake painting front and center!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

As another (regretfully) reformed picky eater, I still detest the frosting on cupcakes, but the cake! Ah the cake! Frankly, IMHO you must have chosen a bad cupcake...all those gritty sprinkles and that horrid frosting...I did claim to be reformed, didn't I?

Cynthia said...

A two layered cupcake? Now that would make me happy!

Di Overton said...

I love those Crayola candles. Do they sell boxes of 58 :(

Lady Macaron said...

yum...cupcakes & macaron that would be fun to make, topped with lots of macarons...or just one or two. Robyn's tiered cupcake is fun! what a great idea to make that! thanks for a great post Carol!