Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bright Lights, Big City

Last night I went out to shoot the New York lights...
It was 30 degrees and I'd left my hat somewhere or other...
But hey this is the best time in New York!
Size is everything here...
Some things never change in New York...
And THANK GOODNESS for that!
Neon lights at Gucci...
I love Saks' giant snow flakes. Don't ever change Saks please.
Tiffany's sparkly doorway is always a welcome sight...
Ball park hot dog anyone?
New York's lite-up trees always please me no matter how cold it is....
Ah, the big star at the corners of 57th street & 5th Avenue...
Please always be there for us...
Do you have sparkly shoes to wear for the holidays..?
You'll need one of New York's special hot dogs after all that dancing...


  1. Oh I'm sooooooo homesick! Love the Tiffany doorway...and I do have a pair of sparkly flats..must dig them up right away! sooner or later everything comes back in style!

  2. great photos.....really puts you in the mood for the holidays. Gotta love the TIffany's entrance...!

  3. Misha in Paris8:29 AM

    I adore your hotdog man, wonderfull photography !

  4. Dear Carol
    It has been a dream of mine for a very long time to see New York City at Christmas time. Well, I am 65 and still haven't gotten there but today I opened my email and was taken away for a little bit.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures. You have really captured the magic of Christmas in New York City.
    One spot I would love to see is Tavern on The Green.
    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful works of art each and every day..

  5. I always love NY during the holidays. Brings back memories of heading into the city to have lunch with my dad and watch the skaters at Rockefeller Plaza. Thanks for the nostalgia, Carol.

  6. PS
    I don't have any sparkly shoes but I like the ones in the window. I take a size 91/2.
    I am sure those shoes come with a hefty price...

  7. Misha,
    I'm sending you a New York Hot Dog for Xmas!

  8. These are such lvoely pictures of similar images in my head, Christmases past, New York by night - your photo of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is simply sparkling. I reach out and .... Thank you! :-)

  9. Yay for you going out & taking pix of NYC lights. I think they'll all be down by the time I get up there (fairly soon but a bit late for it). xoxo

    svs & GG the fairy light adoring cat

  10. The Saks stars were always my favorite -- so lovely.

  11. Thank you! This is something I've never seen in person sadly for me !

    Carol, I think you should take a look at my last blog post, it snowed today in Paris! and there's a couple of pics ;)

  12. New York at Christmas, wow. It is truly beautiful.

  13. Great post Carol - I might have to vote for the hotdog man too!

  14. LOVEEEEEEE New York at Christmas time! It must be the best decorated city in the States during the Holiday Season... Beats Paris... hands down!!! I will have to go back next year at Christmas time!!!!

  15. Oh MERCI for this quick trip around to see the gorgeous lights! I need some of those glittery flats as well! Happy holidays to you!

  16. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Oh, makes me want to go to NY and go Iceskating at Rockefeller Center right away. Heard it's real cold right now.

  17. Great post, wonderful pics!!

  18. I LOVE those night shots!
    The first shot is a stunner but my favorites are the street vendors shot by available light - great stuff, Carol!

  19. I LOVE THESE!!!!! Must say I am kind of partial to one of those store fronts...:)))) Magical all during this time of year. I skated in front of that huge tree once upon a time and it was sooooooo wonderful...felt l like the world was just there for our taking like snowflakes on the tips of our tongues. :))))

  20. I just love this post! But I somehow wistfully thought that Tiffany's lights would be blue.

  21. Je craque!!!
    j'2change Hot Dog dans la rue à New York conte Macarons chez Laduré,
    Tu es OK????

    Joyeux Noël


  22. I can't believe you even bother about Paris when you are shooting pictures at the Rockfeller center!!!
    I totally agree with what Manon just wrote!...unless I try to make some hot dog flavoured macarons?!(yeeek!)
    Anyway, thank you for the pictures!

  23. I like NY as much (may be more) as I like Paris... I've been there many times, but never at Christmas time. No matter how cold ıt would be, next year, this time I'm planning to be there:)

  24. Thank you for this wonderful NYC tour! I'm listening to Chris Botti and it's the perfect music for your pictures. : )

  25. Every year I say I am going down to NYC at Christmas time but I never find the time. Your photos have inspired me.


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