Monday, October 30, 2006

Paris Chiens...

Is there anything like Parisien dogs?
Anonymous commented...Could you do Parisien dogs perhaps? Absolutemente! I guess if you're around chic people all the time if rubs off on you. And so well-behaved in the Metro no less! I'd often see les chiens au café sitting out in front on the pavements - a sort of the maitre'd of the place. There's a strong propensity for red collars and leashes in France. This great little Japanese Peke has a smart red collar much like his French brothers. He's from a woodblock print. Who does better doggies than David Hockney? This painting is so contemporary and yet you could reach over and pet these pups, they're that endearing. I picked up the little dog on the far right last trip. He's made in the Ardeche. I think I better pick up a red collar for him this trip or else..


  1. I like the monkey. Do you see many Parisian monkeys when you roam the streets?

  2. Anonymous3:25 AM

    i have to say, i'm not so much a dog lover. but i really like how the three top picutes are all linked by red things. i just love the first for the bag and the pretty table cloths on the third... so well seen! lovely, lovely!

  3. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Hi Carol,
    Did you read my last comment to your"On Japanese Woodblock Prints"-the 17th one?
    Ps-Really nice your"Dogs'photos"?

  4. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Your photos are as enjoyable as your amazing paintings! When living in Britain, I was always so impressed with the comradery between "man" and dog. I particularly loved the puppies' presence in the pubs and coffee shops ... and they were so well behaved, too. I do not remember many dogs being present in the streets of Paris (or bistros?) so many years ago so I am glad to see that has changed. I love dogs!

  5. Anonymous11:32 AM

    And so very parisienne :-)

  6. o carol, i've been missing for far too long...the good thing is, how i've been enjoying this series of posts in one long go - your artistry just takes my breath away!

  7. Love this post the photos of dogs.. the art.. the baguettes.. Paris!!

  8. I've got more Parisien doggies coming..and more animals in general. They were EVERYWHERE in the most amusing ways...

  9. Anonymous8:54 PM

    oui oui!

  10. Do a special red ribbon for the African cause like Gap is doing.

  11. i agree! their dogs are very well-behaved! it frustrates me that here in the states, dogs are allowed almost nowhere. how are we to train our dogs to be calm and comfortable in a busy subway station if we are never allowed to take them there? it's sad. i'm always surprised by how many people smile when they see me on the street with my pugs. in paris, it is no big deal, because there is another dog around the corner. (you have touched a nerve with me. ha!)

  12. Anonymous1:35 PM

    j'aime beaucoup vos aquarelles!!!
    , les photos aussi!! bravo!!


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