Monday, December 14, 2009

NY Bear Story

You know I have a propensity for bears at Parisbreakfast. I even stayed on bear street/rue aux ours in Paris...
So when I saw Bloomingdale's Xmas windows I was in bear heaven...
Once upon a time there were 3 bears....
They were dreaming of gigantic gummy bears...
In fact a whole tree full of gummy bears...
True, Dad bear would rather be riding his motorcycle...
And Mom bear was...
She'd rather be dancing...
Here's another New York bear story...
One bear on the lookout for other bears...
Ah ha!
Come on!
Time to go bear shopping.
BONJOUR Lundi December 14!!


  1. Bill Ternay8:40 AM

    Carol...Thanks for these opportunities to have a peek at the always festive & colorful holiday windows, in NY.
    I'd hoped to get to see the Hockney show, and the store windows, next week, but must cancel out.
    Too much to do at home for the holidaaaaze! Will be content to see it through your always selective eyes.

  2. Great "leche-vitrines" Carol! It looks like Rue aux Ours is a fantastic location in the Marais. I love the Bloomies fist bear with the spectacles! Great post.

  3. Are the Xmas displays up for Thanksgiving normally? I want to go to NY for Thanksgiving next year and seeing the wonderful windows would be fantastic. We are a bear family (my husband and I) and have a few of them in our house (not actual bears...!). The windows are fantastic!

  4. William Tell9:59 AM

    Love yer bear blog today.
    Most festive & fun,
    with the doggie-bears.
    You do have a history with bears

  5. Brother Grim10:00 AM

    Grin 'n bear it!

  6. I love bears too!! And I loved your post!!

  7. Oh how adorable! It really is heartening to see those adorable pups. Merci! Trish

  8. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Love that first image, Carol--cheered me up here at work this morning. Stay warm. xo

  9. Chas Baker11:32 AM

    I miss your watercolours. I wanted to give a few as Christmas presents but I have not seen any new Gillotts in quite a while. If the Paris facades idea is growing stale, how about a French chateaux series? I still think your “Chateau Vaux le Vicomte” is one of your finest pieces.


  10. Bear-y much fun!! LOL Makes me want to hug a bear today...and did you know that they make chocolate covered cinnamon gummi bears? Yep..Whole Foods...
    Hugs and great agog-ness sharing. Love it!!

  11. ha ha !
    le nounours de la petite fille Carol !
    very emouvant...
    rue AUX ous and no majuscule pour lundi et decemBRE


  12. What a smile-inducing bearish beginning of the week, merci!

    I met some woolly pigs today. Almost as cuddly as bears. ;-)

  13. I particularly love bears with spectacles.

  14. I was once repulsed by a giant gummy bear:

    The concept looks much more appealing in your photos.

  15. I feel like you about Bears, Check out::
    "The shadow of the bear"
    I worked With her mother for years. Her Daughter Lesley lives with Bears every summer.
    Alaska. She has the
    best bear POST CARDS

    Yvonne--- Dogs a darlin

  16. Thank you so much for your Paris posts. You do something that makes people smile and that is a gift.I will be in Paris next May - am counting the days.

    Thank you again and Marry Christmas/Holidays.


  17. Fabulous one, Carol!
    I love it - love the doggies, too.

  18. A lot of bears indeed! I can see that the gummy bears have the same shape as the Haribo chocolate covered ones (which I so much like) and which you once posted about!

  19. I ust had to grin and bear it today!

  20. My fav must be the giant glittery gummy bears!

  21. The colors in that window display are enchanting!


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