Monday, December 07, 2009

First Best Friends

Over Thanksgiving I sent an email to my oldest 1st best friend, Barbara. We go back to kindergarden days.
Like cats, we were bosom buddies.
Like cats at times we did not to speak to each other, though our school lockers were side by side.
Barbara lived in an apartment building, which I thought could not be more glamourous.
 Her apartment was furnished grandly in my eyes, like a palace.
Meanwhile Barbara thought my house was wonderfully homie and that we were the classic American family...what?
Barbara is an only child and her clothes closet put me in a state of awe.
No hand-me-downs and all those Capezio ballerinas! Oh
Sometimes I had dinner at Barbara's.
 It seemed as if they ate lamb chops (my favorite) every day.
Barbara and I were both artistic so we had lots in common.
There was a third artsy musketeer in our class - Mary Ellen. Together we landed all the top assignments you can land in the 4th grade like painting the Halloween windows at Strawbridges Department store. We've all become artists in various fields. From the earliest days I use to walk Barbara home, and then she would walk me home, and then I would walk her home again.
I still do that with friends - it's hard to stop chatting...
Are you in contact with your first best friend?


  1. Elizabeth10:11 AM

    Such a delightful story!


  2. Susanne10:24 AM

    I just LOVE your story about Barbara with those photos--so cute and so creative!

    You are such the artist!!!!!!


  3. Great story. I had a similar best friend. We looked a bit like twins, which was greatly helped by the fact that we both had red hair and were the same size, and we wore a scool uniform, and after school we canged into the same jeans rolled up and kept on our uniform blouse and sweater. But she had only one sister, while I had 6 brothers and one sister. Her house was all serenity while mine was rather chaotic.

  4. Thanks for grounding me in this crazy, busy season! Best friends are the best gift of all!

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    First of all, dear Carol,
    I'm so happy to be able to say that you are one of my dearest friends.
    This Friday night I'll be having dinner with my absolutely oldest friend. Our parents used to double-date long before either of us was a twinkle in either couple's eyes. As kids in S. Jersey, he & I vaccinated chickens (yes; yuch) together, for spending money.
    I don't think we'll be ordering chicken for dinner this Friday.
    Thanks for the nostalgic post.

  6. What a beautiful post!
    First friends are so special. I've loved watching my children enjoy theirs. And it gives me the chance to get to know fun, interesting young people!

  7. Beautiful job, Carol. The story and your photos are so perfect......
    I love this one.

  8. Awwwww--What a charming post, Carol. Great photos to illustrate your tale here. Those little girls are so sweet, and reminded me of a coat I had as a little girl--I haven't thought of that in years.

  9. Yes, we each have a Barbara wunderbach !


  10. how sweet i wanna cry.
    I have a faded photo of us jumping rope.

  11. I lost my first best friend a couple of years ago. We were both diagnosed within two years of each other. I made it through, she didnt. I miss her terribly. We kept in touch throughout our lifetimes, through marriages, children, divorces, successes and disappointments. The only thing I have to remind me of her is her baby pillow which I keep in my bed and hug every night.

  12. What a lovely sentiment...what would we do without our girlfriends? How lucky we are to have them in our lives! Jeanne

  13. Lovely, Carol. Oh yes, still in touch. I received my now-traditional email (it will be followed up with phone call) warning of: "I just mailed your Christmas box. Do not open it until at least Xmas Eve. I will find out if you do. I always do because you cannot contain your excitement & msg me. I'm warning you...." Plus we have others in this group...esp one who is now in Louisiana. And others. We've not been able to visit in a few years, but hope to next year. I cannot imagine life without them.


  14. What a lovely story. Big smiles. I am glad to say I have the luck of being close still to my first best friend. Beautiful story that absolutely captured what that is like. :) Gorgemous.

  15. Great post. I don't have contact with my first best friend, but my best friend and I have been friends for over 30 years. . . girlfriends - such a treasure.

  16. What a adorable post! Loved to read and see it! Really great!! Tell us more!

  17. Bonjour Carol. What a charming post. The first image is mu favorite. Friends are so important, I've known my best friend for nearly 30 years. Thanks for reminding me not to lose sight of our precious friends, which are so rare these days. Hope you have a fabulous week!

  18. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Your imaginative storytelling presentation was truly touching...

  19. wow, thanks for sharing with us. My first best friend was friendS. They were twins, Brenda & Linda. We lived next store to one another, and were never seperate. Though it was always hard come drive-in movie night at our house, because we could only bring ONE friend. The other would cry, even though they would get a turn next time. We stayed friends until about 6th grade. They figured out they were a grade older (though only 4 months dang it!), and moved on without me. We see each other every few years, but I still have the best memories.

  20. Either very small windows on Maille...
    or exceedingly fat cats...
    LOL Love this either way.

  21. that was way cool today.
    i took great pleasure in forwarding it to my first best friend, from age 3, since 1949. and being a cat person, i also appreciated les chats.
    i really do enjoy your posts.

  22. such a jolie histoire ;) I am still in contact with one of my best friends from high school...we recently went to see Deep Purple together for old sakes ;)

  23. That photo said it all.
    BEST Childhood Friends.

  24. I heart this story/post! It brings back memories.
    Now, when do we have dinner at Barbara's home, haha?
    I love your blog...

  25. Helas! Non! Her name was Terry and I knew her when she was 4 and 5...then she moved away. We buried lots and lots of time capsules...bottles and cans with messages inside. What I wouldn't give to know what we said!

  26. Lovely post! My first best friend is still my BFF, after 46 years. Since I'm an only child, she is my best source of childhood memories. And young married memories. And menopause memories in the making!

  27. Of the countless PB posts I've read I have to say THIS was, by far, my favorite...I'm forwarding it on to my oldest and dearest friend. Thanks ever so much for a sweet romp down memory lane!

  28. je pense que j'ai reconnu le petit antiquaire du quartier Saint paul.
    Elle est belle ton histoire.

    bonne journée


  29. its a such nice and warm story....

  30. Wow what a coincidence this could have been about me and my best friend Barbara - how weird is that?

  31. Nik from Brisbane, Australia4:59 AM

    Oh this was such a beautiful post to come home to, brought back memories of my friend through school, we were partners in crime, often staying at each other’s homes, sleepovers when we were at high school, giggling over boys, she married at around 20, I’m 45 and not married, she has 5 children, I missed that boat! Our lives drifted apart some years ago but oh I can remember such beautiful memories of Robyn. Joy, Laughter and Love. 2 weeks to go until xmas in Paris, Bisous

  32. Thank you for remembering me about my very best friend. So lovely post.Bisou

  33. One of your best!!!!!!!!!


  34. Anonymous9:33 AM

    What a lovely story/memory.

    Growing up, I was able to find a best friend in Laurrie. Her family moved to the Boston area from Nancy, France for business. She was and still is my "French sis". Laurrie now lives in Paris with her husband and three gorgeous children. We hope to have our families meet, for the first time, in Paris one of these fine days.

    Thank you for sharing, Carol.

  35. Such a wonderful heartwarming paen to old friendships!

    When I met my first best friend again after 17 years (I had moved to the States and did not return to Rome for all those years), after we had spent the evening together, we continued talking for hours until 3am, next to her Vespa, never realizing it was that late (or early in the morning).

  36. Anonymous5:03 PM

    I start every morning with your delightful and inspiring gems. I lived in France for 4 years (3 in Paris), and 3 years in Italy. So, you can imagine the nostalgia I feel.
    My husband and I own a natural foods market with an adjoining cafe-creperie in a small town in Washington State. I am reliving all my favorite European food memories through my store, inspiring customers to try things that they can barely pronounce, but are delighted to be exposed to. Food exploration is a great way to travel. You often feature foods and ideas that have led me to acquiring them for my store. Thank you for allowing me to relive my Paris nostalgia every morning.

    Just a quick note- You have probably already heard this by now, Wednesday's, "L'avant Comptoir" featured crepes of the day with "dinde" being the main ingredient...The transaltion is turkey. ("canard" is duck.) Simple mistake. I will have to try this crepe idea in our creperie.

    Thanks again for your daily posts.

  37. What sweet memories :)
    I grew up in the South (USA) and had one little boy who was my best friend. He stuck up for me when other little boys would be mean, he was from a scary mean family and I guess my family appealed to him more.
    He always stopped at my house first on the way home, saying hello to my mother then walking on alone to his house at the end of the long road we lived on.
    I wondered sometimes if he ( as an adult) ever thought it funny, that his best friend in grade school was a skinny little girl :)


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