Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Macaron Memories

Sometimes you find treasures lurking on an old memory photo card. I found piles of Paris macarons from 2 years ago I'd completely forgotten about. It's been too long since we've looked at the not so basic Parisian macaron at PB. We've been focused on Maine lobsters, Bordeaux chateaux and this week Venetian gondolas (there are just a few left BTW till the sale ends tonight dear PBers). Two years ago I was obsessed with macarons colors...
I was madly trying to match pistachio macarons with paint - boy is that a watercolor challange! And so many shades of pistache. Who knew? I was just as obsessed with macaron boxes. Gerard Mulot is constantly redesigning his boxes - with a window, without etc. That was the trip I came home with 19 macarons boxes and got stopped at CDG customs. I was wearing my macaron T-shirt and matching bracelet. What? They thought I was a macaron terrorist?
Fauchon has different mac boxes mainly changing the cover designs. I always loved this one.

I would suggest you NOT buy a pre-packed box of macs. Gawd only knows when they were put in the box?
On the other hand these original style almond macarons are sold attached to parchment paper they were baked on. The few crumbs sticking to the paper still taste just fine.
If you can't have the real thing there is always endearing macaron detritus/stuff...

Does a tragic feeling come over you as you near the end of the last of your Parisian macarons? Proust was ahead of his time writing cookie homages. There's probably a thousand homages to macarons going up on the net at this very moment...

I have a very stale 5-month old box in the fridge surrounded by encrouching CSA veggies - not the correct company for a macaron no matter how past it's sell-by-date don't you think?

A flat of Mad MacNYC Bastille Day macs lurk in my freezer.
Nothing like a real taste of Paris.
What are your macaron memories?
Do tell all


  1. Carol, how wonderful you discovered this treasure trove of beautiful images! They may well be your best yet! I gave up looking for a favorite, I love each and every one.

    I had a giant chocolate macaron the other day at Demel's.

  2. I ahve NO macarons memories:( Except making them and my little kit..
    So I don't even know if they taste like they should.
    I think i would buy the Ladurée ones on the spot for a box:)
    I love their emblem..I made little tags for gifts..

    I think you had something to do with my liking them so much..

  3. Alas! Most of my BEST mac memories are VIRTUAL! Of the macs on PB!!! I must make a mac run today! And bake a batch! Time to make more REAL memories but not to worry: There will always be room for more virtual macs!

  4. You are so cruel, posting these as my stomach is growling. I'm off to eat a healthy lunch and pretend I'm munching on macs. Love the color matching photo!

  5. Macaroon terrorist! LOL!

  6. ah, I went in search of a post about les macarons and was reminded of one aspect of life in France that was less-than lovely.

    but the raspberry macarons are some compensation

  7. Not PC2:20 PM

    It's been too long since we've looked at the not so basic Parisian macaron at PB.

  8. Justine2:22 PM

    MAJOR Miam!!

    How are YOUR macarons coming?

    When can we expect another batch from the researche lab?

    Waiting with baited breath(whatever that is..not mauvaise haleine bien sur

  9. I have only one macaron memory. A friend shared with me his assorted Laduree dozen, freshly flown in from Paris by folks for whom he'd been house sitting, because he knew that I would appreciate them thoroughly. And he let me keep the box, which I still have. They really were all that, including the packaging. No wonder you love Paris trash!

  10. I love the shot of the macarons on the watercolor paints! It could be your signature image, really.

    I ate one rose macaron last time I was in Paris. I know they're made with almond flour. I know I'm allergic to nuts. But I was feeling invincible. Until I started itching and coughing and my tongue started tingling. But it was worth hacking all the way down the Champs Elysees just for that crunch, that give, that sugar explosion, that flavor.

    Chocolate-covered peanuts and macarons would be what I would eat if I only had one hour left to live.

  11. Hello dear Carol, Beautiful photos, wonderful colors.....Love Macaron very,very ,much!!!!!!!!
    Belle soirée

  12. Oh Amy,
    What we do for MACARONS!!
    Suffer near-death is what we are willing to do

    that's what!

    You are truly one brave mademoiselle

  13. Savorique,

    Laduree is shut up tight behind unattractive wood siding.
    Gawd only knows when they will open
    Pas encore bien sur!

    I am very interested in your MACARON RECIPES though!!!

    Merci indeed.

  14. Funny--am reading through fave blogs drinking my break-lunch green protein smoothie. Not a macaron...but it is green! ;)

  15. A little taste of Paris - how very true. I think I might need my fix today . We don't have laduree or Gerard in Sydney, but we do have Lindt - Lindt chocolate cafes sell Delices - these are another name for macarons - lovely. My favorite - salted caramel or champagne.


  16. I love the paint box with macarons photo!
    Lots of great photos,Carol.
    I have yet to taste a macaron........

  17. The colors are to pretty to eat them. :)) The only ones I have tasted came from the airport in France as our friends left and brought them to me. They didn't last long once open. :))

  18. I just bought a box of macarons at Trader Joes, of all places! They are in the frozen deserts. Not too many places to get macs in Minnesota, we have to be happy with what we get. They only come in chocolate and vanilla but they tasted pretty good to me.

  19. After 27 years of teaching every summer in France, I finally tasted (Leclerc, supermarket) macarons for the first time this week. Sadly (from a visual viewpoint) they were all shades of beige/brown: Coffee/ganache, Caramel, Coconut, Tiramisu, Venezuela/ganache, and something called "Speculos" which I haven't figured out yet.
    Leclerc is reliable. They were divine. I'd never even have tried but for you!
    (Did you PAINT WITH the aquarelle écolier in the photo?)
    Thank-you! Think what I have to look forward to!

  20. Macarons do come in vibrant colors and flavors - as exotic as possible, along with the standard vanille, cafe, chocolate flavors.

    Just like ice cream I suppose.
    Is Lecerc in Canada?
    I'm searching...

  21. PS
    Thank you for 'aquarelle écolier'
    I didn't know that word for kid's paintbox...
    I did use those long ago. I haven't even tried to paint with this shame on moi :(

  22. Louise9:20 AM

    The first time I ate a macaron was in 2003 in London..I had read about them in the Sunday Times Supplement and dragged my mother down to Harrods to sample them..we had raspberry and rosewater,pistachio,coffee,peach and mint....I fell in love with them..sadly as I live in Spain I have no where to buy them anymore :-(


    Do not despair!
    YOu have BUBO in Barcelona and they are FAB form the photos at least...
    They do have mancarons too!

  24. The Leclerc is in Chatte (France). [The place where we teach is "Saint-Antoine l'Abbaye" - somebody should teach watercolour here: The accommodation is economical, and the garden is fabulous; the village is "Le Deuxième Reliquaire de la France" - highly paintable. Our problem is that we have to pay for/charge for the classroom - but plein-aire painting would be a dream here. If I ever had a free day, that's what I'd do (and I don't even know how).]

  25. Beautiful post. How did you sweet talk the guys at Customs?

  26. Carol, I'm on holiday and sneeking on to computer while the others are on the beach. Shh. Well, I've got macaron withdrawal symptoms and there are none here in Thailand so far ;-) Love your photos and beautiful watercolours as ever. Macaron terrorist? Love it! As for that link at the end, OMG what a surprise. Perhaps nobody understands it, as we're all speaking with such strong Scottish accents.
    Hugs from holiday,
    Jill xo

  27. Peggy LOFVENMARK6:24 PM

    My 23 yr old daughter Olivia and her friend Marisa were recently passing through London, UK, on their way home to Vancouver, Canada, after having three weeks in France. What better way could I find to help alleviate their sadness at leaving Paris than to visit the Laduree Parisian tearoom in Harrods?
    After having followed Paris Breakfasts for many months, I was dying to try the Laduree macarons. In Paris the young ladies loved the macarons glace and those in Harrods were perfect as well. What a beautiful tearoom it is with the serving done by very elegant gentlemen. Perfection!


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