Tuesday, October 17, 2006

3 Peonies, Mariage Freres

I got this silver tea server-spoon at Mariage Freres.. On the 12th, I posted, your comments often inspire blog post ideas. I asked you to throw some more ideas my way. Hmmm...this didn't turn out as planned. 
I got quite a few curve balls from left field.
BTW this is not a painting of a cup of tea and a flower. This is an homage to a Paris monument, 
Mariage Freres black tea tin.

This tour de chocolat is the closest I'm ever getting to the Eiffel Tower again Corey said... ParisBreakfasts, you could paint anything and I would love it! But since you ask... how about the Eiffel Tower?
Non, no, niete, nada, niente, JAMAIS!

Have you ever seen a monument painting here at PB? Unless you call a painting of macaron a Paris monument.
HELLO? This Tour Eiffel du chocolat is as close as I come to the real one. And I've complained way too many times what a bitch it is to paint chocolate..

I still haven't gotten this Paris monument yet to my liking. I usually have to paint something over and over until I get it. Ilva of Lucullian Delights said...paint Cheese please!
At first I agreed, but after thinking a bit, NO, sorry, not possible. Aside from the adorable sheep parked on this chunk of Reblochon.. Most cheese looks like corrugated cardboard that has been sitting in a cellar somewhere. The colors are not pretty nor is the surface texture and forget about the smell. Sorry Ilva

Anonymous said...Parisian dogs perhaps?
Now this I could go for. The chien in the chic red collar was guarding his café like Cerberus at the gates of Hell -- the first Parisien I saw after landing last May. I Ihave lots of doggie pictures

3rd try at the Mariage Freres monument..not there yet.
Some other suggestions that came in:
cityfarmer said...My heart beats a little faster at the photos of doorways and the architecture of doors in Paris. I wouldn't mind seeing a watercolor off your brush depicting beautiful entrances!!! Nope, I don't do windows and I don't do doorways. Désolé.
Shannon said... I'm wondering if you can paint people...a person you saw in Paris as best as you can from memory. Uh huh. No more figures if I can help it and I don't do "memory" either. I'm smitten with coffee cups.
And Lin
said...Do you do landscapes? I will if I'm in Tuscany..meanwhile I'm hungup on painting café table top landscapes, preferably in Paris. No one asked me to paint an elephant playing with a blue exercise ball, but I couldn't resist throwing this into the menagerie here :)
Another request - Let me know if you have any special, favorite Paris addresses you'd like me to visit NEXT WEEK, since next Tuesday I'll actually be there, not just dreaming about it.

I could hug this elephant...


  1. Carol,

    I don't know if anyone asked you yet but what is currently in your palette. I know you use Kremer pigments and I assume you create your own paints but if you could let us know what you're using it would be appreciated.

  2. Puhiava BRAVO! Now that is a very good idea for a blog post but it may have to wait till I come back from Paris...
    MERCI !

  3. The Pere Lachaise cemetary. There are some really beautiful monuments and some interesting famous people buried there (and no I don't mean Jim Morrison) like Balzac, Parmentier, Comte, Oscar Wilde, Edit Piaf and the list goes on and on...not to talk about all the non-famous graves.

  4. (sharp intake of breath)....How did you get that picture of me working out on the exercise ball!! LOL.

  5. AWESOME!!!! I JUST LOVE THE WAY YOU DO WATERCOLORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make me hungry!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    How about breakfast at the Four Seasons George V? The flower arrangements in the lobby? I was there earlier this year with some friends. In fact, can we talk about some notecards for Christmas???

  7. Hum....okay...no monuments, no dogs, no people, no landscapes, nor cheese of the country where I live which is famous for all of tehe above...I get it your PARIS Breakfest...we eat tartines, with cafe au lait, in over sized bowls for breakfest...how about Antique cafe au lait bowls and vintage chocolate pots?
    Or how about you with your alligator?

  8. YOUR COMMENTS to this post are making me giggle no end :)

    Barbara I have dreamt of going to the George V more than I can say..maybe I'll get up the nerve this trip..qui sait?

    TICA where do I GO to get all those goodies? I need an address of YOUR favorite tartine hangout..

    ILVA Hmmm..is there a café at Pere Lachaise? I don't remember one..

    Barbara I am RFLOL from your comment!

  9. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I have a request could you do a cafe or any buldings? Love your work and thankyou for having such a wonderful blog. I want to see so much of Paris and love buildings ect. So if you could.
    Have a great day. Cold rainy and grey hear in Pittsburgh.I thought I'd tell you about where I live. Whats the weather like thre?

  10. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Armani Cafe? Christine Ferber confiture?

  11. Lovely work! I really like your blog; art and paris... two of my favourite things. To bad I have to wait until spring to go to France..

  12. Oh, the little sheep atop the block of cheese... the elephant... too sweet.

  13. Anonymous said...
    Armani Cafe? Christine Ferber confiture?
    Who is this mysterious Anonymous with such good ideas..?

  14. Addresses, I have pocketfuls...
    One of my favorites, an unknown little haven called, "Mon Petit Coeur," next to Montmarte.
    Now if you go there I'll meet you with the best tartine, rich with cherry confiture fait maison!!

  15. Would you paint a picture of what meal (whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert) that you think best represents France?

  16. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I only have the book "Le thé en Chine un langage amoureux" by Hippolyte Romain but I think you would like the ambiance of
    Mademoiselle Li tea house http://www.jardindacclimatation.fr/pages/Restauration/index.html
    open Sat Sun 11 to 6
    Merci pour tout

  17. Anonymous10:42 PM

    When I was last in Paris (June 2004) we went back several times to eat falafel sandwiches at Maoz, Rue Xavier Privas, off Rue de la Huchette. Just yummy and all fresh ingredients. I'll bet you could paint a tantalizing picture of their condiment bar...

  18. OMG that peach fuzzy baby elephant the STAR in this post!!
    I do love the pink flower in the vase yes my request paint flowers please a rose or peony! NG

  19. Correction: it was Shannon who had me RFLOL..excuse me Shannon :)

    But Barbara you sent good karma my way. I just got an invite for Sunday brunch at either the Crillon or Le Cinq!?

    TICA Google has 33,000 listings for "Mon Petit Coeur" Paris - none with a street address. I am afraid I will get lost looking...

    MERCI KRIS What an excellent reccommendation. I will go to Mademoiselle Li tea house and report back!

    NatureGirl I bought one très cher peony bud at the florist nextdoor and painted it for a week as it opened. I bought another elsewhere and it opened and died in one day. It is the first Parisien peony that you see in these 3 aquarelles :)

    Virginia I LOVE falafel. I will try to go there. MERCI

  20. OK here are my 3 requests for photos or watercolors or a wonderful story.
    1. tea and maps. I was in Paris over 30 years ago. Paris had the best maps.
    2. Tea or hot chocolate must be outdoors. Paris in early fall has to be beautiful to sit outdoors. I can imagine sitting across from you sipping hot chocolate trying to decide, antique store or art gallery. sip sip
    or should we check out that art supply store again, sip sip. No, It's chocolate hunting time. sip sip.
    3. What do you call those long pieces of bread? baggettes? That and a pound of butter.

  21. How about Parisian shopping bags?

  22. Anonymous7:21 PM

    How about Figs? or ripe plums? Something in their colors sing to me...

  23. Anonymous6:07 PM

    How about Sascha Finkelstazjn (I think that's how it's épelé). Rue des Rosiers but I can't remember the number. On the West end of Rue des Rosiers. La façade is bright yellow and they sell the best traditional Polish Jewish cheesecake there (and tarama, and purée d'aubergine, etc...). Mmmmm, I might go get some tomorrow actually. or Angelina pour le chocolat chaud. That's it! How about painting "l'Africain" once you have tasted it? yummy, I might go for that too. A Paris tradition. Oh dear, I have a list of places for you...

  24. what a gorgeous web site! and gorgeous paintings!

  25. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Hilda there's photo of that wonderful citron-tarte-yellow in the post on citron tarts, but i did not go inside for the cheese cake..if I get back that way, surely I will visit within :) Angelina's I can never get enough of, but I have yet to make a satisfactory painting of l'Africain..it's on my list to do.

  26. Thank you Cucina Rossa!
    Your site is FAB too!


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