Sunday, August 28, 2011

The et Chocolat

Bonjour PBers from Irene City.

I thought I'd post today because:
A. There could be a power outage at any moment. What would you read on Monday?

B. NY Time's Elaine Sciolino of the divinely informative La Seduction emailed me this week seeking info on Paris' salons des thes. Don't miss her article ! Besides she gave PB a nice mention.
Big merci Elaine

Bet you think you're in a Paris tea shop.

Looking at banks...

And gorgeous banks of tea tins

WRONG! You're in a chocolate shop (Duo Trio on 88 rue de Rennes, La Bonbonnière de la Trinité in the 9ème, Les Bonbons).

Bet you think you're at a tea festival here.

Don't you love how the French make fun of themselves showing elegant frogs delicately sipping tea? Thank you NestleT.

Kusmi tea creates a maze of tins for sniffing
(clue: U R not at a tea tasting).

Chloe Doutre-Roussel, famous chocolate connoisseure now has her own tea. Chloe filled me in. Thé/tea is a gourmet's drink in Europe and has been for 5-10 years now. More gourmets are choosing tea over coffee. We're talking really good teas, not flavored teas. Coffee bean aromas are too strong for chocolate. You will not find coffee beans in a Parisian chocolate shop. et voila

That's why all these tea tastings at the Salon du Chocolat. If you're going to Paris this Fall don't miss it.
Plan accordingly - it's a chocolate lover and tea tasters ball.

Jugetsudo had this elegant booth at last year's chocolate salon.

Elaine mentions them in her article - why didn't I visit? I loved the design of their map enough to shoot it..

French Girl, like most French Girls, adores her tea. She insists I bring back fresh bags of Fortnum and Mason Breakfast tea from London to refill her precious tins on the shelf. And she's mad for her Japanese tetsubin cast iron tea pot.

 As soon as I got home I rushed down to the Bowery kitchen supply stores to buy one (they're way less expensive than in Paris). Naturally I have never used the darn thing :(
I told Elaine about Kusmi's adorable shopping bag. Whatever you do, DON'T put your Japanese teapot inside this bag or you'll be sporting a broken toe. My bag broke just outside customs at CDG :(


  1. Thanks for posting even though Hurricane Irene is fast approaching NYC! And congrats on the mention in the NY Times article. I'm planning to go see Elaine Sciolino when she talks about her new book at the American Library in Paris on Sept. 7. Can't wait, especially because I missed her talk at some of the other bookstores here. Stay safe. My fingers are crossed that your electricity isn't cut.

  2. Thanks for this post on tea. Each time I have visited Paris I just love visiting the teashops.

  3. The et chocolat are exactly what I'd like to have right now. Delightful post.

  4. The Bowery Kitchen Supply Store?
    Is that as wonderful as it sounds?
    My friend found one of these at Tuesday Morning in California. Very reasonable price too.
    Stay safe, Carol

  5. .. lovely post and helped a gloomy me ... I escaped Irene and headed west ... no bridges open, so stuck here at hotel for a while ... this post was a tonic ... hope all is well for you

  6. I love your luminously painted thé scene. Now I'm thirsty!

  7. Julie,
    I found Japanese teapots all along Bowery street. Houston to China town is lined with restaurant supply stores and merch is at mostly wholesale prices.

  8. Carol, looks as if we may soon be all safe and sound as now Tropical Storm Irene moves eastward.

    Thank goodness for that.

    I love La Seduction, and cannot wait to read it a second time.

    The and chocolat do make a wonderful combo.
    That chocolate festival must be some sort of heaven on earth!


  9. We adore tea and have a tiny shop near us in SF where we taste and buy. Not fancy like in your photos but fabulous teas that the young husband&wife source in China.
    How about some 1998 PuEr- dark and stormy like your weather and aged like wine.
    Supreme Iron Goddess. and oh so many others. Pricey but worth it.

    Take care, dear one.


  10. I have to admit I am not a real big tea drinker but I do love all the French rituals and the tea tins, the little spoons and the chocolate shops with tea.
    I like fruity teas :(
    Don't hate me because I'm a tea whimp
    Fauchon makes a delish apple tea...yum

  11. Somehow I envision you quietly sipping a delicate tea, Carol, as "Irene" does her gusty thing outside, and you paint.
    Very very beautiful painting, and I love the contrast of the cup of tea and pot on the art.

  12. Congratulations again, Carol, for the nod to PB in the NY Times! That's wonderful, and well-deserved. That painting up top is one of my favorites of yours. Hope Irene left you and that all is calm where you are.

  13. I'm a tea drinker so enjoyed this post. Hoping the storm spares you losing your electricity. What would we do without your post for very long?? :))

  14. Carol! I am so glad that the storm dissipated somewhat by the time it reached New York. It certainly cheered me to see your post. I would enjoy a pot of tea if it wasn't 105 degrees and so stinkin' hot around here.

  15. Winewalker3:07 PM

    We drink tea every morning and sometimes afternoon unless I'm having a 3:30 espresso to make it though.
    Oh, on sundays I indulge in a morning Latte and LW, hot chocolate

  16. I happen to think that chocolate and coffee are divine together.

  17. What a wonderful sight on a Sunday evening, Carol!
    The painting is so beautiful and talks to this tea lovers heart. All the photos are a sight to behold, Kusmi's gives me the wants!

    Congratulations on the mention in the NYTimes, so well deserved! Your blog and you are a huge treasure trove for anyone!

    Stay safe,

  18. Amazing!! And now,,,I need a cup of tea...Kisses, Carol!

  19. Love this post! A tea and chocolate show? I am so there!

    I think chocolate does pair well with tea. I often eat a little chocolate with my tea.

    Hope you didn't lose your electricity. We fared a little better in Boson I think. The worst is definitely over.

  20. Sorry about the typo, I meant Boston of course!

  21. Congratulations on your mention in the NY Times - how fabulous! I love this post as well - so informative - thanks for sharing:)

  22. Love you watercolor. Salon du Chocolat is one of those things on my must do lists. Hope you got through Irene without any troubles.

  23. Congrats on the NY Times mention! Beautiful painting!So enjoy reading your blog! Speaking of paintings - the Winery watercolour I ordered from you is finally at my local post office ready for collection, so I'll be running to collect it today Yippee!

  24. I'm not a big tea fan, but I do like chocolate.
    I hope that Irene was not too bad in your neighborhood!

  25. I need to amp up my hot beverage stash - and this is inspiring. Thanks for posting ... hope you did not have any power outages. It's always good to have inspiring reading on Monday when thoughtful bloggers like you plan ahead like that. : )

  26. Ahh, my daughter (big tea-drinker and Kusmi addict) has this gorgeous bag and treasures it. Sorry about your toe, though! Congratulations on the NYTimes mention - so well deserved ...

  27. I loved the article, and your part in it! I visit you every day (with my green tea in hand) for the perfect daily dose of Paris and beautiful art.

  28. LOVE your blog. That's all I can say. Love the simple but elegant cafe glasses.

  29. Quelle domage! I love that bag!!!! And it takes quite a bag to distract me from chocolate!


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