Monday, October 09, 2006

Sucre Morceaux

sugar cubes Two lumps please, 7 1/4" x 6 1/2"

Here's something else I like to bring back from Paris, but they have minimal shelf life. They fall to bits in no time, these sucre morceaux (café sugar cubes).

sugar cubesEach morceau de sucre blanc weighs in at 6 grammes and they're the perfect companion for the classic cup of coffee.sugar cubes
Café Flore sucre morceau, 7" x 6"
Bet you didn't know these adorable sugar cubes were invented by a Parisian epicier (grocer), named Eugène François in 1875. Formerly you got your sugar chopped off a big loaf, or cone-like hunk. Not very convenient for dropping into a coffee cup... It was in the 1960's that the paper wrapping became a billboard for branding just like French candybox ribbons and stickers.
sugar cubes
Sucre morceau, 8 1/2" x 6"
The squared-sugar cube fits right into Cézanne's règle (rule) of géométrie, " if you can draw a cube, a sphere, a can draw anything". These cubes add a nice contrast to round café cups and cast pleasent shadows.. mades these Ladoux cubes + coffee cups + the coffee that goes in them for most Parisian cafés
Cafés Ladoux sucre morceaux, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Should you choose to make yourself a cafe royale, you'll need black coffee + a teaspoon holding 1 sugar cube set atop your cup. Pour coqnac over the cube and into the coffee. Then light up the sugar cube with a match, letting it flambé and caramelise enough to be stirred into the brandy-infused coffee. Delicious.
I hate these paper sucrettes - no fun to paint or bring home
M. tells me "sucrettes" is the name of these long paper sachets of granulated sugar you now see on far too many café table tops for my taste. Are they're preferred by those on a regime (diet) since you can control how much sugar goes into the cup?sugar cubes
Here's a leçon to learn if you're moving to France. Powdered sugar is used strictement for baking. So don't put your best silver sugar bowl filled with Domino on the table and get laughed back to the kitchen. Sucre morceau MUST be served with coffee and tea!


  1. Thank you for this amazing blog!

    Paris! Breakfast! Art!

    Simply beautiful

  2. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Wow, girl, with this post's watercolors and the last one, you are really cooking with gas! Just beautiful, limpid paint application! Magnifique!

  3. simply yummy! ... call me!!!

  4. OH MY GOSH!! I want to swim in those awesome coffee cups! The colors, the shapes, the sugar cubes ...! GLORIOUS! I can smell the coffee, taste the sugar -- incredible -- LOVE how the watercolors just amplify the specialness of the cubes!

    BTW, I received my cards -- THANK YOU THANK YOU!! And they are even more awesome in person ..... what a treat!

  5. Anonymous5:42 PM

    I confess I don't know or I have forgotten the specific name in frensh :"morceau en sucre emballé "? "Sucrette" is for a very small and long packaging.... as always the name cube is perfect for that piece of sugar.Very nice paintings, is it a part or "un plan américain" like in a movie series?

  6. Wow I love your blog.

    Wonderful watercolors.

    Great photos !

    Lots of information.

    Love, S.

  7. The way you have painted a mirror effect, reflecting the teacup and sugarcubes...brilliant!
    I didn't know who invented sugar, but I have seen sugar cones, the knives to cut the sugar, and the domes that use to cover them. You would paint that to sweet perfection! Next time I see one at the Antique market I'll snap a photo for you.
    ps my "faux pas," is still my favorite little tease, I love settting out my sugar bowl!!

  8. Anonymous3:01 AM

    I always bring back sugar sachets when I travels in Italy,but after seeing your morceaux and how they danca and float in your paintings I am about to start a new travel collection.
    Thanks for another lovely post.

  9. Oh I adore these little pieces sugar masquerading as art. Your pictures conjur them perfectly.

    BTW, Thankyou so much for the comment you left on my blog about the blue marble. I followed the link you left and am hooked by his artwork.

    I will visit Parisbreakfasts again, if I may. Your blog is delicious! merci!

  10. Hey, the top photo is my favorite!!

  11. I like your watercolours and your blog very much (I do watercolour myself.)

    Sucrette aren't powdered sugar in straws, it's a nickname for edulcorant tablets (aspartam). That's why dieters like them ;-)

  12. I always pocket those elegant sugar cubes when in Paris. I love the shape of them, and the wrapping.

    Your artwork is (as ever!) beautiful.

  13. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Love your blog. I don't paint though I wish I did but I have a big box of BLOCKX watercolors which taunts me to try and intimidates me all at the same time. A gift from my Dad.

    An addition to the sugar cube trivia:
    Un sucre trempé dans du café like Juliette Binoche does in "3 Couleurs: Bleu" that absorbs the coffee but is not left to dissolve in the coffee but eaten independently instead, is called "un canard". A duck.


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