Thursday, December 10, 2009

Macaron Franchises

CHATEAU BLANC Piece Montee,watercolor,5.5" x 7.5"

I'm celebrating today, not just because the market has bounced back

CHATEAU BLANCYesterday I couldn't find my bank card + 2 credit cards = eeep! In the mad search for them, I decided to clean out all my Paris souvenirs lurking in my studio. Hoping what? That I might find my cards among them? Qui sait.. The point is I found so much paraphrenalia, I decided I could open a macaron franchise here in Astoria, NY! I certainly have enough business cards to get going.

CHATEAU BLANC AND quite a few free postcards, a couple of stickers and a brochure or two.
Boxes? I have a vast collection just waiting to be filled.

Napkins? We're a bit low here...Hmmmm

Sugar packets? Oui!CHATEAU BLANC
Actual teapot and signature china? No yet.
CHATEAU BLANC But we do have a nice supply of teapot holder thingies.
Receipts? PlentyCHATEAU BLANC
Only one small bag DommageCHATEAU BLANC
Macarons ? Zero! But you can get plenty of them over at Tartelette's or Arans
While foraging through all this stuff, you'd think I would find at least one crumb or old chocolate lurking.. NOT A ONE! Next trip (in 14 days) I will be sure to throw a few into my suitcase with all these paper souvenirs.
(this is a repost)


  1. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Dont be greedy! Bring us back some macaroons and other souvenirs. I became wistful when I saw that you are soon returning to Paris. I volunteer to go on a leash. I will practice barking.


  2. I love the pastel greens. I have yet to taste a macaron, maybe you should open a store......
    (I'm so glad that the market has bounced back, too :)

  3. Bonjour Carol!
    Wow, you do have a Laduree collection. So glad you found your cards, and that you have another trip to Paris coming up. Pack your warm clothes - winter is here.
    Have a fabulous macoron filled day!

  4. How funny that no one so far has recoginzed that this is a repost (even though you stated that it is) from October 2008 and that reports of a market rebound and an upcoming trip to Paris were true....fifteen months ago!

  5. I can see why you re-posted. That's a goody! And I guess we know now if we did not before where it is that you do actually sample the merchandise REPEATEDLY! Believe me, I have no quibbles with your choice! Just wish I had so many Laduree souvenirs! Mine would probably just show up on my thighs!

  6. Have you seen this yet?

    Feature on David Lobovitz's site; apparently getting good reviews

  7. I believe you should call your re-posts "Classics"!

  8. Hi, Carol.

    I was over at Galleries Lafayette today, and guess what? They have little guest soaps in the special Christmas gift department that look just like macarons. Lovely little things---have you seen them? Yes, I'm am here in Paris through New Years. Life is good.

  9. What? I kept holding my breath, worrying about your credit cards, only to find out that all that suspense was for a repost? ;-)
    I am still grateful for the beautiful reminders of your Laduree excursiosn, though.
    So good to hear you get to go back for more so soon!

  10. I1m a macaron adict, I confess. Dying here!!

  11. Carol, no matter what adjectives I use to describe Paris Breakfasts -- it can only be good! There's no other option. You've got consistently got the best street-scene features in all of blogland, AND you've got the best window-display pix out there as well. Two blue ribbons for one blog; not many accomplish that! :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  12. you do know their macarons are machine made?


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