Monday, December 21, 2009

I Still Love ABC

Santa waved his snow wand over New York City on late Saturday...
I heard there were big snow ball fights in Times Square.
Wanna come look in my favorite New York store, ABC Carpets?

They always do white for Xmas, so how a propos this year..
They favor the bear too...
The way I do...
Ah the old fashioned tinsel tree -- no trees were harmed...
And plenty of old fashioned vintage Santas to put under your tree...
Vaux vintage houses...
Well after all ABC is a home store --
we need shelter from the storm.
And home is where the heart is...tee hee
Home is where there should be plenty of gingerbread too...


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM


    Next time you may want to spell it "à propos". I normally overlook the typos but this one was a bit harder to decipher.

    Joyeux Noël!

  2. Yes, I heard about that snow that hit you guys. Get out your toboggan, Carol--have fun! Lovely shop windows. Enjoy NY's holiday windows for me. xo

  3. Love that store. I purchased an antique book shelf there about 12 years ago. I can get lost in there for hours, especially at Christmas. Thanks for posting these lovely photos. Have a Happy Monday, and a Happy Holiday.

  4. Foodwalker1:40 PM

    You can wander in your own winter wonderland.
    Bundle up.

  5. Marie-Antoinette1:41 PM

    My favorite store too for plumy atmosphere

  6. ma boutique préférée au MONDE!!!



  7. I still love ABC too...and I was just bemoaning the fact that I didn't get to see the Christmas windows. So thanks for saving my day!

  8. Oh I love all the white in that window. Beautiful and elegant.

  9. Very cute, Carol - I love how just looking at it brings out the kid in me :)

  10. Lovely! I have stopped by ABC's website before, but I love seeing the decorations. You know, ABC will be stocking items from the company I work for! The lady who runs the store actually sent us a video message in our latest conference a couple of months ago. And a Greek-American customer I have, whose mother is Jewish- American, tells me ABC is very posh!
    Gotta love the Big Apple!

  11. Carol, thank you for posting all these pictures, ABC is such a great store. Your posts are on my favorites lists.
    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  12. That wooden bench in front of the store is so unique, very nice.

  13. How did I miss ABC when I was in NYC???? Was I distracted by a certain artist? An artist who knows all the best places for les macarons? Well, I'll just have to come back.!

  14. That entrance shot, the "heart" window - a painting, really! - the polar bears (did you know the German word is "ice bears"?), those Weihnachtsmänner in lavender to pink hues, the vintage houses, I am smitten! Thank you for sharing this winter wonderland with us.

    I would like to say to the person, writing under the cover of anonymity, that I am sorry she or he does not understand what this blog is all about: A hardworking artist sharing her world with us, the readers and viewers, to revel in what she sees and what we otherwise may not even notice and miss, making our collective world the richer for what she has to offer.

    Thank you, Carol, for your indomitable spirit and generosity and the hard work you put into this blog. My blog would have long go dormant where it not for your generosity, you taught me so much, and I shall forever be grateful to you. I still hope that one day you will come and visit my new hometown too. It may not be the splendor of the City of Lights, but it is a little gem too.

    Merry Christmas, Carol,

  15. Carol~ who cares how you spelled it, we all knew exactly what you meant! Thanks for all of the beauty you work so hard to bring us. Wishing you the very best Christmas! xo

  16. dear carol... thank you so much for posting this... i just love abc... and unfortunately, have not seen it at christmas time... i wish you many blessings in 2010 and hope you had a lovely christmas x pam

  17. Oh, I LOVE rows and rows of "vintage" Christmas items!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great new year!


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