Monday, August 08, 2011

P'tit Dej at Tiffany's!

Audrey's Croissant, watercolor, 9" x 11"

So what if Audrey ate a Danish not a Croissant...

Audrey/Sabrina ate like the rest of us...

Photos by Bill Cunningham/NYTimes
Bill Cunningham of the New York Times reminded us this weekend, everyone wants to have breakfast at Tiffany's. The video is even more fun.

Audrey drank coffee out of a paper cup like the rest of us.
In Paris you can sit on Audrey - the French are that crazy about her. This charmante chaise was in BHV.
Wanna sit next to Audrey on the couch..?
There are tons of Audrey posters in Paris. And I just saw one at the Brooklyn IKEA. We all want to be around Audrey. Maybe her 'je ne sais quoi' will rub off?
And carry these Paris bags...
Audrey had "cycle chic" way before the rest of us...
Her little dog, Famous, is the prevailing trend that won't go away. You can buy a faux little dog at Galerie Lafayette Home...
Audrey's ballerinas are a permanent classic in Paris or just about anywhere...
Laduree bag I'm certain Audrey would have adored this black patent cabas. It's got a Velcro closing, the lining is meant for protecting cold things and it's HUGE (13" x 15" - easily hold a small dog) and very sturdy for all of 16 Euros in Paris....
Laduree bag Perfect for CSA veggies and macarons.

This post was inspired by these mini key chains sent by Kat in Japan .
Thank you Kat! Thank you Audrey!
BONJOUR P'tit Dej at Tiffany's!


  1. A fascinating post, and to think it was inspired by key chains! The Japanese make the most wonderful miniatures. By the way, it definitely wouldn't go with our decor, early stuffed dog-destruction, but I love the chair with Audrey's portrait.

  2. Justine9:21 AM

    Adorable Audrey!
    One never tires.
    Merci for Bill's links too

  3. Well you sure did fool me, Carol, with that wonderful and tasty looking opening painting.
    I just assumed you consumed it and the coffee right after the painting was finished, as you say you often do with your edible still-lifes.
    P'tit indeed.

  4. If you're still feeling inspired this Thursday night, they're showing Breakfasat at Tiffany's at the Brooklyn Bridge Park - incredible setting and views!

  5. My husband adored Audrey..we still love to watch her movies..she is magnetic:)

    Love the watercolor..the bag..the minis..

  6. thanks for the shoutout!

  7. I LOVE Breakfast at Tiffanys. I need to see it again.. and I loved Audrey Hepburn. I can understand the French obsessing over her..She was a classic. Thanks for the fun post. Love the painting.

  8. the Laduree patent bag is perfecto for carrying around just about ANYTHING and so chic!

    will do a small prayer dance to the bag gods that they sell it in NYC
    merci Annie

  9. I need to see if Harry will ride in the basket of my bike...I'll even dress up in capri pants, flats and a head scarf for the test.

  10. Too many obsessions of mine are on this post : Audrey, Laduree, Tiffany, french croissant, elegant chairs and cushions :) I would love to have Audrey on my couch :) thanks for the lovelies. I just received 2 Audrey books and dvds from amazon for my ever growing Audrey collection :)

  11. Amazing painting!! Fitting for the queen of chic!

  12. .. lovely .. how could you NOT love Audrey, I have all her movies. And I LOVE the idea of going to the Tiffany window with a coffee. xo

  13. Great post. I love to see photos of Audrey, she was stunning & unique.
    I've never seen that shot of her on the bike - that's a perfect capture of her!

  14. My girl bunny (yes, I mean rabbit) is named Audrey.

  15. Avec classe et simplicité!
    gros bisous

  16. Great post and I LOVE your watercolor!!!

  17. Peggy7:21 AM

    So timely--I watched the very old "War and Peace" with Audrey Hepburn on Netflix last night--gorgeous costumes!

    Have you seen the children's book "On Being Audrey"? It's beautifully illustrated?

    By the way, I had great mango sorbet along with delicious pistachio and rose petal macaroons as part of a "cafe gourmand" at the Jacquemart-Andre museum cafe last month. I'm not sure who their "glacier" is, but it was excellent.


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