Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Studio

My colors are arranged according to the color wheel Brought to you by special request. YOU ASKED FOR IT! My studio.
Steve of
Puhiava's Sketch Journal said...Carol, what is currently on your palette? ...if you could let us know what you're using it would be appreciated.
I put my colors out according to the color wheel. They're just your standard colors: Cad red, Cad yellow, Cad orange, French blue, Pthalo, Cerulean blue etc + a bunch of earth colors. Most are Winsor & Newton paints.
I made most of these myself My paintbox on the other hand is more eclectic, more experimental. These pans I've made myself, so I'm not limited to any manufacturer's color chart and I can choose from 100's of pigment colors.morceau de sucre Remember the sugar cube post from last week? And remember my search for the Deux Magots ashtray-paint pan? These souvenirs hang out on my drawing table as friendly reminders of Paris adventures. Maryann gave me the white Fauchon paté container...I love Japanese prints Since I was a kid I've always hung my walls with inspirational pictures, every inch of it. I love the simplicity of Japanese woodblock prints...I nicked that paper placemat from Café Luco on Blvd St. Michel More wall stuff here. The paper placemat of the water glasses I nicked from café Luco last May :)Voilà! Toni of A Spattering said..No don't straighten the studio! I want to see how you work and work in progress in the studio. Not a problem on this one. I'm a sloppy painter. I constantly lose stuff right under my nose -- important bits of paper, brushes, you name it.This guy beats me out in messiness
7 Reece Mews: Francis Bacon's Studio
The all time master slob painter was Francis Bacon. He did paint tests on his own door for God's sake!? 7 Reece Mews, is a book on his messy studio. It records the efforts conservateurs made to catalogue and preserve his hellhole of a studio, every scrap of it, over 7,000 items. I'd go here anyday before the Eiffel Tower. I especially like this notation,
"1,300 leaves torn from books"...


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Carol...Thanks for allowing us into your "NEST." I'm always thinking there must be a better layout for my studio, parts of which sometimes seem headed towards the "Bacon" look! WHAT'S WITH US EXTREME RIGHT-BRAINED FOLK!? can't wait to see your Paris images.

  2. I can't paint, but you've inspired me to want to buy paints and brushes and paper and whatever else to give me that "artist" look to a room, LOL.

    I read an autobiography of Picasso's girlfriend, Francois, and he apparently was very experimental...going to junk yards to pick up garbage that would inspire him to paint, or build a sculpture. And had everything strewn all over their apartment.

    I've always been fascinated by the mind of an artist and how they see and do things.

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Fun to see the backdrop of the work! Love it!

  4. I just love seeing how others work -- your workspace and mine are about the same -- 6" to work in -- the rest with piles of stuff!! LOVE IT!

  5. how long are you in Paris?

  6. Did I see
    a million empty
    wine glasses???
    The secret is out!!
    It is in the wine!!
    Red, rose and blanc!
    Teasing aside...
    You are far neater than
    Mr Bacon!!
    And I like your paintings
    Better too!!:o!!

  7. I never say - I'm lovin it - as I am English so therefore very posh but I am lovin these posts you have done in the last few days.

  8. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Carol, Love your work space. Thw wall of painting and such are very ispiring. Its so wonderful to be able to go into some ones painting space. Mine for now is my bed room cause thats where Im at most times (Have pain issuse) so for me to go to bed at night Ive got to move books I'm reading papers ect and a 90lb doberman :) lol. But its my space. your painting are so soft and misty this is the best.
    How can you not be anonymous if you dont have a blog when you post?

  9. I am truly inspired...a peek inside your "soul"

    Don't go away...some of my favorite bloggers have just up and quit...missing them already.

  10. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Hi, Carol. Dana and I enjoyed meeting you at the shop on Friday. Francis Bacon's studio is preserved, oh, somewhere, Dublin, I think? in a museum there, and it is absolutely amazing. You must go see it.

  11. Anonymous7:38 PM

    You have the best wallpaper in the world - all those gorgeous prints! I love seeing your workspace!

  12. Lin You got it! just 6" of space to work in...I didn't show everything...

    Linda My studio and my bedroom are one and the same. I too have to shove things on and off the bed to get to sleep :)

    Faith I would love to see Bacon's studio. The book is the next best thing.

    Shannon Everyone is an artist in one way or another.

    Thanks everyone for not telling me to go upstairs and cleanup my room!

  13. I love the calm I feel looking at your collection of watercolors but I hate the
    "messy studio" such chaos such insanity!Quick get me out of here!!

  14. Your work is so beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  15. I knew your blog was a magical place. You make even your palette look like a desert. One slice of Carol's palette please, with tea.

  16. Oh, I love the little peek of your studio! I can totally relate to the organized chaos.

    I hope it will put some fire into me to actually unpack mine. Though I'm still looking for a table..

  17. Great studio! I agree with Toni...don't touch it.
    You can feel the creativity exploding!

    Looks like mine too. The mess that is. Occasionally I have to swipe an arm across a space to create a work area.

  18. Anonymous7:11 PM

    I adore seeing other artists spaces, it makes me feel more secure in my own messy lovliness...

  19. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Interesting...looks like my sons room and studio. :/

  20. Hey Carol I was away all week or I would have been here sooner. I love it!! Everytime I straighten out my studio it doesn't take long to get it messed up again. I love having paints and colors everywhere. My cat Lily loves it also.
    Have fun in Paris.

  21. I absolutely love your website. I am not a painter----I am a writer and but I love to see how all creative people work. My writing room is such a santuary to me---it is where I can really settle in. Your evocations of Paris make me want to get on a plane right now!

  22. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Such an interesting site. I'm a writer painter and photographer so i love it all! Your watercolours are beautifully delicate.

  23. Anonymous12:28 PM

    sorry meant to leave my blog address it's


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