Monday, October 02, 2006

More Color Pigment Stores

Paintbox candy
Did you play with your food? My family was long gone from the dinner table while I was lining up peas in rows. Lots of people don't take artists seriously. And rightly so. We play with paint. Playing with pigments is primal, like making mud pies. Once you start playing you can't stop. And you're always looking for that ultimate art store - the answer to your dreams.

a candy store long gone
You might need a gondola to get there. I saw this shop first on Pigments through the Ages When I got to Venice I went searching. The Tourist office said the owner had died, but a similar shop could be found.

Lauren took this picture of my Venice candy storeLauren of Mâitress was just in Venice and took this mystery picture of the shop.

in Cornelissen's candy store
My first foreign 'candy store' was near The British Museum. I used to go to the BM to visit the master drawings collection. Afterwards I'd visit Cornelissen's looking for treasures. Their wall of glass pigment jars enthralls you the minute you walk inside.

still a little girl in the candy store
When I was 5 - 7 years old, my dad dropped me every Saturday morning at finger painting class at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After class I wandered in the Period Rooms till my Dad picked me up.
These rooms provided my 1st taste of travel. It's never left me. My family called me "dreamy" and "head-in-the-clouds" No wonder. Many thanks to writer, Lauren of Mâitress and painter, R Chunn who helped me tell this story.


  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I am writing a book about Lent and lental tradition, and I have a special chapter on the rainbow. There I tell about the colours, and the link to the Venice store is full of inspiration. Thanks. And thanks for another dreamy blog - I am glad you have your head in the clouds. You should have had breakfast with me in the clouds on Saturday (see my blog today)

  2. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I love the photo with all the colors. I wish I knew how to watercolor it looks like so much fun and produces gorgeous paintings.

    Ari (Baking and Books)

  3. happy to help! I thought of you immediately when I saw that store, right near Campo S. Stefano...

  4. Just found your blog and yes it's a ticket to dreamworld, all the colors and shapes, and beautiful stories to go with them...

  5. Carol - I've got the address of the store and photos of it which i took when i visited it last year. Just need to dig them out for you.............

  6. Anonymous2:49 PM

    PB, you mentioned being dropped
    off at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for finger painting class. I
    took drawing classes there in my late teens but spent many, many
    hours of my youth roaming the period galleries. What treasures to have within a quick train ride and brisk walk while growing up!
    Thank you

  7. I love your blog!! You are the most ambitious watercolorist-blogger I've ever known!! It's so inspiring!!

  8. Anonymous6:53 AM

    Regarding Cornelissen's, I had a friend Robert who worked there for years but eventually left and set up a mini-version in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. It was the most exquisite art shop I ever knew, a real treasure trove but sadly despite it's long list of artist admirers, it closed due to lack of business. I still have amazing brushes and pastels I made from the pigments I bought there and often think back to that little gem of a shop.
    Love your blogs Carol,

  9. What a cute kid. She has that look of an artist and future world traveler. There is something else in those eyes though.... Ah! a future closet cleaner

  10. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Carol...Being away in Maine, on our island, I've missed seeing your blogs this past week. I have a secret little cove in a corner of the Phila. Museum that I cherish. There's a WONDERFUL, very vertical still-life by Bon nard, within which is a Mattise sculpture. And nearby, sits the actual sculpture! Talk about an aesthetic "double-wammy"! Much like your daily blogs!
    S.Jersey Boy

  11. Ooh, marvy! I think I'm going to have to plan a road trip to Philly soonish.

  12. Carol, stay dreamy and keep your heads in the clouds, because you give us a wonderful taste from your view!!

  13. I wouldn't mind working for those candy stores in Venice. Kremer's got nothing on them, but, some small changes have happened yesterday that I'll will start looking like a candy store. Even if it kills me. You'll se when you come in to work tomorrow!


  14. I am reading through your blog. Love your wine paintings. So happy to know that you used to roam through the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I spent many hours there in my youth. Such a fascinating place and in such a beautiful setting. Enjoy your blog very much. All the best to you.

  15. Anonymous5:28 PM

    I can't believe you dragged yourself away from that Venetian paint store!!! I must go there! Failing that, I must have one of each bottle! Failing that, I might settle for a trip to Kremer's...
    love the photo of your kits surrounding the painting, too! Must get back to reading your archives!
    a member of the sisterhood of stick straight hair


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