Friday, October 13, 2006

Let Em Eat Macarons

It's Friday Pastry day at PB (Paris Breakfasts). It' seems like it's been "pastry day" all week at PB.

And it's the day Sophia Coppola's “Marie Antoinette” opens at the NY Film Festival -- another piece of pastry for the eyes. Don't you love the way her dress and the pastry (made by Ladurée BTW) are conjoined here? Think PINK. You can catch the NYTimes review here.
My Ladurée "before"...
My Ladurée "after". Believe me, I did not "toss" those macs away! Afternoon tea at Fauchon. Note there's another plateful of goodies sitting back there. I was attempting to act restrained. Pretending to nibble..hmmm
What I did this summer to "keep my head above water" with all the macarons I was downing to keep my readers happy...those macs conjoined with my anatomy anyway :(
I only bought the petit macs at La Maison du Chocolat :( I miss having cherries to toss into my still lifes. Pomegranates don't do the trick :(


  1. Delicious bite after bite..I mean word after word...I mean painting after painting!
    Oh you know what I mean!!

  2. I want one of the cups and saucers from Fauchon. Wonderful paintings as always I'm off to eat something now.

  3. Hello from down under in New Zealand.
    I have listed your blog @ #441 on my blog - 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Share - as it is worth sharing.
    Click on my name to see my blogs........but make sure you have a packed lunch.

  4. yummmm and yes, swimming is good, particularly when one is swimming in goodies!

  5. DELISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had downed all those fantastic macarooms I'd have to swim all day for a month to remove them from my 'conjoining!' LOL! But Carol, these are just so glorious ... and so intoxicating for the eyes and pallete ... keep 'em comin' ...!!!

  6. You're so fortunate to have access to such beautiful desserts.

    I'm off to drink another cup of chocolate capuccino to get my mind off of the sweets! LOL.

  7. Macarons are my favorite French dessert. It is so heavenly when you bite into one and the outside is crispy, the inside creamy. So much better, and prettier, than an Oreo.

  8. This is just cruel. All this pastry porn and not a real-life macaron in sight.

    (your watercolors are beautiful, btw!)

  9. Anonymous1:20 PM

    My husband just returned from a trip to Italy and Paris and I can't even tell you how influenced our time in Paris was by your blog! :O) Top of the list were macaroons from Pierre Herme & Laduree (actually got chocolates at Laduree instead), visiting Sennelier where I bought a tiny Sennelier watercolor kit (and I don't even know how to paint watercolors!), and Cafe Flore. I love what you post about and all your paintings so much!
    Here's to a little reverse influence relative to your post of 10/12. :o)

  10. Wonderful post !

    BEEEautiful paintings !

    Love the Marie Antionette picture...can't wait to see it myself next weekend here.

    I don't care if it is getting bad reviews...I just want to see it all.

    Loved catching up on your blog pix since I was here the tea and goodies ! Wish I had been there.

    sigh. I am wayyy overdue for going to TEA.

  11. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Hi cuz...
    Catching up on your posts after a LOOOONG time driving to VA. YUMMY!
    As usual.

  12. The movie would be so much better without the dreaded Dunst in it. Love this site! Any blog with the name Paris Breakfasts has GOT to be good! Thank you for the comment on my blog today that brought me to this lovely discovery.

  13. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Someone mentioned an Oreo here! This is sacrilege IMO :( I wonder if they have Oreos in Paris...

  14. Aaaahhhhhhhh! I just attacked my laptop screen at the sight of those exquisite macaroons. Oh, how I miss Parisian pastries!

  15. Each time I come here your photos and paintings AMAZE me!Thank you for sharing!

  16. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Your paintings are great! Love the colors!

  17. Those macarons remind me of Soylent Green.

  18. Ooh. La. La. I miss macarons! My favourite macarons are those by Laduree - first a framboise, then a chocolat. Heaven! I too am looking forward to Marie Antoinette - any film that features Laduree pastries, pugs and Paris gets my vote!

  19. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Macaron history to boot at paris breakfasts..another breakfast wrecked!


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